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You knew it would be a damn good hour of Prodigal Son when the first minute gifted us a montage of Martin's morning regimen at Claremont set to Destiny Child's Survivor.

This show continues to be a gift that keeps on giving, and Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 4 is another example of that.

From the hilarious first minute to the jaw-dropping last, Prodigal Son knows how to keep us coming back for more.

It's beyond redundant to point out that Michael Sheen is the absolute GOAT. Every single scene he's in, you can tell he's having the time of his life, and thus he pulls you into his orbit and holds you there, utterly transfixed by Martin in all of his glory.

And this hour gave us so much of Martin; you can't ask for anything more. It was an installment that felt as if it went on forever, beyond the usual hour, and every time it seemed as if it was nearing the conclusion, you'd see there was still ample time remaining for more to unfold.

Oh, yeah. This is a good place for a murder. And when you find you a place, you wanna go back again and again. Like a good restaurant.


The team rushing to solve a case at Claremont was pure genius. It put them in a slightly familiar environment, introduced us to new characters, expanded those we saw before, and it put Martin, Malcolm, and at times Gil in the same room investigating.

It also gave us the first official Malcolm and Edrisa meeting, and it was comedic gold. I'm not saying Edrisa has a new favorite Whitly or anything, since her crush on Malcolm is still very much alive. However, she and Malcolm had an instant connection as two doctors obsessed with their fields and death.

Think about all the fascinating discussions that they could have compared to the others. Edrisa was intrigued by The Surgeon and all of his knowledge, and it already speaks volumes that she had him on speakerphone while she was performing the autopsy.

If you don't think she saved the number, and those two won't be having some conversations down the road, then you're probably mistaken. It's so classic Edrisa to need reminding that the man she was geeking out with was a serial killer.

Gil: He killed 23 people.
Edrisa: Copy. Copy that.

Martin was a hell of an asset throughout the investigation, whether Malcolm and Gil wanted to admit it or not. But it was hilarious that Jerry was the one who ended up dead since I still believe Martin intended to kill him the first time.

Jerry was bragging way too much about how happy he was about his release and all of his plans. It did seem as if one of the others in the group was responsible for his death.

It was one of the most procedural-like hours of the series. The hour devoted a lot of time to the twists and turns of the investigation, and it introduced enough potential suspects that the killer reveal wasn't predictable.

You couldn't have a murder at Claremont without others suspecting Martin at least once, and Rhonda did a great job of shifting blame to Martin when Malcolm questioned her.

Malcolm: Here's the deal. I'll let you in on this case if you stop talking about that night and you promise not to see dad.
Ainsley: OK fine.
Malcolm: Hey, Gil.
Gil: There's been a murder at Claremont your father is a witness.
Martin: Malcolm, Malcolm can't wait to work with you, my boy! 

The therapist, Marsh, was also a solid suspect at first until they cleared things up. Jerry told everyone it was Marsh's work that saved him rather than Martin's ECT.

But it wasn't an insignificant throwaway, since thanks to Marsh, Martin knows about the Golden Key (how Willy Wonka) that unlocks all the doors and grants total access at Claremont versus collecting a bunch of multicolored keycards.

Hell, Martin even had one of those suckers in his hand and could have taken off had he not cared enough about Malcolm to save him from Rhonda. It was a setback for Martin, but something tells me he may actually pull off this escape sooner rather than later.

And when he does, Malcolm won't be the least bit surprised about it either. He noticed Martin eying the keycard when they were brainstorming about Jerry's death in Martin's cell, and he had to practically pry it from the man's hands when they were in the basement.

Lieutenant Arroyo, Gilly, this isn't a suicide. I was in therapy with Jerry just a few hours ago. All he could talk about was his impending freedom, and lobster, a man like that does not then go and kill himself does he? 


A Martin escape is imminent, and damn if I'm not ready for it. The potential of a father/son cat and mouse game is too good to pass up.

For the most part, the father-son duo worked well together, but they wouldn't be the Whitlys if they didn't have some angst along the way. Clearly, Malcolm needs to go back to therapy. The group baited him into baring his soul about his daddy issues with ease.

Malcolm's outburst had to be cathartic for him. With a group of mentally ill criminals, it's not surprising that they would wonder why Malcolm called the police on his own father.

Maybe it's a sign of how he's barely keeping it together, or perhaps it was a step toward improvement that he opened up about his father, but the scene was one of the best of the hour.

