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Why can't a woman have it all?

Diane Neal and Tamera Tunie aren't the only Law & Order: SVU alum to grace the screen in Ann Rule-inspired films this month.

Stephanie March is joining the fray of the Ripped from the Headlines slate of movies that will have you glued to the screen with A House on Fire.

A House on Fire, Lifetime's latest true-crime book-to-screen film, is based on the Ann Rule novel Bitter Harvest.

March plays esteemed doctor and mother Deborah Green. On the surface, she couldn't be happier with her life.

It's everything that a person would desire. She has a thriving career, a successful husband, who is also in the medical field, a lovely home, and children.

It appears as if she's living the American dream, but of course, nothing is ever as it seems behind closed doors.

Deborah's marriage to her husband (Shaun Benson) is rocky at best. She grows jealous and resentful of his successful medical career and his easygoing, charismatic demeanor that draws people in and leads to a happy, healthy, and fun social life that Deborah can't quite manage.

Deborah's bedside manner is far from desirable or appealing, and she doesn't exactly play well with others when it comes to befriending her colleagues.

On top of that, Deborah has an issue with pills and alcohol that leaves her husband concerned.

Eventually, Deborah realizes that her professional, social, personal life and marriage are falling apart.

Lifetime granted us a sneak peek at the family and psychological drama.

In the clip, Deborah and her husband, Mike, disagree after she finds him searching her nightstand.

Mike flat out asks her if she's on drugs and states that some of their fellow doctors have suspected she's gone to work under the influence.

What ensues is an argument about their lives and their wants. Mike appears to be content with the life that they have, and he truly believes that any of his successes and wins are hers as well.

Deborah is frustrated that she has to manage all the other parts of their life with no help, such as tending to the house and looking after their kids.

From the sounds of things, Deborah doesn't feel as fulfilled in her perfect life as everyone thinks, and she longs for bigger successes that match those of her husband.

You get the sense that it's an argument the couple often has.

Deborah's reaction at the end of the clip raises a few brows when you consider what started this argument in the first place.

A House on Fire airs March 13 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

You can also tune in at 10/9c to Beyond The Headlines: Mental Health Myths and Misconceptions, a documentary that touches upon some of the subject matter explored in the film.

Check out the clip below and hit the comments with your thoughts!

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