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Something needs to be done about Dr. Thomas Hamilton. The team was introduced (or, in Grace's case, reintroduced) to him on Nurses Season 1 Episode 5, and poor Naz was totally dazzled.

She was totally fangirling, which is understandable, given all his medical accomplishments. He's clearly a deity to the medical field. However, thanks to Grace, we also know how gross he is.

Dr. Hamitlon is an entitled snake. Because he's this big-deal doctor, he thinks he has a right to touch the nurses, and nobody stops him.

Naz: Excuse me, uh, Dr. Hamilton? My name's Nazneen Khan. I just want to say your work in health sector development for impoverished part of India, like Bihar and Assam, have been remarkable.
Dr. Hamilton: That was a long time ago. I couldn't help but notice you in the auditorium earlier. The pink, it totally pops! I'm sorry, remind me, what was your name again?
Naz: Nazneen, but most call me Naz.
Dr. Hamilton: Nazneen. In Bengali that means delicate, doesn't it?
Naz: Ah.
Dr. Hamilton: It does?
Naz: Yes.
Dr. Hamilton: I thought so.

My heart hurt when Grace was blaming herself for Naz nearly becoming his next casualty. Yes, if she spoke up, maybe things would change. Hopefully, that's where the series is going.

Right now, however, Grace is still traumatized. She's scared, and she feels helpless. She can barely breathe around the man who assaulted her. She's not ready to call him out or take him on.

She really rallied for Naz, though, stepping in like that. Not only did she protect her friend, but in doing so, she took a little of her power back. The question now is, will Dr. Hamilton retaliate?

Grace's stepping in with Naz could have been taken a different way. I was totally prepared for Naz to call Grace out on stealing her thunder and wanting to be the special one.

Thankfully, Naz was just grateful. Sure, she didn't know why Grace stepped in, but she recognized the intent as helpful. Their friendship remains intact.

Grace: I'm supposed to be in there. surgery, Sinead let me out of it.
Ashley: No, it's not your fault. Okay, you didn't know this would happen.
Grace: Didn't I? I saw the way he looked at her. It was the same way he used to look at me. And I ran. Instead of standing next to Naz, I ran. I feel like everywhere I've gone today, every room I've gone into, every corner I've turned; he's been there, suffocating me.

Sadly, Naz is still fangirling for Dr. Hamilton, but hopefully, Grace will find her courage and do something soon. In the meantime, we have to hope he'll move on from Naz and focus on being a doctor instead of a rapist.

Ashley's handling of the whole situation was a pleasant surprise. She was supportive of Grace and showed concern for Naz, without overstepping or revealing Grace's confidence.

It's good Grace had Ash to lean on. Her disgust with Hamilton was cathartic. I loved her little digs at him.

She knew they needed to help Naz but didn't jump down Grace's throat and blame her for not speaking up. She reassured her that it wasn't her fault and was open to it; however, Grace wanted to handle the situation.

Sanders: All right, people. You know what's fun about mergers? Nothing. So brace yourself because change is coming. Where you eat is gonna change. Where you gossip is gonna change. Where you change is gonna change. So better learn to addept quick, or they will find new "mes" and "yous."
Wolf: I just got a message from Dr. Niven about a personailty test.
Sanders: Oh yeah, that's happening. It's just the beginning. Companies don't just buy each other without kicking the tires.
Ashley: And we're the tires.
Sanders: That's right, Collins. You have no idea how right you are.

She also did great with her patient. Sal was a pretty funny dude. It seems that Ash keeps getting landed with older patients who have a sense of humor.

His fake heart-attack gag was not the best thing to do in a hospital and set up nicely for his real one. I was worried Ash would lose a patient and be heartbroken again, but Sal pulled through thankfully.

We got to see Ash mediate an old feud, and for all her surliness, she has some pretty decent people skills. She knows how to cut through all the BS and get people to be real.

Keon got nothing but BS this episode. The nurses, led by that b@tch Nurse Molly, were really giving him a hard time. You'd think medical staff would know better than to haze, not to mention have better things to do with their time.

Keon took it all in stride, but it still wasn't cool of them, as Dr. Banks pointed out.