Hector: This is Malcolm? The son you're always talking about?
Martin: All good. I swear.
Hector: Dude got fired from the FBI, chopped a guy's hand off. Smashed his own with a hammer. 
Friar Pete: He has a thing with hands?
Hector; Bro, he's crazier than me.
Malcolm: I'm not sure that's true, Hector. You did gut your mother's boyfriend with a fire poker.

Malcolm feels like the only way he connected or bonded with his father is if Martin was grooming him to be like him. I love how the show captures the complexities of not only Malcolm's relationship with Martin but how he perceives him in the past and present.

Sometimes, we hear about Martin, the doting dad, and then others, we get the man whose real interest lay in bringing up a son like him. Any given day, Malcolm doesn't know how to feel about his childhood with Martin.

But when it comes down to discussing why he called the police on a man who once was his hero, he rationalizes it with Martin's misdeeds. Malcolm was defensive, and under any circumstances, he shouldn't have to, given what Martin has done and who he is, but he feels the need to do so anyway.

Malcolm is constantly grappling with feeling as if his father wants him to be the spitting image of him versus his innate fear that he is like his father.

Patient: I couldn't do that to my dad. You must've really hated him.
Malcolm: No, no. I loved him. I always wanted to be around him learn from him I wanted to be just like my dad until I found a girl in the box and realized he was a serial killer
.Friar Pete: That must've been really confusing for you as a child. 
Malcolm: He destroyed me.

But despite all of Martin's ways, his love for Malcolm comes through full-force. He was right when he told Malcolm that he could harbor so much resentment and anger toward Malcolm but doesn't. It's simmering under the surface based on his explosive outburst, but he doesn't give into it.

Martin can't let his son go. He had the perfect chance to escape when Rhonda was zapping the hell out of Malcolm, and he considered it but couldn't bring himself to do so.

And for all the things that Malcolm feels about his father, he knew Martin would save him if it came down to it and told Rhonda as much. His father is still the hero saving the day, as dads do.

Martin: Let's focus on the positives, shall we? 
Malcolm: There aren't any. You wanted to turn me into a monster. A monster like you! 

What did you make of Martin sizing up Dani? I mean, we knew he wouldn't do anything to her, but the urge was there, yes? And I commend Malcolm for calling for backup for a change, but why was it taking so long for Dani to do something to Rhonda?

Was she trying to get a visual or a better shot, or what? It seemed like one of those contrived moments for the sake of giving us the Martin/Dani scene more than anything else.

We also got some delicious Ainsley action, and I cannot be more excited about the fact that Jessica knows the truth now. Her kids had their story too straight, and it was more suspicious by the second.

No matter how much Ainsley and Malcolm tried to cover their tracks, it didn't work. It didn't help matters that Malcolm lied to both his sister and his mother at once, trying to manage who spoke to whom.

Martin: Try me, Jess. Ask me what you're too afraid to ask.
Jessica: The night the rug got ruined. It was the night Nicholas Endicott disappeared.
Martin: That's not a question. Ask the question.
Jessica: I can't.Martin: Good because it's ridiculous. Do you really think your children killed him, and what? Wrapped his body in a rug and shipped him to Estonia? 
Jessica: Okay, okay. Perhaps I was letting myself get carried away. 
Martin: Well, don't beat yourself up too much. They are my children too after all. Apples don't fall that far from the tree.

Jessica's delicious, I might add, conversation with Martin was another case of cat and mouse. Martin loved toying with Jessica. He knew the truth about what happened that night, but he refuted it while also giving her pause.

He loves to play both sides of things for his amusement, and he was a catalyst in Jessica figuring out the truth. I cannot believe she tore the living room apart, searching for signs of Endicott's murder.

And the fact that it came down to a spot of blood on a book is absurd. Malcolm could've pushed back against that, but it's evident he's tired of harboring this secret, and carrying it with Martin alone makes the burden harder.

It's not a surprise that Jessica's gut instinct was that Malcolm was the one who killed Endicott. Malcolm's challenges with his father and his identity are rooted in his personal fears, but it doesn't help matters when people see him that way, too, including his mother.

