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If you ever wanted a Charmed episode that pulled inspiration from the horror genre and psychological thrillers, you are in luck.

The sisters entered the monster prison world, accurately named the Tomb of Chaos, on Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 7. It was a necessary experience for them to learn more about the looming threat they face.

Though it moved a bit slow at times, the hour showed the characters and the audience exactly what this prison world is like. Plus, it was fun to watch Macy, Mel, and Maggie navigate the world through the lens of chaos.

I have to applaud the extraordinary camera angles and cinematography throughout the episode because it truly gave it the feel of a horror movie.

It was a brilliant move to show the discomfort of the characters and put the audience on edge as well. But that is what the Tomb of Chaos was all about. It was made to drive its prisoners mad.

You got to be ready for the tick-tick-boom.


Maggie was the one who lost her mind the most out of all the sisters. It's fair to say that since she entered the tomb before Macy and Mel, her mental state was the most damaged.

She felt like she was trapped in there for around forty-two days. Thankfully, it was actually only for four hours, but it would have been nice to see her perceived time in the prison world have more of an effect on Maggie.

We know she suffers from panic attacks, and this would've been the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into that side of her character.

Maggie seemed to recover quite quickly after her memories came back.

Now, this could just be how the fifth dimension works. But it felt more like an easy way out for the show since the sisters and the monsters appear to be sane once leaving the prison.

Macy: It's the perfect prison. The inmates don't try to get out because they don't even realize they're trapped. It's like our memories were used to build this place, somehow.
Mel: But when Maggie was alone, she started to lose her memory. So, we have to stick together. No matter what.
Maggie: Classic horror movie role. I like it.
Mel: I just wish you could remember the spell we need. Or whatever got us into this tomb of chaos.

It's hard to imagine that whoever took the time to build the Tomb of Chaos didn't put in a safeguard in case any of the prisoners escaped.

Then again, there is still a lot that we do not know, especially regarding the beings behind it all.

But now that the Charmed Ones know how to enter the prison world and escape it, they are, hopefully, on their way to solving the mystery.

They know how the Tomb of Chaos works and what it looks like, they just need to find out the who and why.

Whoever created it has to be quite powerful. While it does have its glitches, the ancient monster prison world serves its purpose and runs efficiently. To put it shortly, it is impressive.

If it weren't for Macy, Mel, and Maggie accidentally tearing open the door between dimensions, the monsters would have suffered in peace without anyone knowing.

And maybe if the sisters hadn't done so, there wouldn't be glitches.

The creator, or creators, behind the prison are going to be mad once they find out that the world they created is coming apart at the seams. But their identity and their motives remain unsolved.

The mystery of this new magical threat is quite intriguing.

And while it feels like we are slowly being spoon-fed information at times, that doesn't mean we aren't hooked by the story.

On the positive side, I'm not alone. On the negative side, I am not alone.


The Tomb of Chaos is a new kind of mythology that the writers are bringing to the show. And from what he have seen so far, the plot is bound to get even more interesting as the show continues.

Since this episode was full of build-up regarding the story, we just hope that there is also an epic payoff waiting for us on the upcoming installments of Charmed (2018) Season 3.

Since this is Charmed (2018), the sisters were forced to confront their personal problems while navigating the magical world.

Both Macy and Mel struggled with workplace conflicts, while Maggie was still trying to make sense of the premonition she received of Antonio on Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 6. Well, she was trying to ignore it, but there was little progress to that story.

This is supposed to be the Year of Me. Not the year of me focusing on yet another guy.


Macy's quest to add a nonprofit legal clinic hasn't felt like an important story on recent episodes, so it was fine that it was resolved quickly.

On the other hand, the tension between Mel and her dean was too prominent of a plotline to be continued and sorted out through a memory in a prison world.

We doubt that we have seen the last of the dean, but, for right now, it all just seems too good to be true.

All in all, it was nice to see the Charmed Ones work together, just the three of them, on "Witch Way Out." They entered the prison world separately, and a bit at odds, but they exited as a united front.

Since the show is about them and their connections to each other, we would never turn down a sisterly trip to the fifth dimension.

But, from here on out, the show has to pick up the pace.

You haven't failed. You just haven't succeeded yet.


We need to find out more about the origins of the Tomb of Chaos, and we are dying to discover how it ties into their allergy to magical beings.

And, if I could make one small request, I want to see them use their active powers on a regular basis. They are witches, after all!

What did you think, Charmed Fanatics?

Did you enjoy the sisters' journey in the Tomb of Chaos? Are you dying to know who is behind all of it? Do you think the mysterious dean has anything to do with it?

And how do you feel about Antonio as a potential love interest for Maggie?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Charmed (2018) online right here via TV Fanatic!

Charmed (2018) airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

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