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Will Cassie ever learn?

The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 4 and The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 5 put her in another string of impossible scenarios, but she needs to master the art of not spilling her guts to the FBI.

Annie has put her career on the line countless times for her friend, so for Cassie to follow that up by confirming they've been breaking the law was a terrible thing to do.

Cassie would probably be dead or behind bars already if not for Annie, so it's unfortunate that Annie is the one getting the short end of the straw here.

Annie is doing some sketchy things, but she's the most genuine character on the show. All she wanted was to spend time with her boyfriend in the aftermath of earmarking someone for death, and Cassie's shenanigans may well have lost Max his life. 

Max is pure and is using his hacking skills to help Cassie when she doesn't really deserve it, so it would be unfortunate if he did die after being knocked down.

Then again, what if he's a part of the conspiracy and was deemed a threat by the Solokova family for getting close to Cassie? There are so many unanswered questions here, and with three episodes remaining, we need some solid movement on that front.

You and dad, you had your secret codes and your friendship.


Cassie learning that she and Miranda are on a file with a bunch of dead people was not the development I expected, but it could suggest that they will work together to get to safety.

It can't be a coincidence that they are both on the file after meeting with Alex in Bangkok. Something happened that night that possibly neither of the women knows about.

Miranda has murderous tendencies, but I'm not sure she actually killed Alex. Megan is still public enemy number one in my book based on how erratic her behavior has been throughout the first five episodes of the series.

She's working with some bad people, stealing files from her husband's laptop, and blaming her son for watching porn. All the while, she's trying to build a stronger connection with Cassie.

Annie: So, you got chased by a dangerous criminal and now you're holding a bag of stolen cash?
Cassie: It's evidence.

That alone suggests that she's working with the same people who are importing rockets and is being tasked with keeping Cassie close to make sure she knows everything that's happening in her life.

We don't have many episodes left, so the show has to tie the three main plots together in some manner before the big reveal.

My other suspect of the week is Buckley. He's been pursuing Cassie ever since the bar, and I'm not buying the way he miraculously popped up and quizzed her about who Max is.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Max being knocked down was the result of Buckley's obsession with Cassie. Buckley is easy on the eyes, but those nice looks are not masking the fact that he's up to something.

I'm a guy you met once. Why am I so important?


Cassie and Davey's relationship went from being one of the most solid aspects of the show to the rockiest, and it's all thanks to them not communicating well enough.

Their father was terrible to Davey growing up, and Cassie wasn't much better. It seems like Cassie sought validation from her father and would go to any lengths to get it.

We also finally got an insight into her excessive drinking and it further solidified the fact that her father was the worst. Who gets their youngster hooked on alcohol?

It's no wonder that Davey worries about Cassie's drinking. Davey has taken on more of a father figure in Cassie's life, and their earlier conversations on the phone are starting to make perfect sense.

But Cassie has long dismissed the way Davey speaks of the past, and I hope that now she knows what happened, she will be able to carve out a relationship with her brother.

Cassie wanting to be a flight attendant after witnessing the plane crashing suggests that she is drawn to chaos. Who would want a job because of a burning plane?

She fails to think about things rationally, and I'm starting to think it's down to her upbringing. In the household, Cassie was treated as a superior child who could do whatever she wanted.

As things stand, there are a lot of different possible outcomes, but it's hard to imagine the series being able to conclude in a solid fashion unless these storylines start to cross paths on The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 6.

This is only a miniseries, so there is no second season for Cassie to descend further into madness, so we need to get some meaningful movement before the final curtain call.

I'm not even sure Cassie deserves a happy ending. She uses people and doesn't give a crap about how they feel unless she's guilt-tripped into it.

Kaley Cuoco is playing the role very well, and if she wanted to distance herself from Penny, she's doing a remarkable job of it.

What did you think of Cassie and Miranda being a part of the dead files? Are you surprised the family appears to be taking part in some dodgy deals?

Who do you think is the villain?

Hit the comments.

Catch new episodes of The Flight Attendant on Thursdays on HBO Max.

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