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The Lake House mystery ended, and Eddie made a shocking decision by the end of A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 3.

Elsewhere, Maggie and Jamie hooked up, and Gary helped Danny with a bully.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Meaghan Frey, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

What are your thoughts on Reverend Stewart and Eddie's scenes? Does the conclusion of the Lake House mystery make sense? Who do you think hit Eddie?

Christine: I love a good mystery, but this one is a convoluted mess. It doesn't help that they rehashed much of this plot last season, and since we haven't revisited those characters, I'm left trying to remember where each of them falls into this story.

The Reverend trying to protect Colleen over Alex's death makes sense, but wouldn't the coroner have done a toxicology screen on the body either way? And the Reverend pretending that he didn't realize what he was doing was affecting Eddie was self-serving crap.

But now, unless it was a random accident, I have no clue who hit Eddie or why?

Meaghan: The revelation that Eddie had nothing to do with Alex's death made the whole storyline feel like a waste of time. If that was going to be the case, then they should have had Eddie find out the truth last season instead of dragging it out.

It feels like the only purpose for this storyline was to drive Eddie to a relapse. Which, while compelling, there were other ways to get there.

As Christine said, they would have done a toxicology screen when they found the body to see if any substances contributed to her drowning.

Also, instead of lying and allowing Eddie to believe he had something to do with the death, why not just say she did the drugs on her own, and no one else was involved? She wouldn't have been alive to give a contradictory story.

Jasmine: I echo the same sentiments as both of you. The Lake House story feels like a complete waste of time, and there were other ways to drive Eddie to relapse.

And as I mentioned in the A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 3 review, there were other things we could've found out about Eddie without this storyline.

If they gave us flashbacks to his childhood or adolescence, and we learned more about his childhood and parents to add some context information to why he functions the way he does, that would've been just as compelling!

I love this series, but sometimes it's like the show doesn't know how to manage without tossing in mysteries and suspenseful storylines, but the human element is more than enough to sustain the series without all of those bells and whistles they're trying to keep up with from the early days of A Million Little Things Season 1.

Do you think Eddie relapsed, or is this a misdirect? How do you feel about this (potential) storyline?

Christine: That last scene bugged me. Eddie should be taking the minimum dosage of pain medication to deal with his physical therapy, and both Katherine and Darcy can help monitor that. Eddie's trying to do it cold turkey is only making things worse.

But Eddie was obviously hiding taking the pills from Katherine, which is a bad sign. I hope this is a misdirect, but if it is, I don't understand why he's hiding it from his wife.

Meaghan: I think that he did relapse or is going to relapse before this storyline is over. He had a lot taken from him when he got hit by that car, and he clearly has a lot of anger over it still.

Like I said before, I think Eddie relapsing is a compelling storyline. We've always just been told about his addiction. Although it adds a lot to the backstory of his character and the background of the dynamics for his family, I don't think there was ever a possibility that we wouldn't see him have a true downward spiral.

Luckily he and Katherine are in a very different place now than they were before, so I think that Katherine will help him in his recovery, and they will be stronger in the end for it.

Jasmine: I hoped it was a misdirect, particularly from the responses to the review, but I think he's headed toward a relapse. If so, then okay.

Meaghan is right, it could be compelling, and so far, we have heard about his addiction more than we've ever seen it, and the times he has grappled with it have always felt a bit hollow, so if they're pulling the trigger on this, then so be it.

I'm not sure how I feel about the execution of it, but we'll have to see how it pans out. I don't care for the idea of Eddie relapsing after he made all of these promises to Theo, Katherine, and Darcy. If Katherine and Darcy were giving him the drugs and monitoring it, and then he started sneaking around, maybe it would be something interesting.

Eddie: I'm getting a vibe that I'm not your favorite person. Let me just address the elephant in the room. This last year, the family has been through a lot. A lot of changes, listen, I know how important you were to Katherine when Delilah and I. well, I'm sure she told you some of the things I did.
Darcy: All of the things.
Eddie: All of the things. OK, that's great. Maybe we can do a little PT on our relationship. Look, somehow Katherine found it in her to give me another chance, and I hope you do too. Because well, as you can see, I'm a different person now.
Darcy: Edward, are you playing the handicap card?
Eddie: Oh, bet I am, yeah.

But as it stands, he has said all of these things. He got angry about his accident and Stewart, and then he jumped right into taking meds and hiding it from Katherine. It comes across as impulsive and selfish again, and I thought Eddie had evolved a bit from that.

But again, we'll have to see where it leads. It's something the show has earned the right to explore.

How on EARTH does Maggie successfully seduce men post-vomit? Sorry, are you surprised that Maggie made a move on Jamie this soon? What are your predictions for this couple?

Christine: Oh, my God! I kept yelling at the screen, "Why isn't Maggie taking a shower and putting those disgusting, vomit stained clothes in a garbage bag?" I was so grossed out by her sitting around in that puked-on outfit that I could barely concentrate on the scene.

But I am surprised that Maggie made a move on Jamie this soon, and a little disappointed. I know it goes with her new mantra about taking chances, but I'd like to see this relationship progress more slowly because the slow burn is half the fun.

Meaghan: Must be the pheromones. Seriously, vomit-covered clothes are not a cute look.