Jessica: Malcolm, what happened to Nicholas Endicott?
 Malcolm: I killed him.
Jessica: you're lying. 
Malcolm: I'm just trying to protect the family. Please believe me.
Jessica: It was Ainsley, wasn't it? She murdered him. No more lies. Tell me! 
Malcolm: She doesn't know. She doesn't remember anything. Please you can't tell her. I don't ... we might lose her.

But she quickly figured out that Malcolm was protecting Ainsley, and Malcolm admitted what many of our fans are suspecting -- that there's more to Ainsley. He's the most overt choice for mirroring his father. Ainsley is the one everyone sleeps on and never worries about with this.

So much for the "well-adjusted Whitly," right?

Malcolm thought he was protecting his sister, but he did her a disservice lying and trying to control her. He, better than anyone, should know how memories can drudge up and how awful it is to be in the dark.

He's a truth-seeker and knows Ainsley is one, so he's only delaying the inevitable, gaslighting his sister and damaging her in the process.

When you see your victim's blood for the first time, it's exhilarating like touching down in OZ for the first time. Everything is suddenly in color. 


She doesn't have anyone to talk to about that night, and Malcolm won't' even discuss things with her. Cutting her off from Martin alienates her. Repressing things may be Malcolm's coping mechanism of choice, but it's unfair of him to project that on Ainsley.

Everything he did to shelter Ainsley has backfired; he's driven her deeper into everything instead.

Ainsley's idea of getting back out there is doing another story on her father. And maybe that's the pretense for her sitting in his office and reading all of his journals.

But there's an allure there for Ainsley. Like a moth to a flame, she's not inclined to fight off the magnetic quality her father has and getting to know him better. She'll go full-force into it.

Martin: We can always run down a few suspects. Play good cop, bad cop, predatory psychopath. 
Gil: We're not here to discuss case strategy. You're a witness.
Martin: Why can't I be a peer? You've shown so much affection to my son and my wife. Why no love for the man who actually gave you your career?

I think Malcolm knows that, and it's why he's so worried about Ainsley and what it may mean if she does figure things out. He's scared of a truth where Ainsley is anything like his father.

Jessica is afraid, too. You could see the concern and fear all over her face when Ainsley came into her room after having a bad dream.

Once again, Jessica was sleeping beside a killer, for like, the third time in her life. Honestly, the woman has the worst luck.

The clock is ticking down before Ainsley remembers the truth of what happened, and heaven only knows what will happen when she does -- how she'll react.

Malcolm: Jerry's release may have triggered abandonment anxiety in his fellow patients. We all experience it when someone gets engaged or promoted instead of us.
Edrisa: Like my friend who kept posting photos of her wedding in the Galapagos. Like, we get it, Carly. You saw some turtles, and you married my high school boyfriend.

And if they've found Endicott's body in Estonia, and there was a drop of blood in the living room, the potential for this house of cards collapsing all around them is strong.

Circle Time:

  • The person who came up with the scene of Martin's regimen set to Survivor deserves all the good things. Also, no matter how many times Malcolm swears he isn't like his dad, they sure do mirror each other often, don't they?
  • Can we get more Edrisa and Martin? They're superior. You know Edrisa is somewhere bragging about her new friend being the notorious Martin Whitly. Carly and her Galapagos wedding can suck it!
  • Michael Sheen is a gosh damn force. He stole the entire hour, hands down. He also had so many quotable moments with fantastic delivery. I mean, "Second, who's Rhonda?" Superb. 
  • Based on live-tweets during Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 3, Frank Harts' absence was probably due to quarantine as a safety precaution. I wish we got an update on the baby, though.
  • Hector finally met the guy Martin forces him to roleplay, and he milked it for everything it was worth.
  • Mr. David not only got a line or two in, but he also has jokes. You can't convince me he wasn't seconds away from a "White Men Can't Jump" crack when Martin was shooting hoops.
  • When will Jessica and Gil get their sh!t together?! - Please, let Dark Ainsley rise!

Malcolm's process of elimination to get to Rhonda and Dani being impressed was awesome. 

Over to you, Prodigal Son Fanatics. The truth is out. What are your predictions now? Hit the comments below. You can watch Prodigal Son online here via TV Fanatic. 

