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Is it just me, or was that one of the worst episodes of the series to date?

Shameless Season 11 Episode 4 featured a string of storylines that should have been exciting, but they were bogged down by terrible execution and even worse dialogue.

We'll start with the Milkoviches moving next door. If you watch Shameless online, you know they are one of the worst families on TV, so Terry having sex with a 90-year-old to take over her house should not have been surprising. 

But the Milkoviches living next door could be a great storyline had it not been hindered by the tasteless jokes about racism.

In the UK iteration of the series, the Milkoviches were known as the Maguires. They had a much bigger presence, which appears to be an attempt at replicating the success of the original iteration of the series.

Unfortunately, it's too late in the series's run to try to make viewers get on board with any of their storylines. Mickey and Mandy were the most interesting aspect of the family on the U.S. take on the series, and there's no changing that.

The way Terry spoke about Liam was abhorrent, but at least it showed Frank is slowly, but surely, changing his ways.

The Gallaghers have long been deemed the worst of the South Side, but they are probably seen as royalty compared to Mickey's family.

Mickey recounting his father's take on the game I Spy was the only part of this story that made me crack a smile. Unfortunately, this wasn't wrapped up in a single installment because it now seems destined to be a big part of the final episodes.

Speaking of Mickey, he's been adamant about not living a legit life, but he's also not making the money he thought he would be by breaking the law.

Partnering with Ian to make a half-assed security firm should get them a cash injection, but they will both wind up back in prison if they are caught.

Maybe we're looking at an endgame for these two in which they are living out the rest of their days in prison because there's a lack of progression for them.

I respect the writers for wanting to tackle a storyline involving a teacher grooming students, but this could have been handled a lot better.

Tammy was obviously under the spell of her former music teacher, being told that she's not like the other girls and that she's mature for her age, but she didn't anticipate the teacher to be still dating school girls.

The more concerning aspect of the way she acted is that she legitimately took Lip out to meet someone she was having sex with several years before.

She failed to tell Lip the story and waited for him to put the pieces together, and that's not okay. If the show wanted to show that she struggled with it, they could have executed it another way.

Instead, we got painful scenes of the characters trying to make light of it, and it fell flat. The result being Tammy conceding that she has daddy issues was actually expected if we're going by the way she's been acting.

But Tammy was written so terribly on Shameless Season 10 that it seemed like the only way was up for her on Shameless Season 11.

Lip should have more concerns about not only her outbursts but the way she acts when she's not under the spotlight. She vies for attention, even if Lip is already spread very thin.

He's trying to make their home habitable, raising his son, and everything else. I suspect Lip will call things off with Tammy, and it will make her realize how good her life with Lip was.

The battle for Little Miss South Side brought the claws out between V and Debbie, and not a single aspect of it felt true to the characters.

Debbie would have felt more natural with a rivalry between the moms that didn't result in shouting matches or V taking her earrings off to fight. 

The very notion that V would want to fight Debbie, a girl half her age, who is her best friend's youngest sister, is bizarre. 

If the intent was to show how cutthroat the world of toddlers and tiaras really was, it failed miserably. 

V going into politics may seem like a good direction on paper, but when you consider the number of skeletons in her closet, you would think she would have laughed off the offer. 

The only positive in this weird episode was Carl's journey to a cop that understood the decisions he had to make to keep everyone in the South Side safe. 

His partner was a tough nut to crack and seemed to be on a power trip. The way she ridiculed the person selling cigarettes was not a good look, so it was nice to see Carl return at the end of the installment to apologize. 

Carl slowly realizes that the world of law is more corrupt than he could have ever anticipated, and his final storyline will likely be focused on him striving for police reform. 

"Nimby" was Shameless at its worst. The characters were arguing over petty stuff, and it made it clear as day that we're limping toward the finish line. 

What did you think of the way the plots meandered? Are you tired of it?

Hit the comments below. 

Shameless continues Sundays on Showtime. 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/01/shameless-season-11-episode-4-review-nimby/


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