I am completely fine with Jamie and Maggie hooking up because of their insanely good chemistry, but it really was too soon, which leads me to think that they will quickly burn out.

One of them is going to catch feelings while the other doesn't. There is just no way they last when we know that Maggie isn't going to be able to spend multiple seasons away from the core group.

Jasmine: Some pheromones if they got past the smell of Maggie AND OTHER PEOPLE'S vomit. I could not enjoy the scene because of that. It haunted me.

I'm also surprised that she made a move this fast as part of the whole new Maggie, but they're fun together, so whatever floats your boat, folks. It'll be awkward since they're also roommates. I also wonder if one of them will catch feelings or if it'll stay roomies with bennies?

Did you agree with Dr. Heller's advice to Rome about expelling feelings and communication during his therapy session?

Christine: Rome needs to stop internalizing all of his negative emotions because that's what led to his depression and his suicide attempt. He has every right to feel sad and angry, and it's crucial that he expresses that, at work and with Regina. Hopefully, he'll take his therapist's advice and not end up right back where he started when the series began.

Believe me I get it. The energy Black men have to expend just to exist in America without access to our full range of feelings is exhausting, but you have a right to be angry. The important thing is you learn how to identify and express it in a way that isn't dangerous to yourself or others.


Meaghan: Watching Rome's angry outburst was tough to see. He has always been the one who brought calm to the group. I would hate to see him end back up in the dark place we found him when the series started. I think that the conflict between him and Regina resolving will do his mental health a lot good.

Jasmine: I love Rome. He's one of my favorite characters of the series, and as someone who internalizes, his struggles during this installment spoke to me. I enjoyed his session with Dr. Heller, and I hope it's fruitful, and he and Regina can work on resolving things.

Gary helped Danny handle his bullying situation. React.

Christine: It was very sweet, and overall, Gary gave good advice.

Danny needs to learn how to handle these challenges while still knowing he has backup from the adults in his life when he needs it. However, the whole story felt like something you might see on a sitcom (cut to Gary's Full House reference) because it was wrapped up so neatly by the end of the episode.

Gary: You walked home from lunch? Who are you Ferris Bueller?
Danny: I don't know who that is.Gary: What? Dude, John Hughes? Sixteen candles?
Danny: I don't know what that is.
Gary: Oh my God, Dan. 16 candles? We're going to watch this movie. There's a guy in this film you're going to like a lot OK? He's so attractive he slid me like three notches on the Kinsey scale.

Meaghan: I definitely rolled my eyes at the end when Danny befriended the bully. It is okay not to want to have sympathy for the person who is hurting you. I do love any time that we get Gary being a father-figure for Danny, though, so I can't be too mad at the storyline.

Also, can I just say how much I've missed Danny? Please give us more Danny because that boy is gold!

Jasmine: I agree with both of you. It was such a sitcom-like storyline. And there isn't anything wrong with acknowledging that someone has done wrong to you but doesn't deserve your time or friendship. But, I love Danny and Gary's scenes.

I recently watched Chance Hurstfield in Fatman with a movie buff relative, and it made me appreciate Danny even more.

Is there anything else you'd like to touch on that hasn't been covered?

Christine: As much as I appreciated learning more about Darcy's past and the troubles with her father, I was a little disappointed too. Why can't Darcy just be angry at Eddie because he cheated on Katherine?

It's tough to see the devastation someone's cheating spouse can cause, and then you're expected to forget everything you've seen and heard because your friend has decided all is forgiven. I probably would have preferred if this storyline had stuck to that.

Meaghan: I really am curious how they're going to handle the Maggie storyline long term. At this point, it almost feels like she has a spin-off because, despite her small interactions with the group, she is far removed from it all.

Realistically, with how easily Maggie seems to fit in with new people, which we saw at the start of the series and again with Jaime when she moved to England, she would find a whole new friend group while she is there.

Jamie: What?
Maggie: I don't know. I was just thinking that maybe you'd be my butter toffee. So there's that. Or you could just completely forget I said anything.
Jamie: Do I have to?

Jasmine: To Christine's point, YES! It bugged me so much that they reduced Darcy's rightful distaste for Eddie due to his actions to some unresolved Daddy Issues. Why invalidate her stance with that?

As for Meaghan, yes, it does feel as though Maggie is on a spin-off of her own. She's far away, and she barely interacts with any of the other characters via phone. And the weird thing about it is I don't mind it.

Maggie works well away from the group and could create her own. If not for the fact that Allison Miller is a delight even when Maggie bugs me, I would say we don't need Maggie on the show. Her storyline with Jamie is quaint, but it's also far enough removed from the rest of what's going on that it isn't essential. I hope that made sense.

What was your favorite scene, character, or quote from the hour?

Christine: I was so happy to see Carter back again. He's smart and fun, and he and Katherine make a great team. I'd really like to see more of them.

Meaghan: Yes! I loved Carter. The whole doorbell video check bit was a hilarious and perfect lighthearted moment for the episode. Especially when he told Katherine that is why he always looks so good when he comes over.

Jasmine: Carter is the absolute best! He makes me smile every time he's onscreen, and I love the relationship he has with Katherine. I'm glad Katherine has Darcy, but let's be real, Carter was Katherine's first and only friend for the longest time, and he makes damn sure you don't forget it.

He's such a scene-stealer.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Do you disagree? Sound off below.

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays on ABC.

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