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/02/prodigal-son-season-2-episode-4-review-take-your-father-to-work/


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  29. Which of the following is an organ of the United Nations Organization (UNO)

  30. Assembly of Heads of State
    Council of Ministers
    The Security Council

  31. The first agent of political socialization is the

  32. School
    Mass media

  33. Baron Montesquieu was noted for the theory of

  34. Rule of law
    Separation of power
    Delegated legislation

  35. Political sovereignty in the state resides with the

  36. Executive
    National assembly

  37. A political system in which there is only one source of authority in a state is

  38. Confederal

  39. Which of the following best describes an absolute monarch

  40. He wields the supreme power in a state
    He is elected by an electoral college
    He has a fixed tenure of office

  41. Judicial independence means that the courts are independent of the

  42. Civil service and the bar
    Executive and the legislature
    Legislature and the Ministry of Justice

  43. A citizen expresses loyalty to his nation by

  44. Participating in sports
    Supporting political parties
    Singing the national anthem when required

  45. A citizen can participate in the politics of his country by

  46. Acquiring university education
    Attending international meetings
    Contesting for an elective post

  47. The office of the ombudsman is created to act as

  48. Spy for government
    An agency to redress maladministration
    Regulator of government activities

  49. A constitution that has special rules for its amendment is said to be

  50. Written

Civic Education OBJ Practice

Test how far you have learned your Civic Education Topics...
  1. Nigeria is a

  2. 1999

  3. Franchise means the right to

  4. Contest for political post
    Join association

  5. Citizens who are legally qualified to vote form

  6. The electorates
    The constituency
    The executive council

  7. Who amongst the following personalities has never been INEC chairman

  8. Dr. Abel Guobadia
    Prof. Humphrey Nwosu
    Prof. Attahiru Jega

  9. One of the ways to ensure free and fair election is to

  10. Allow parties to campaign on election day
    Guarantee the security of electoral materials
    Appoint a politician as the chairman of the electoral commission

  11. One of the aims of citizenship education is to produce students with

  12. High sense of patriotism
    Creative skills
    Manipulative skills

  13. Victims of human trafficking are usually compelled to engage in

  14. Lucrative employment
    Visiting tourist sites
    Forced labour

  15. Negative behavior includes the following except

  16. Ostentation living
    Living within our means

  17. Inflation of figures, bad town planning and prohibitive religious beliefs are

  18. Modern day behavior pattern
    Problem of road construction pattern
    Bad behavioral patterns

  19. Civic education is the study of

  20. Activities of government
    Animals in the community
    Primary and secondary schools

  21. Which of the following is not a factor that promotes good values in the society

  22. Dishonesty

  23. Standards, rules and criteria that influence and determine how individual behave in the society is

  24. Attitude

  25. Nigeria is a

  26. Colonial state

  27. Which of the following is not a characteristic of federalism

  28. Two houses of legislature
    Power sharing between central, state and local government
    Power resides at the central government

  29. Who among the following is associated with the concept of the rule of law

  30. Jean Bodin
    Baron Montesquieu

  31. Consumer responsibilities indicates

  32. Franchise
    Making noise in the market
    Things ought to be done by the consumer

  33. Among other things, a consumer's right is

  34. Right to respect the environment
    Right to speak out
    Right to consumer education

  35. Which one is not a pillar of democracy

  36. Democratic institution
    Fraudulent election

  37. Two-party system is one among the features of the following

  38. 1999 Constitution
    1989 Constitution
    1979 Constitution

  39. The origin of democracy is traceable to or associated with

  40. Egyptians
    Roman Empire
    Ancient Greeks

Bookkeeping Account Obj

  1. When a shareholder fails to pay the calls requested from him this situation leads to

  2. right issues
    forfeiture of share
    bonus share

  3. Which of the following is not a petty cash book item

  4. purchase of machinery
    purchase of stamp
    purchase of milk

  5. Into how many major types can general purpose computer be classified

  6. three

  7. A sale of goods to Audu was not posted. This is an error of

  8. principle

  9. The total share capital which a company would be allowed to issue is known as

  10. authorized share capital
    working capital
    fixed capital

  11. Which of the following is not a unit of the computer

  12. console

  13. Computer programmes are

  14. micro processor

  15. A statement that measures the performance of a business over a period of time is the

  16. profit and loss account
    balance sheet
    bank statement

  17. Which of the following is the basis of accounting in public service

  18. cash

  19. An expense is said to be revenue in nature if it

  20. reduces the capital of the business
    adds or contributes to the operating income of the business
    adds to or improves the value of fixed assets

