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It was bottle episode time as the season squeezed in some The Fosters goodness for the long-time fans.

Some of the Fosters were back on Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 4 for one of the tried and true awkward family gatherings between the Foster-Adams and the Hunters.

It went about as well as you'd expect, including the official dissolution of Callie and Jamie.

It was a mostly fun hour save for those heart-tugging moments of Carter coming out to his father and Stef and Lena choosing to foster again.

As customary for both clans, everyone harbored some secrets they wanted to keep, and they were all exposed by the end of the hour. The Hunters are notoriously a lot to deal with when the Fosters spend time with them, and this latest familial event, once again celebrating Brandon and Eliza, was no exception.

Jim Hunter comes across as a dick more often than not, so it wasn't surprising that he managed to step in it a million times during this installment.

He's headstrong and steadfast in his beliefs and opinion, and he prefers to impose his way on his family at every turn while delighting in goading the Fosters into arguing with him.

They're such vastly different families, politically, culturally, socioeconomically, and there isn't a time when the two families are together when that isn't on full display.

Diane's Dutch-themed going away party was the type of outlandish absurdity that belies the wealthy housewife who is out of touch.

No, you have to go were already here. Who cares who knows what and what anyone thinks? We're two grown-ass women we don't have to answer to anyone. But FYI, don't tell moms or anyone that I'm dating Evan.


Of course, she would want everyone to dress up for the affair, and naturally, everyone had to indulge her as she went all out with food, music, and more.

What's interesting about Diane is despite her "Kareness," you can sense that she has enjoyed a whole new world that has opened up to her since being part of the Foster Adams' lives.

Diane misspeaks often; her comment about how enlightening it was washing the feet of the homeless was cringeworthy and classic Diane, but she's more aware of the world around her and how her husband comes across.

Jim is a handful, and it irked Diane every time he prodded and instigated, refusing to let them have a nice dinner without making others uncomfortable.

His insistence that they get into politics and other controversial discussions as Jamie's work status and more spilled at the table and drove the kids to text each other underneath the table.

Mariana, living up to her reputation of being a big mouth, spilled so many secrets, blindsiding people left and right. Her moms had to find out that she and Callie quit their jobs because of her attempt at smoothing things over when Jamie told his father that he did.

Carter revealed that he wanted to transfer to UCLA (to be with Jude), and Jim almost had a conniption, shutting it down.

Callie couldn't wait to get off her chest that guards beat Jerod in prison, and Jamie looked rightfully disturbed by that. Meanwhile, none of the parents knew that the homeless man that attacked Callie did it at Jamie's apartment.

Jim: Mariana, so did you quit? Didn't you just run an app? That activist thing, what was it called?
Mariana: It was overrun by white supremacists.
Jim: Anyone I know? I am kidding, of course.  

Jim was shocked to find out that Jamie considers himself an Independent now.

Amid all of this was Connor's welcome return as a cater company employee. The chemistry between him and Jude sizzled so much poor Carter was spiraling.

Brandon and Eliza couldn't even share their news because of the other drama firing off on all pistols.

It was too much for all and drove the Foster family to hide out in a bathroom somewhere just for a breather.

Lena: Should we worry about our kids being quitters? 
Stef: Quitters. What are you talking about?
Lena: Callie has quit two jobs in the last six months and a relationship. Mariana has quit her job, Brandon quit his internship tp go with Eliza. Is it just a Millennial thing?
Stef: Millennials or Gen Z's?
Lena: I have no idea.

Lena pondered if their kids were quitters and wondered if it was maybe a generational thing, and even though it was a setup for a funny Gen Y/Gen Z joke, there's some validity to that.

Older generations would perceive what Callie and the others are doing as "quitting," but it's more like younger generations are less inclined to put up with anything for the sake of their job.

Mariana refusing to put up with the limiting and toxic work environment at Speckulate that subjected her to bigotry and inequity doesn't make her a quitter.

Callie pursuing her passion as she figures out what parts of law she wants to work within doesn't make her one, either. Neither does Brandon making a rational choice of putting Eliza's promising career ahead of his fledgling one or Jamie making his best choice given his position.

Diane: So how do you know Connor?
Mariana: He was Jude's first boyfriend

The tension between Jamie and Callie was thick, and many of the other parties wondered what could've transpired between the two.

To Jamie's credit, he didn't reveal the real reason he left his firm. He was willing to put up with Jim's disapproval and more to spare Callie. He lost his job and his path toward partner because of her. He quit with a nice deal to avoid getting fired and further ruin.

He has every right in the world to be bitter about that. And then he found out that Callie isn't even in the same job anymore.

As the day progressed and they thawed toward each other, the possibility of them working things out was right within reach. They still have great chemistry.

They still love each other. The two choosing to fall into each other's arms and bed was inevitable.

But then so was their disagreement. Callie concluded that she didn't feel bad enough to change anything about what happened to Jamie. She felt what she did was right, and that was the end of it.

