Jeopardy! producer Mike Richards is the second guest host of the beloved game show following the death of host Alex Trebek.

Richards, who replaced Ken Jennings, revealed that he was stepping in as host due to the COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles. 

He dished that future guest hosts have been "understandably a little reticent to shoot.

Trebek Jeopardy Hosting

"So, as the producer, my job is to quite literally live the mantra 'the show must go on,'" Richards said.

"So let’s do what Alex Trebek did 8,244 times: Let’s play Jeopardy! and prove that nothing can stop this show."

During the closing of the episode, Richards addressed the audience with the following tribute to Trebek.

"I just want to say, as Alex said, we’re trying to build a kinder and gentler society. And if we all pitch in just a little bit, we’re going to get there. See you next time."

Trebek gave a powerful speech during one of his final Jeopardy! episodes, and Richards clearly took that to heart in his own speech about the former host.

The series paid tribute to Alex immediately following his death during an episode that aired in November.

"Over the weekend, we lost our beloved host Alex Trebek. This is an enormous loss for our staff, crew, for his family, for his millions of fans," Richards said.

"He loved this show and everything it stood for... He will forever be an inspiration for his constant desire to learn, his kindness and for his love of his family."

Richards also shared at the time that Trebek taped his final episodes less than two weeks before, and that the show will air the remaining 35 episodes as they were shot, "in his honor."

"That's what he wanted," the producer said. "On behalf of everyone here at Jeopardy, thank you for everything Alex."

Jennings was the guest host for six weeks and marked his goodbye to the show last week.

“That’s a wrap on my six weeks of Jeopardy guest hosting,” the GOAT contestant tweeted.

“Thanks for watching, thanks for your patience with a tough learning curve, and, as always, thank you Alex.”

Richards will be followed by Katie Couric, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, 60 Minutes‘ Bill Whitaker, and Big Bang Theory vet Mayim Bialik.

Additional guest hosts will include CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta., as well as Dr. Mehmet Oz and Today‘s Savannah Guthrie.

The search for a permanent host continues, and the show will announce one in due course.

What are your thoughts on the tribute?

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