  21. Which of the following is not correct

  22. credit purchases are entered on the debit side of the customers personal account
    returns inwards are entered on the credit side of the supplier's personal account
    returns outwards are entered on the debit side of the supplier's account

  23. When discount is allowed the accounting entry is debit discount allowed and credit

  24. expenses account
    debtors account
    suspense account

  25. When partners maintain fixed capital accounts the correct entries for a partner's share of profit

  26. debit profit and loss account credit current account,
    debit profit and loss appropriation account credit capital account
    debit current account credit capital account

  27. The excess of current assets over current liabilities is

  28. working capital
    loan capital
    preference capital

  29. Goodwill is taken into account in partnership when

  30. a partner becomes dominant
    a new partner is admitted
    the business is making huge profit

  31. The excess of current assets over current liabilities is

  32. preference capital
    working capital
    loan capital

  33. A class of preference shares in which dividend rights are carried forward is

  34. cumulative

  35. When both debit and credit entries in respect of a transaction are made in the same ledger account

  36. this is a folio entry
    this is a ledger entry
    this is a centra entry

  37. A business operates on a markup of 25%. If cost of goods sold is #800000. What is the profit

  38. #40000

  39. If #280000 capital turns #485000 at year end and year drawings was #15000; find year profit

  40. #190000

English Language OBJ Practice

The below English language questions are fill in the gap
  1. The exercise presented us with a lot of problems but later it was all_____

  2. Plain

  3. All the cattle on Lamidi's farm _____

  4. Is tick-free
    Are tick-free
    Is ticks-free

  5. _______ been no official reaction to your request yet

  6. There's

  7. Kunle was annoyed for arriving late ______

  8. Also Kemi's rather insolent manner
    Also that Kemi's insolent manner
    And Kemi's rather insolent manner also

  9. Those men helped Dupe and _______

  10. Myself

  11. You can stay here _______ as you are quiet

  12. As long
    So long
    In as much

  13. The Emir and conqueror of the enemy territories _________ next week

  14. Arrives
    Are to arrive

  15. He was ________ by the trickster

  16. Assisted

  17. ______ woman was attacked by a group of bandits

  18. A 90-years old
    A 90-year-old
    A 90 year-old

  19. He was angry with me ________ being treated nonchalantly

  20. For

  21. The teacher with his wife ______ here

  22. Was
    Were to be

  23. ______ he would have been convicted

  24. If he could do this
    If he had done this
    If he did this

  25. What saved her was that she _______ to the side of the boat

  26. Had clinged

  27. When we visited him, he offered us a variety of _______

  28. Hot

  29. The exercise will be easily accomplished by the team if members _______ their ______

  30. Poor/resources together

  31. I have decided to ________ drinking alcohol for health reasons

  32. Abandon
    Give up

  33. I would like to ________ my father to Kaduna

  34. Accompany

  35. One ________ be too careful these days; times are uncertain and walls have ears

  36. Can't
    Need not

  37. I shall never be so tired _______ to write to you

  38. Such that I will be unable
    As not to be able
    That I shan't be able

  39. As you have been here before ________ lead the way

  40. You would better
    It is you who will
    You'd better

  41. My brother got married to a woman with ______

  42. Gorgeous

  43. The thief we caught yesterday was ________ manner

  44. Disguised

  45. The carpenter asked for ten packets of ________ nails

  46. Fifteen centimetres'

  47. The President refused to shake ______ with the visiting Prime Minister

  48. Hand
    His hand

  49. The trader companied that he ________ robbed

  50. Had been
    Has been
    Is being

Geography OBJ

  1. "Houses are far apart from one another. They are commonly connected by foot path" this description refers to.

  2. Despersed settlement
    Ribbon settlement
    Urban settlement

  3. An area is said to be overpopulated if

  4. It has more people than its developed physical and human resources can support
    There is not enough food to cater for the population
    There is rural urban migration

