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ABC is poised to return to Pine Valley.

Per Deadline, former All My Children stars Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are prepping a sequel series for the network.

It will be a primetime continuation and is set to be called Pine Valley, if all goes to plan.

The series will focus on a young reporter with a secret agenda who arrives in town to bring Pine Valley’s deadly history to light.

The young journalist gets tied up in a feud between the Santos and Kane families.

Leo Richardson (Star, Katy Keene) is on board to write and executive produce the project.

The Kane family was one of the most popular on All My Children, with Erica Kane becoming of the biggest characters on TV.

Susan Lucci originally played the role.

Ripa and Consuelos, who played Hayley & Mateo Santos on the original series, are set to be heavily involved in the project.

They are also working with Andrew Stearn and filmmaker Robert Nixon, son of the late AMC creator Agnes Nixon.

It will bring back some old favorites, but will introduce fans to a new generation of Pine Valley.

There's no confirmation on whether Ripa and Consuelos will return, but the option is there for them to make a cameo.

The potential series "will have a heightened tone and will wink to the daytime soap genre similar to how the CW’s Jane the Virgin paid homage to telenovelas," according to Deadline.

All My Children aired for 41 years on ABC from January 1970 to September 2011.

It was later revived by The Online Network and aired new episodes from April to September 2013.

It lasted just 40 episodes on that medium.

ABC later regained the rights in December 2016, paving the way for the latest iteration of the series.

It's certainly an interesting hook and a way to bring new and old characters into the fold.

This also makes it accessible for new viewers.

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