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The Rookie Season 3 premieres Sunday, January 3, 2021, and we couldn't be more excited.

Will Nolan be able to clear his name after Det. Nick Armstrong set him up to look like the dirty cop? Who in the LAPD will back Nolan, and who will be looking to take him down?

Is there any chance Grace will figure out her marriage is a goner and try to reconcile with Nolan? Will there be an Angela and Wesley wedding this season? And is there a romantic future on the horizon for Lucy and Tim?

And which character needs a better storyline than he got during The Rookie Season 2?

Our TV Fanatics, Rachel, Jasmine, and Christine, dive into it all as they chat about what they hope to see on The Rookie Season 3.

Do you want to see Det. Nick Armstrong be brought to justice, killed, or on the run? Is his time on the show done, or would you like him to stick around in some capacity?

Rachel: I'd like to see him brought to justice, but I want them to tease it out a little bit. Nolan may know he's the mole, but I think it'd be interesting if no one believed him at first.

I'd like to see the other rookies trying their hardest to get Armstrong thrown in jail, but I think it'll be a real battle since they might be the only ones who believe he's up to no good. Armstrong is smart, and he got Nolan good. After that storyline ends, I think it'd be best if he leaves the show.

But I wouldn't be against him popping up every once in a while as they did with Rosalind.

Jasmine: Yes, exactly, like Rosalind. Not an every episode thing, but I would love it if he popped up.

I am a big fan of Harold Perrineau, so I would actually like to see Nick stay around for just a little bit longer. Just a hair. He's such a great actor, and he is such a good, bad guy. I want to see him on the run and then brought to justice.

I also want to see him hanging about for a bit after he's caught.

Christine: Yes, Perrineau has done a fantastic job of making us like Nick, empathizing with him a bit, and then loathe him. It's been a fun journey, and I'm not sure I want to see it end.

Plus, if he is arrested, every case he's ever worked on will be called into question. That could make it easy to bring him back from time to time, even if he's in prison.

Jasmine: That is SO true, and it introduces more challenges for the department. That's good conflict.

Christine: I think we all agree that Nick is just too complex a character to have him killed off. That would be a disappointment.

Will Nolan be able to clear his name? How long do you think it will take? Who do you think or hope will have his back?

Rachel: I'm sure Nolan will be able to clear his name eventually, but I think it'll be the main conflict of the first half of season 3. I can't see it coming to a real resolution until the mid-season finale. I think it's too good of a plot line to drop after only a few episodes.

Jasmine: Nolan is definitely going to clear his name. No doubt about it. I think it may take a couple of episodes. I doubt that with a shortened season, they're going to drag this out. I think most of his friends will have his back. I definitely believe Harper will have his back from the beginning. I believe Lucy will too.

Christine: But how do they keep Nolan working as a cop if they don't clear his name fairly quickly? I'd think they'd almost have to clear him, but maybe there will be a cloud over him going forward.

Jasmine: Yeah, I can see his name getting cleared, but maybe he's on desk duty for a bit. Or possibly he'll still have other people suspicious of him anyway.

Christine: I'm curious to see how Bradford and Angela react? And Sgt. Grey. Rachel: I'm sure Lucy, Jackson, and Harper will have Nolan's back from the get-go. And I feel like Angela and Tim would come around.

Jasmine: Somehow, I think Sgt. Grey will be in his corner, maybe even before Tim and Angela. They have such a unique bond, and it would be cool if the guy who used to be a hardass with him is the one who has his back the most.

Christine: I was hoping for the same thing with Grey. They will really have come full circle if that's the case.

Rachel: I think Lucy would help push Tim into Nolan's corner. He's the only one I'm really not sure about coming to it on his own terms. They have a good bond of trust, and I feel like that would play into it.

Christine: Did Jackson's dad work in Internal Affairs, or am I misremembering that?

Jasmine: Yeah, he's the Commander of IA.

Christine: It would be interesting if Commander West were involved in creating conflict between him and Jackson.

Rachel: That's such a great idea! I hadn't even thought about that, but it would make Jackson siding with Nolan an even more consequential.

Jasmine: Ohhh. I like the idea of Commander West coming into play. That would be a fantastic conflict for Jackson.

Christine: I think the dynamics of who is in Nolan's corner and who isn't will be entertaining and tell us a lot about each of the characters. I'm looking forward to that. Plus, it could set up conflicts down the line once Nolan is cleared.