  5. Ports that specialize in receiving and redistributing goods to neighboring countries are

  6. River ports
    Inland ports
    Entre ports

  7. The major causes of change in population size are

  8. Birth, marriage and death
    Birth, accident and death
    Birth, death and migration

  9. The greatest problem associated with cattle rearing in west Africa is

  10. The presence of tsetse fly
    Inadequate capital
    Insufficient market

  11. Which of these African countries is noted for lumbering

  12. Uganda

  13. Which of the following is not a favor of land transport to the economic development of any country

  14. Generation of income
    Diffusion of idea and innovation
    Depopulation of urban centres

  15. One of the functions performed by rural settlements for urban settlement is the provisions

  16. Of employment
    Of manufactured goods
    Of agricultural products

  17. Which of the following is the major benefit of international trade

  18. Stabilization of price
    Free movement of people across borders
    Revenue generation

  19. Perishable goods; items of high unit value (gold, diamond) are best transported by

  20. Rail

  21. Which type of rock are quartzite, schist and mable

  22. Igneous

  23. The process of headward erosion will lead to the formation of

  24. Alluvial cones
    Pot holes
    River capture

  25. The nearest planet to the sun is the

  26. Mercury

  27. The longitude that joins longitude 180° at opposite side of the globe to form Great Circle

  28. Longitude 0°
    Longitude 170° W
    Longitude 30° E

  29. The part of the earth's crust that is covered by oceans and sea is called

  30. Ionosphere

  31. Which of the following lines of latitudes divides the earth into two hemispheres

  32. Tropic of cancer
    Antarctic circle
    The equator

  33. In which part of the atmosphere does rain clouds develop

  34. Troposphere

  35. An example of an organically formed sedimentary rock is

  36. Rock salt

  37. Sills, dykes and batholiths are examples of

  38. Extrusive volcanic landform
    Intrusive volcanic landform
    Landforms from earthquake

  39. An advantage of air transport in the world is its

  40. High patronage
    Speedy movement of goods and passengers
    Ability to carry bulky goods

Biology Question Test 1

  1. Which of the following is not a courtship behavior exhibited by animals?

  2. A. pairing
    B. Hibernation
    C. display

  3. The process whereby micro-organisms convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogenous compound is known as

  4. A. nitrogen fixation
    B. Putrefaction
    C. nitrogen cycle

  5. Which of the following organisms reduces nitrates in the soil to gaseous nitrogen

  6. A. nitrifying bacterium
    B. Parasitic mould
    C. Denitrifying bacterium

  7. Which of the following mineral salts is a trace element?

  8. A. hydrogen
    B. Carbon
    C. zinc

  9. A climax community is characterized by

  10. A. constant change in appearance of the habitat
    B. Gradual change in animal population
    C. A stable composition of plants and animals species

  11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of overcrowding in plant and animal community

  12. A. population outstripping available space
    B. Increase in primary production
    C. Population exceeding available food

  13. The use of predators or parasites to control pests in the farm is known as

  14. A. predator control
    B. Animal control
    C. Biological control

  15. Which of the following substances cannot control the growth of harmful microorganisms

  16. A. disinfectants
    B. Antibiotics
    C. Isotonic sugar solution

  17. Which of the following is the underlining principle in the adoption of biological control of pests

  18. A. the predator-prey relationship in the ecologically community
    B. The presence of poisonous chemicals in the farm
    C. Relationship between plants and animals

  19. The largest game reserve in Nigeria is the

  20. A. Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State
    B. Oban Hills Game Reserve in Cross River State
    C. Zamfara Forest Reserve in Sokoto State

History And Philosophy Question Test 1

  1. ____ is the science for practical and efficiency

  2. A. entomology
    B. technology
    C. gerontology

  3. Michael Faraday studied ____

  4. A. Electricity and magnetism
    B. Engineering and innovation
    C. Aviation and movement

  5. Thomas Edison invented ____

  6. A. telephone
    B. badminton
    C. Electric light bulb

  7. First cosmology to give rational account of all physical phenomena was devised by

  8. A. Galileo Galilee
    B. Henry the Tudor
    C. Aristotle

  9. The Sumerians develop metallurgy and the use of ____

  10. A. compass
    B. Lunar calendar
    C. calculator

  11. Sir Isaac Newton formulated the law of universal gravitation

  12. A. fallacy
    B. certain
    C. dilemma

  13. Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 B.C.) pioneered the science of

  14. A. transportation
    B. horoscope
    C. mechanics

  15. ____ studied the chemistry of gases and and the nature of respiration and combustion

  16. A. Jack Doreen
    B. Karl Max
    C. Robert Hooke

  17. Classic learning vanished from Europe during

  18. A. Dark age
    B. Modern age
    C. Renaissance age

  19. The first periodic table of chemical elements were compiled by

  20. A. Dmitri Mendeleyev
    B. Charles Darwin
    C. Nicholas Copernicus

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