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The Salvatore School will re-open for business in a little over a month.

To celebrate the good news, The CW dropped the first footage of the upcoming season, and it's not good news for any of the key players.

If you watch Legacies online, you know Hope and Landon are very much in danger after the gang could not bring them both out of their sleep-like states.

LGC 301

Hope found herself cursed to sleep when she brought Josie out of her own subconscious, while Landon was put out to pasture when Rafael stabbed him with the pesky golden arrow.

The trailer certainly tees up some wild events as Rafael vows to sacrifice his own life to allow Landon's spirit to take over his body.

But then there's Landon, who is ready and willing to give up his own life to save Hope.

We know the franchise likes to throw in loopholes, so it's likely one will be thrown in to save everyone and allow the Super Squad to go after the Necromancer.

Legacies was forced to wrap its second season in March, with several episodes unproduced.

Thankfully, the plots will be resolved on Legacies Season 3, but a definite episode order has yet to be confirmed by The CW.

Little is actually known about what's on tap for these new episodes, but we do know that Leo Howard and Ben Levin have been promoted to series regulars.

Then again, the series failed many of its series regulars in its first two seasons, but hopefully, the storylines are more balanced and give the characters their fair share of the screen.

The CW has announced that Legacies Season 3 will bow Thursday, January 21 in the 9/8c slot, out of the forthcoming Walker, Texas Ranger reboot starring Jared Padalecki.

Have a look at the full trailer below.

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