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Nilsa Prowant is expecting her first child.

The Floribama Shore star announced the news via her Instagram account, revealing that her little bundle of joy will arrive in May 2021.

"Even in the darkest of times the Lord still shines his light. Our greatest adventure is about to begin," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of her and her boyfriend, Gus Gazda.

And no, it's not that Gus, if you're wondering.

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know Prowant had a relationship early into the run of the show with Gus Smyrnios, her co-star.

Nilsa made her reality TV debut with Floribama Shore back in 2017, a spin-off of the wildly successful Jersey Shore franchise.

While MTV has not officially renewed Floribama Shore for a fourth season, Deadline recently reported that production was well underway.

But it hit a major snag after a positive COVID-19 test meant the show was put in limbo.

Still, this is all in recent weeks, and Nilsa's announcement might hint that she has not been filming for the show.

If you watch Jersey Shore online, you know Snooki was moved into a separate house while pregnant with her first child.

If you keep up to speed with these shows, you know they involve lots of partying, so it's probably not the best environment to be an expectant mother.

Additionally, the threat of COVID-19 may have put traveling out of the question for the reality TV star, but time will tell, we guess.

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There is much uncertainty surrounding Floribama Shore Season 4, thanks in large part to there being no details about who will be a part of the cast.

Kortni Gilson, who exited during the third season to deal with personal issues, has not confirmed whether she will return.

Mattie Breaux, who joined the cast following Gilson's exit was recently revealed to have been jailed for seven days for a DUI.

We would like to congratulate Prowant on the happy news!

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