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Poor Cordell continued to seek some degree of normalcy in his life.

But the ground kept shifting under his feet on Walker Season 1 Episode 4.

This was the episode in which Emily's ghost haunted Walker the least. 

But Abilene complaining about Bonham's snoring resonated with him, because Emily used to snore, and he broke down.

Cordell was having a rocky time reintegrating himself into his children's and family's lives at home and the Rangers at work.

He wasn't the only one making transitions.

His partner Micki was feeling the pressure of being "the only."

As in "the only Latina" Texas Ranger, surrounded largely by white men of various ages.

So the last thing she wanted was to be made the poster girl for progressiveness among the Rangers. But that's exactly what Captain James, who had to be the only black commander in the Rangers, did to her.

He meant well, as part of his effort to promote people of color within the Rangers. 

But we found out something about Micki. For all her tough talk, she's an introverted graphic artist who created her own Latina heroine. She wasn't looking to be that superhero, however.

Fortunately, she had hunky Trey in her corner. He pointed out all the good she could do for her people with her new position.

Then she went out and did exactly that.

Something stunk to her about the open-and-shut case of former gangbanger Enzo murdering the oil man Harlan. Things weren't adding up for her and it didn't take much to get Walker to go off the books with her.

Micki and Cordell are proving to be a pairing with effective chemistry.

He may be returning to the field with the Rangers but he appears to be just as much a rookie as her. His work world has changed, with his partner now his boss and the political landscape having shifted.

Walker's trying overly hard to connect with Micki. She remembers the drunk she met back on Walker Season 1 Episode 1 and fears that he may cause her ascendance to fail.

Also his head's not totally in the game, with all that's going on on his home front.

So while he's open, she's cautious. But she's coming around, playfully lashing him with her acid tongue.

Trey certainly played matchmaker between the two, slipping Walker intel about Micki for her own good.

Despite being several years her senior, Cordell was willing to follow Micki's gut because, well, that's what partners do.

Her artistic talents actually cracked the case open as her sketches helped her to realize that Enzo was Harlan's illegitimate son.

The cops' version of the old gang member snapping and killing his longtime boss for no discernible reason also didn't ring true to her.

After meeting Harlan's annoying, spoiled children, it was easy to see why he left his estate to Enzo.

And the condescending, good-old-boy sheriff, who was having an affair with Harlan's widow, just made for a great villain in the end.

Trey even found gainful employment so he can continue to hang around.

Cordell also continued to struggle on the homefront.

He discovered that things haven't been idyllic between his parents for some time, going back to the time when he had checked for his undercover assignment.

Liam confirmed what the letters Abby had received from Gary had suggested. So he confronted her about what's going on now and she bluntly shut him down.

Also, who is this Shane, who seemed to have some kind of cordial relationship with both Abilene and Bonham? You don't bring in Jeffrey Nordling for a one-off.

And single dad Walker still isn't connecting with either of his teens, no matter how hard he tries.

Stella continues to be a handful, largely because she cares fiercely and openly, unlike her father. She's a wild horse like the one she helped capture.

She blamed herself for putting her best friend Isabella and her family in a tough spot, facing deportation. That's why she pushed Liam so hard to help them, even if that's something beyond his control.

Now she has met cute-boy Trevor, destined to drive Cordell crazy. How perfectly Romeo and Juliet: the Ranger's daughter and the inmate's son.

That promises to cause trouble sooner rather than later.

Also, Auggie, the good child, has opened Pandora's (work) box.

Not enough that he delivered a roll of film taken while Walker was on an undercover assignment. Then he accused Cordell of being happier when he was away from his family.

If only his happiness could make it all the way to his face. Still, Jared Padalecki has emoted more already than Chuck Norris did for the entire eight-season first run of Walker. Not that that's a high bar.

Then Auggie made the mistake of texting the mysterious woman in the photo, painting a target of Walker's undercover persona.

As a result, it appears that Cordell will have to go back undercover on Walker Season 1 Episode 5, upsetting his fragile equilibrium again.

Will he have to start all over when he gets back? Let's hope not.

To follow Cordell's growth, watch Walker online.

How have you enjoyed Micki's storyline?

What happened between Bonham and Abilene?

What other pitfalls await Walker?

Comment below.

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