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If you were in need of some good old fashioned Marvel shenanigans, WandaVision Season 1 Episode 4 was the episode for you.

"We Interrupt This Program" was a flashback and an explanation of how Monica Rambeau came to be a part of Wanda and Vision's journey in the town of Westview.

It was sorely needed after all the confusion of the first three installments into WandaVision, which were highly entertaining, but left many questions unanswered.

Two stories are happening here. One is inside Westview, and one is just on the outskirts of the town.

With the primary focus being on Wanda and Vision's sitcom-themed world, it was nice to jump out of that for a bit to shed some light on S.W.O.R.D.'s involvement and investigation into the weird occurrences of Westview.

Tyler: The program hasn't been the same since you've been up there, Rambeau. Shifted away from manned missions and refocused on robotics, nanotech, AI. Sentient Weapons, like it says on the door.
Monica: It also says "Observation and Response" on that door, not "Creation."
Tyler: World's not the same as you left it. Space is now full of unexpected threats.
Monica: Always was full of threats. And allies.

But with the fourth segment of WandaVision moving at the speed of light to catch us up on the real world's story, it was difficult at times to keep up.

The show jampacked three episodes' worth of story, which was spread out on Wanda and Vision's previous adventures, into one half-hour.

Our attention to the screen was unwavering, but as with most Marvel productions, the writers made it so that you would need to pause and rewind to make sure you didn't miss one bit of information.

Even though it moved fast, the information we received was well worth it, as was watching this all-star cast's performances.

The S.W.O.R.D. themed half-hour could be described as a filler episode that clued the audience into some of the show's happenings, but thanks to the introduction of Darcy and Jimmy and the star that is Monica Rambeau, it was still a delight to watch.

We did miss Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as the series stars, as it is their show. WandaVision is sure to get back to its regularly scheduled programming next episode, though.

Jimmy: So you're saying the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers?
Darcy: It's a working theory.

Darcy and Jimmy brought the comedy and the relatability, and Monica brought the heart.

As side characters in previous Marvel films, these three finally got their chance to shine and prove that the MCU rarely creates bad characters.

In the first scene, we learned that Monica was one of the people snapped out of existence by Thanos. And she, heartbreakingly so, learned the tragic fate of her mother -- Maria Rambeau, AKA the best friend of Carol Danvers.

Sidenote: This sequence's visual effects with all the people returning were beautiful and so cool to watch. Marvel does it again!

Monica: My mom is Maria Rambeau. Look it up, I mean...look it up. Maria Rambeau.
Dr. Harley: Monica, I don't understand what's happening, but you need to listen to me. Maria died three years ago.
Monica: Three? No. No. No, no...
Dr. Harley: Which was two years after you...
Monica: After I what? After I what?
Dr. Harley: After you disappeared.

We also find out that Maria founded S.W.O.R.D. and that Monica is currently a captain there. If you saw Captain Marvel, then you know this was an absolutely fitting fate for both of them.

Now that we had the backstory, it was time for Monica to travel to Westview to meet up with FBI agent Jimmy Woo, who we last saw on Ant-Man and the Wasp.

And that's when the events of the previous three episodes of WandaVision Season 1 were set into motion.

Monica disappeared, and S.W.O.R.D. and the FBI got to work to figure out what the heck was going on, which is pretty much what WandaVision fans have been doing for the past three episodes.

Their investigation got quite strange, though, when Darcy figured out that Westview was putting out a broadcast frequency, allowing them to watch Wanda and Vision's sitcom. And, surprisingly, they were as entertained as we were.

They were able to identify many of the characters, notably except for Agnes, which leads us to believe that these real people do not have much of a say in their roles in the story.

They are likely as trapped as Monica was.

But all the official personnel do not have much more insight than we do on why this is happening, which, if we're honest, makes us feel better about ourselves. Hopefully, Monica will rectify that when she fills them in on her experience in Westview.

It's pretty clear that whatever crosses the energy field surrounding the town changes to fit the story's narrative. And that whoever is controlling it is doing a fine job of skipping through the bloopers.

Monica, along with the S.W.O.R.D. drone and Agent Franklin, adapted to their surroundings and the decade that Wanda and Vision were in at the moment.

Agent: Ms. Lewis?
Darcy: Dr. Lewis.

But these people and these things don't completely change. It's as if they have some muscle memory that pulls them back and forth between the two worlds.

That's why Monica remembered Ultron for a split second and why the drone was in color. But that's also why they needed to go so that Wanda can live out her perfect world.

Let's be honest, Wanda is acting very sketchy, and it is plausible to doubt her intentions.

As seen when she ejected Monica outside of the town limits, she has some control and knowledge of how this sitcom fantasy works.

But she is choosing to stay because that means Vision is alive and her twin boys are a reality, not just some dream she has in her mind of how she wants her life to be.

Vision: We don't have to stay here. We could go wherever we want.
Wanda: No, we can't. This is our home.
Vision: Are you sure?
Wanda: Oh, don't worry, darling. I have everything under control.

I still believe that some outside force is controlling Wanda since she looked regretful about what she did to Monica. Perhaps she is being manipulated, and her grief is being exploited by someone who wants to use her power.

Who that might be is up for debate, but for now, Wanda definitely has some explaining to do. And it looks like Vision isn't buying much of what Wanda is selling anymore.

What did you think, WandaVision Fanatics?

Is Wanda the mastermind behind the happenings of Westview? Is anyone else sketched out by the Acting Director of S.W.O.R.D., Tyler Hayward?

Who exactly was the person who was in WITSEC? How much did the Mind Stone-less image of Vision frighten you? And did you catch any easter eggs that I may have (probably) missed?

Let me know in the comments!

WandaVision airs Fridays on Disney+.

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