Dr. Banks: The senior nurses seem to raz you a lot; it doesn't bother you?
Keon: I'm just the flavor of the month. They'll get bored of me soon.
Dr. Banks: Are you sure?
Keon: Seen it a million times. In football, the senior guys had us do some pretty ridiculous stuff, but you realized the tougher they are on you, it's like the more they respect you.
Dr. Banks: Cute, but this isn't football. Maybe you've heard the saying, "nurses eat their young?" And they don't ever get bored or full, they just keep on eating. Oh, um, and nice moves by the way. Who doesn't love a man who can dance?

Speaking of that, Keon and Dr. Banks finally kissed! I was squeals all around for that one.

Did we know it was coming? Totally. Was it awesome? Totally. Predictability does not a bad ship make.

I wonder what the inter-office dating policy is? Ashley should know, since she's with Caro, not that we saw her this episode. And Dr. Evan Wallace looks like he wants to do some inter-office dating too! But more on that later.

Keon's plotline this episode wasn't all hazing and a steamy makeout session. His patient was dealing with some serious stuff. We tend to dismiss people in handcuffs. Also, as we've seen lately, the cps tend to handcuff people of color.

Cassius was clearly a case of, wrong place, wrong time. He was trying to get his property back, but it looked like there was nobody to stick up for him. The system failed him, and he had nobody in his corner.

The past is a funny thing. We think it's something we can run from, something we'll never see again, but somehow our past always reminds us that it can also be our present, and our future.


Enter Keon. Keon's always had people in his corner. His life looks pretty charmed in comparison. He had brains and brawn, not to mention a supportive family.

He realized that the best he could do for Cassius was pay it forward. Thankfully, he knew Detective Walker and was able to pull a few strings. It wasn't hard for him, but it made all the difference to Cassius.

Wolf needs someone to pull some strings like that for him. He needs meds, and they aren't affordable in Canada. Nurse Molly trying to get him to cover her shift and still getting half the pay is part of why we call her a b#tch.

Red, on the other hand, was actually trying to help. Wolf isn't sure he wants that kind of help. Hopefully, he finds some other way to pay for his pills, but I feel like they wouldn't have set this option up if it wouldn't come back around.

I don't want Wolf to become a drug dealer! It'll land him in trouble he does not need. He's not cut out for a life of crime. Wolf is a cinnamon bun and must be protected at all cost!

Wolf: Do you feel like we're being made tribute? Like The Hunger Games?
Ashley: Hm. Kill or be killed.

It's so sad to think that, even in Canada, land of socialized medicine, insurance doesn't cover the medicine for those who truly need it. Why can't there be a system where someone needs help, and they get it?

Poor Wolf. He and Grace really had a hard episode, though Grace came out of her struggle stronger. And a new guy is eyeing her.

It was pretty clear from Nurses Season 1 Episode 1 that Evan liked Grace. But then we learned of her complicated relationship with Kabir, not to mention her past assault. It seemed her plate was full in that department.

Plus, we haven't seen Evan in a while, and I wasn't sure we would. The show is called nurses, not doctors, so unless he's going to be a love interest, there's no reason for him to be a regular.

In fact, it could be dangerous, storyline-wise. If he gets too interesting, he could take the focus off the characters and profession this show is meant to focus on.

Grace: Can we outrun our past? Or is the problem with running that you get tired? You get tired of hiding. Tired of trying to be what everyone expects you to be. Maybe running is not the answer. Because sooner or later, you gotta ask yourself: why run when you can dance?

After all, doctors are the rockstars. I'm already intrigued by how he apparently wanted to be a surgeon.

However, when he asked Grace out, she seemed interested. She ended up inviting him out with the gang, so, purely platonic, but the chemistry is there.

It would be healthier than what she has with Kabir since Evan is single, as far as we know. Still, as shippable as they might be, Grace really needs to deal with the trauma she experienced before she can have a healthy relationship with anyone.

In general, the merger seems to have ruffled some feathers, but Grace's most of all. Still, it'll be interesting to see how it is all handled going forward.

What do you think, Fanatic? Should/Will Wolf deal drugs? Will Grace step forward? And how do you guys feel about all the emerging ships?

Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Nurses online right here via TV Fanatic.

Nurses airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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