Let's jump over to some ships.

Jasmine: Rachel is happy about ship talk. LOL

Rachel: I was gonna say, my fave!

Were you a fan of Nolan and Grace, and would you like to see them reunite?

Rachel: I was never a fan of Nolan and Grace. I preferred Nolan with Jessica. I kind of hope this is it for them, but I highly doubt it will be.

Christine: I really liked Nolan and Grace. I thought they had great chemistry together. Grace wanting to give her marriage another try for her son was a plausible reason to break them up, but I hope the character returns.

Jasmine: I was mostly indifferent to Nolan and Grace. I didn't dislike them, but they also didn't interest me very much at all.

Christine: I wasn't a huge fan of Nolan and Jessica, which is odd because I've always liked Sarah Shahi, who played Jessica, but I didn't feel that much chemistry between her and Fillion.

Jasmine: I preferred Jessica over Grace but only marginally. Is it weird that Fillion is just not having that romantic chemistry with anyone to me? I'm not feeling him as a romantic lead most of the time.

Rachel: I totally agree with you. It didn't help that they started the show by putting him with Lucy.

Christine: Now, I felt he's had the best romantic chemistry with Ali Larter (Grace) so far. And storywise, Grace and Nolan ended in a way that Nolan could understand, having been in her place with his own marriage.

So I think when hers inevitably falls apart, it could bring them back together. Although I think it should take a bit of time to get back to a full-on romance.

Jasmine: I can see that. Maybe this will bring them together. But a slow friendship to lovers bit again.

Christine: I'm surprised that I'm the only one who felt Grace and Nolan's chemistry. I really thought they lit up the screen together. They never did become lovers, if I remember correctly. They were taking it slow. And the moment I heard she was only separated and not divorced, I figured they were doomed.

Jasmine: Unfortunately, I think other couples or potential ships are just more compelling on this show. Nolan and Grace never captured my interest in that way. Rachel: I think, as Jasmine said, I'm just indifferent to his relationships. I believe The Rookie needs to step up their game when they're writing Nolan romantically.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Who do you want to see John Nolan paired with romantically?

Let's jump over to another ship. Tim and Lucy.

Jasmine: The superior ship!

Rachel: Well, it's no secret that I'm ride-or-die for Tucy!

Christine: They seem like the most popular ship on the show, and they aren't even an actual couple, but maybe that's the appeal. They are a couple we can root for. The funny thing is, I didn't think of them as a potential ship until I saw other fans talking about it, and then it's like someone took my blinders off.

Jasmine: Yeah, I have a weird relationship with ships. I can take or leave most of them, but I enjoy Tim and Lucy's chemistry and relationship in whatever capacity, and the idea of them together doesn't turn me off, so I'm okay with this ship. They're just really fun to watch.

Rachel: I always saw it only because I'm a huge fan of slow-burn and enemies to lovers type dynamics. I actively go into shows looking for it.

Christine: I want them together, but it needs to go slow. I'd be happy if they get to the point where they are both considering it by the end of season 3. But Lucy has to stop being his trainee for it to happen, yet the show has to keep them in each other's orbit regularly, so that will be a bit of a challenge.

Rachel: But it's like you said, they need to go slow. I don't even think it should be in the realm of possibility until training is over.

Jasmine: I agree about it being a slow burn. I think it only works best if it's a slow burn. It's right up there with Mina and AJ on The Resident for me. I like the possibilities.

Christine: Yes, they really have to be on equal footing for that to work, but I do want to see it eventually.

Jasmine: Yeah, I actually like that their power dynamics are enough to put this on pause for a bit.

Rachel: I also feel like the two of them formed a very strong bond by riding together, so once they're not together every day, I'm interested to see what that relationship will be like.

Jasmine: They have become codependent in a way, and neither would like to admit that. But it makes their bond so interesting. I don't know how they would fare away from each other for long periods.

Christine: Yes, they've now formed a friendship. Will that continue once they are no longer partnered together, and who will initiate contact if it does? I hope it's Tim more than Lucy because that will mean more.

What do you think of Angela and Wesley? Do you think they'll get married this season? Do you want them to?

Rachel: I hope so! They're such a great couple. I'm not sure if they'll be able to do a big wedding with Covid restrictions, but I'd like for them to be able to tie the knot.

Christine: They are an adorable couple, and I think they show needs that, especially while so many other characters always seem to be dealing with relationship problems.

