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Characters in the drama are:
Hermia: She is the bone of contention in the drama A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. Hermia was in love with Lysander but her father wanted her to marry Demetrius.

She preferred to elope with Lysander or risk the proposed punishment of being condemned to celibacy as revealed in the drama through Theseus, Duke of Athens. At the end of the comedy, she successful get married to Lysander.

Helena: She is the instrument of resolution in the drama. Helena was in love with Demetrius who had no pinch of love for her but was keen to marry Hermia instead.

Oberon saw how Demetrius belittled Helena in the palace wood and decided to help her win Demetrius heart with the use of love charm. The charm was placed on Demetrius eyes while asleep; he woke and fell in love with Helena.

Lysander: He completed with Demetrius to hold on to his lover (Hermia) was almost slipping away from his grip because Egeus, who is Hermia's father, wants Demetrius to become his daughter's husband at all cost.

Lysander planned to elope with Hermia. Before the elopement could play out, Puck (Oberon's fairy servant) mistook him for Demetrius and used the love charm on him. He woke and fell in love with Helena until the spell overturned.

Demetrius: He was Egeus' favorite to marry Hermia. He is shown to be very principled person; never distracted by Helena's attention.

Other Characters: Theseus (Duke of Athens), Hippolita (Theseus wife-to-be), Egeus (Hermia's father), Oberon (fairy king), Titania (fairy queen), Puck (fairy), Bottom (amateur actor), Quince (amateur actor), etc.


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