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American Gods returns to Starz on Sunday, January 10, and fans of the novel will love what lies ahead.

With the action moving toward the snowy town of Lakeside, the action slows down just a bit, allowing for characters to get the attention they deserve.

Front and center for American Gods Season 3 are Ricky Whittle, Yetide Badaki, and Bruce Langley as Shadow Moon, Bilquis, and Technical Boy, respectively. Along with Neil Gaiman, they chatted with us on an American Gods press day, so we're here to share what we've learned with you.

I've seen the first four episodes, and the new season is grounded and engrossing. It brings to light the mesmerizing pages of the book, and given the many changes from page to screen, it's much appreciated.

Season 3 sets aside a little of the flash from previous seasons to establish the setting and fully explore the characters we've grown to love.

Shadow is on a journey of self-discovery during American Gods Season 3.

Much of that is due to learning of his heritage as the son of a God. He has a lot to grapple with in light of such a shocking reveal, and a lot of it is personal.

Sure, he's a demi-god, but more importantly, he's always had a father. Yet that father left him to struggle on his own after his mother died. That's not easy to accept.

Shadow's acceptance or rejection of the man he's come to know as Wednesday will drive Shadow's actions.

Check out what the always charming Ricky Whittle had to say about that and more in our video.

Yetide Badaki previews a similar journey for Bilquis.

She's become a fan favorite in her expanded TV show presence, as she's an old god straddling the line between the old and new, the argument at the heart of American Gods.

Bilquis and Technical Boy have a surprising and rather immersive arc during American Gods Season 3, and the characters are all the better for it.

Find out what she teases about that right now.

We also chatted with Bruce Langley, who similarly chats with the challenges Tech Boy will face during American Gods' third season.

Who is he when he doesn't have the backup of, as Bruce says, "all of the glitz and the glamour" that he normally operates within?

What will that mean for his character?

Get it from the man himself right now.

And finally, we have Neil Gaiman, who was kind enough to share with us what it's like for his epic to still be so relevant in the 21st century.

Neil also spoke to his influence in changing the preordained story. Some characters have had a much different journey than he originally imagined.

Bilquis is a significant character in the series but didn't make it out of her second scene in the novel alive.

Technology itself has changed so much over the years since the novel was written that Tech Boy has gotten an overhaul, as well, and Neil delves into both characters for us.

Find out why Neil thinks their new design works so well and a whole lot more from our interview with the American Gods author.

American Gods Season 3 Episode 1, "A Winter's Tale," premieres on Sunday, January 10 at 8/7c.

There's only one more week to wait! And yes, it's worth it.

We'll be covering it weekly, so be sure to join us for an in-depth review of the premiere!

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/01/ricky-whittle-neil-gaiman-yetide-badaki-and-bruce-langley-previe/


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