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Supernatural has garnered one of the biggest fandoms in modern-day television. The story of the Winchester brothers ridding the world of demons and restoring free will is one that will be unforgettable in the years to come. 

However, there was another component of the show that fans took a liking to. 

Ever since Castiel, an angel of the Lord, was sent to save Dean from hell on Supernatural Season 4, a profound bond was established between the two of them. 

Viewers began rooting for Dean and Cas, otherwise known as "Destiel," to get together ever since. 

On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 18, Supernatural finally confirmed what viewers had suspected for the past decade. Castiel confessed his love to Dean and experienced a moment of true happiness, which allowed the Empty to take him and saved Dean's life in the process. 

Actor, Misha Collins, has since been very vocal about Castiel's ending, acknowledging that he had known about the confession while filming the entirety of Supernatural Season 15

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Misha Collins states that it makes his arc on the show meaningful, "not just in terms of the mythology of the show, but in terms of a message for the greater world and our particular moment in history."

Now that Castiel's love for Dean has been acknowledged in canon, there are some moments between the two that just hit differently than before. 

Check out our list of Destiel scenes that force us to rethink everything! 

When Cas Reacts to Dean's Declaration 

Anytime Dean shows how much he cares about Cas, he always seems rather taken aback but the declaration. 

When Dean tells Cas that he'd rather have him, "cursed or not," the look on Castiel's face is touching. But, now, with this new information, it's even more meaningful. 

Cas hung onto every word Dean said, and Dean's opinion of him was always what mattered most. 

When it was All About Saving One Human

There was nothing Castiel wasn't willing to do for Dean. He'd sacrifice the entire world if it meant keeping him safe. 

This was clearly a problem given that his allegiance was supposed to be to God, but there was something about Dean that made Cas put him above all else. 

Castiel's willingness to do anything for Dean makes even more sense now that we have the full picture. 

When Michael Questions Castiel's Reasoning 

Michael asked the question that we've all been wondering. Why does Cas love Earth enough to die for it?

Cas didn't respond at the time, but during the last few episodes, we finally got an answer to the question. It was easy to tell that Castiel loved Sam and Jack in his own way, but the love he had for Dean was deeper.

Cas admits to Dean that he cared about the whole world because of him. Because it was important to Dean, it was important to Cas.

When Cas Realizes Dean Is Okay

Castiel's enthusiasm when it comes to Dean is something that's always been hard to overlook.

After thinking Dean may be dead, Castiel immediately throws his arms around him, catching him off guard. Now that we know the intensity of Castiel's feelings and what Dean meant to him, this scene can be viewed in a whole new light. 

As Jensen Ackles said after Cas' confession, Dean wasn't aware of Castiel's feelings because he never knew where Cas was coming from as a celestial. His social interactions were always awkward at best. But now that we do know, scenes such as this one hold a new meaning. 

When Castiel Was in Love With Dean Humanity 

When Misha Collins discussed this scene and responded to a fan question with, "By humanity, you mean Dean?" he meant it. 

All of Castiel's actions were because he fell in love. And while Metatron may have claimed Cas fell in love with humanity, it was really just one human, in particular. 

Sure, Castiel did fall in love with the world, but it was Dean that made him care. As Castiel said himself, Dean changed him, and it was because of his love for Dean that Cas was able to see humanity in a different light. 

When Adam Side Eyes Cas

The Supernatural writers were planting the seeds for a confession all throughout Supernatural Season 15, and this interaction between Adam and Castiel is a prime example of it. 

It would have been easy to overlook this scene beforehand, but now, it makes a lot more sense. Dean apologizes to Adam, telling him that he doesn't deserve what he's been through. Adam simply asks, "Since when do we get what we deserve?" and shoots a pointed look at Cas, who quickly looks away. 

During Castiel's love confession, he admits to Dean that the one thing he wants is something he knows he can't have. As Cas didn't believe that Dean returned his feelings, everything about these scenes lines up perfectly. 

When Dean Breaks Through Castiel's Mind Control

Love truly is the most powerful weapon of all.

When Castiel was brainwashed by Naomi and about to kill the Winchesters, Dean was able to break through to him despite everything. 

There was a reason only Dean could do it, and now we know why. Dean's "I need you," clearly resonated with Cas deeply, and it was enough to snap him out of the mind control altogether. 

When Dean and Cas "Break Up"

For a couple that was never together, this sure felt a lot like a breakup. 

After Dean blames Castiel for Rowena's death, Castiel picks up on the lack of trust Dean has in him. He decides it's best for him to leave, and Dean doesn't stop him. Of course, it doesn't take long for Dean to realizes his anger was misplaced, and he winds up missing his best friend.

In an emotional scene, Dean prays to Cas and begs him to come back. Now that we know for certain how Cas felt about Dean, all the Destiel angst hurts even more. 

When Balthazar Was Being Serious 

At the time, many viewers played this off as Balthazar commenting on Castiel's allegiance to the Winchesters.

But, as it turns out, he was right all along. 

Castiel, or as Balthazar called him, "the one in the dirty trench coat," was in love with Dean. The moral of the story is that we should all take Balthazar more seriously. 

When Cas Rebelled for Dean

Even during the early seasons, there was something about this one human that Cas couldn't shake. 

Not only did he do everything Dean asked him to, but he suffered the consequences. He rebelled against the maker of the universe all because of his allegiance to one man. 

If that's not love, then what is?

It's your turn, TV Fanatics!

What did you think about Castiel's declaration? Did you start to view these scenes in a different light, or did you suspect it all along?

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