we Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve: Are Corrine and Rob Just Skating Around Their Feelings? ~ Naija Poets

Can college sweethearts found love again years later, during the holiday season, no less?

We would like to think that they can, and that's the question that's posed on Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve.

Kyla Pratt, a Lifetime Christmas film veteran, returns this holiday season as Corrine, a young woman who may have let the love of her life go after college.

According to the synopsis, Corrine and Rob (Brooks Darnell) were young sweethearts with their lives ahead of them, but when they jumped on individual opportunities on opposite sides of the globe, they parted ways.

However, they made a deal. Corrine and Rob both agreed that two years later, on Christmas Eve, they would meet up once more to determine if they truly were meant for one another.

But, of course, life had other plans, and it left one of them at their spot waiting, and the other person didn't show.

Oof, brutal! Yet, it's something worth discussing when the two reunite years later.

It seems that all the water isn't under the bridge even though their chemistry is still there.

In our exclusive clip, Corrine and Rob are spending some time together ice-skating. It appears as if they have the place to themselves, and it's the perfect time for them to bond.

However, time alone means bringing up the past and rehashing what drove them apart.

Rob is upset when he feels as though Corrine has dismissed and downplayed their relationship and what they were to each other.

Corrine is quick to write them off as puppy love, and she implies that their relationship wasn't that serious, but for Rob, it was everything, and he expresses as much.

They start the clip where Corrine and Rob both confess that they were checking up on one another for a while after they parted ways.

And it ends with Rob trying to prove to her that their connection was more than a fling then and that there is still something between them now.

How does he do that? Well, with a kiss, of course.

Check out our exclusive clip below! Do you plan on watching Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve?

Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve stars Kyla Pratt, Brooks Darnell, Nancy Sorel, Paul Essiembre, Sarah Luby, John B. Lowe, Marina Stephenson Kerr, Erik Athalave, and Rachael McLaren.

It's produced by LET’S MEET AGAIN FILMS INC. with Howard Braunstein as executive producer, Jeff Beesley as director, and a script by Carley Smale.

Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve premieres Saturday, December 5, on Lifetime at 8/7c.

Tune in, and don't forget to return for a full review!

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2020/12/lets-meet-again-on-christmas-eve-are-corrine-and-rob-just-skatin/


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