Rachel: Also, I think it would be interesting to see how everyone interacts with each other at a wedding outside of the precinct. I'd like to see them all let loose and have fun.

Jasmine: Yeah, I hope so too. I really like this pairing. I like the struggles that they have gone through together, and I want that to pay off. I can see them having a small sort of justice of the peace wedding anyway. So I don't think Covid will affect that too much. Also, if they do an outdoor wedding that appears socially distanced, they can make it work.

Christine: I'd be willing to wait until Season 4 for the wedding if it means having everyone together as a group post-Covid restrictions.

Rachel: I agree. I would rather wait and have everyone together.

Christine: I'd also like to see more of Angela's family as the wedding draws closer.

Jasmine: I, too, would love to dig into Angela's family more. She would have the best dynamics. That would be comedic gold.

Let's talk about Jackson West.

Christine: To me, it felt like he got short shrift during season 2, and I'd like to see that change.

Rachel: I honestly couldn't even tell you what his plot was in Season 2.

Jasmine: He kind of always does? I agree, though. Jackson has come such a long way in many aspects of his journey, and I would like him to have a more significant arc this season.

Christine: The only thing I recall was challenges with his new, movie star boyfriend.

Rachel: The only real storyline he seemed to have was with the actor.

Christine: It feels like after he got over his confidence issues, they weren't sure what to do with him.

Jasmine: I agree... which is kind of ridiculous to me because there are so many different directions to take him now.

Rachel: He seems to be there to prop up everyone else more than anything.

Christine: He's become Angela's sidekick and not much more. He really needs his own storyline. Maybe something to do with IA, since his father is the Commander.

Jasmine: But if his father gets involved with Nolan's case, it would give him some actual conflict. 

Christine: Exactly.

Jasmine: I would love it if he went undercover

Christine: Or he could be asked to gather information within the precinct. That would be very stressful for him.

Jasmine: Yeah, putting him at odds with his team, who is like family. Perfect.

What did you think of Nyla Harper as the new addition last season?

Rachel: I'm a huge Harper fan. I did miss Bishop, but I think the dynamic between Harper and Nolan is much more interesting. They have more conflict, where Bishop and Nolan were very similar. I also enjoy seeing a character like Harper go to bat for Nolan. They had some great development.

Christine: I love how the actress can go from being the straight-laced officer to her undercover persona. It's fascinating to watch her do that.

Rachel: She's incredible! That was such a cool plotline too, and I like that her undercover persona came back a few times.

Jasmine: I LOVE Nyla. She had such an entrance. It had to be tough coming in after Nolan's previous partner and not coming across like an exact replacement, especially being another black woman.

But I like the fact that she's wise but also Nolan has to reel her in. They feel like equal partners because they're both learning in different ways. I also love it when she interacts with the other women, like teaching Lucy how to fight like a girl.

Christine: I like that she and Nolan can bond as parents, too. I'm a fan of the character, and I'm curious to see where they take her because I'm not sure where that will be.

Jasmine: And yes, I live for her transitions from cop to undercover. She really has breathed new life into the series.

Outside of Nolan, do you have a favorite character?

Jasmine: Choosing among my babies? No fair!

Rachel: My favorite character has been Lucy from day one! She has such a good range. She's adorable and quirky while being a badass that you don't want to mess with.

Christine: I also love how Lucy seems like the vulnerable one but is far stronger than anyone expects.

Jasmine: If I had to choose today, I'm going to say, Angela. I love that she is such a tough woman but also the biggest softie. But then that's also what I love about Tim. And Nyla.

Christine: This really is an ensemble show for me. I can't think of one character that doesn't hold my interest. Harper became a fast favorite, but I also love Bradford. And my husband has a crush on Angela.

Jasmine: I mean, if we're talking crushes, then Bradford all the way!

Rachel: Agreed! They're all such incredible and complex characters. There's not a single character I dislike! Jasmine: Not even Nick Armstrong, which shows how good the writing is.

Christine: That's why I believe this show will have staying power. It can go through cast changes and not lose viewers because there will always be someone that we care about or many someones.

Rachel: I don't think so! January can't come quick enough. I've missed this show.

Christine: Me too. Jasmine: I am eager for the new season, too. The second season was amazing, and they can only get better from here.

What do you hope to see on The Rookie Season 3? Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below and tell us now. 

Check back in for our The Rookie Season 3 Episode 1 review, and until then, you can watch The Rookie online here at TV Fanatic. 

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