And Jamie felt like Callie couldn't compromise anything and put him first. They are at an impasse.

It's frustrating, though. Because if it came down to picking sides regarding their relationship, politics aside, Jamie is the most sympathetic one here.

Jamie: Please dad, not now.
Jim: Why not? You were a proud Republican.
Jamie: I'm actually an Independent now.

Callie still insists that she can't compromise her morals just to be with him, and the crazy thing is he never asked nor expected her to do that.

But she has always expected him to compromise and bend to her will. Jamie is an Independent now because of her; while that is favorable and aligns better with what we know and have seen of him, there's something so off-putting about him needing to make that shift to appear better in her or the viewers' eyes.

He dropped the charges against Jerod because of what she told him and how it can help in the end. Again, while it's a favorable outcome and helps, Jamie never has space to simply do what he feels is right or suits him without getting shamed or guilt-tripped into Callie's way.

From what we've seen in their relationship, he makes all the changes and the compromises, and she gets upset at the times when he doesn't and plays long-suffering girlfriend who had to dim her light to be with him, and what Callie says about that and what we have seen don't line up.

If Callie shouldn't have to compromise her morals to be with him, then why does he? If she believed that is what she's been doing this entire time just to love him, then what a slap in the face that is to Jamie. It shouldn't have to be this hard.

They're different, yes, but they've never contrasted each other where it was insurmountable.

Their final (?) breakup scene felt like yet another moment that served as some grand Callie empowerment move that we're all supposed to celebrate, but it left me cold and annoyed again.

Callie and Jamie don't have to be together; that's fine, but this thing where their relationship becomes so black and white and always tips into Callie's favor no matter what she does is bothersome.

Jude: Connor! What are you doing here?
Connor: I'm working the party.

For the sole crime of being a corporate attorney and loving Callie, Jamie's life and career blew up, and I guess we're not supposed to care because Callie's calling matters more. Brandon and Eliza are still going strong; they are making their marriage work for them even if it's not what Jim likes.

Adult married Brandon still isn't interesting, and he and Eliza have zero chemistry, but whatever. Their big news wasn't a baby announcement, so thank heavens for that.

Instead, the Amsterdam program rescinded the offer to Eliza, so now she gets to sit back while Brandon pursues his new job there.

It makes perfect sense. It's also fair since Brandon made sacrifices for her dreams and success.

Jim didn't get that, and it makes no sense that he wants Brandon to put Eliza's musical career first while also riding his case for being some "loser" who isn't amounting to anything.

At least Jim got his act together in time to confirm that he still plans on visiting them in Amsterdam even if Eliza isn't performing there.

Nevertheless, Jim's initial conversations with his wife about Carter were disheartening.

You could tell that he and Diane's relationship hit a rough patch, and part of that is probably because of Jim's treatment of their kids.

Jim: So do you think there's any connection between Carter transferring to UCLA and his friendship with Jude?
Diane: I don know. Maybe. 
Jim: Well, did you have any gay friends in college?
Diane: What are you getting at?
Jim: Do you think Carter might be gay?
Diane: And would it matter if he was?
Jim: Yes, it would. It would matter a lot.

Jim is a smart guy, and he picked up that Carter is involved with Jude. Jim has suspected that Carter is gay for a while, but he hasn't exactly welcomed it.

Because of that, Carter was stuck in the closet and a dark place until he met Jude. Jude accepted that Carter needed time, but Connor's appearance made Carter feel insecure.

Connor is Jude's first love, and it was so great to see him again! Sorry to say that Carter had reason to feel down about Connor's presence because the sparks between him and Jude were flying.

Hell, I forgot about Carter and was too wrapped up in this long-awaited reunion.

Connor: So, you and Carter, are you guys like a thing?
Jude: Yeah, but he's not out to his parents yet.
Connor: That's rough. I remember how hard that was for me, and I couldn't have done it without you. 

In a fairy-tale world, the two could rekindle their romantic relationship, but in reality, Jude is with Carter, and they're happy.

Not even Connor changes that. They shared a goodbye kiss, and while it hurt to see Carter so torn up about catching it, it did lead to that beautiful scene between Carter and Jim.

Jim didn't think about his feelings on homosexuality or what that means for his family or says about Carter when he faced his hurt son.

All Jim thought about was how Carter was hurting, and the fear of Jim's response if he told him the truth only caused him more pain.

Jim took the initiative in gently clarifying, and you could see the weight lifted off of Carter's shoulders as he cried into his father's arms about the guy he loves and was terrified of losing.

Jude was right about his and Carter's relationship, and I'm glad he took the time to clarify what he meant when he expressed wariness over Carter transferring to the same college.

Jude doesn't and shouldn't be Carter's only reason for making such a huge decision. It only leads to resentment and regrets later.

Carter is sweet, but he doesn't have much experience figuring himself out and doing what he feels is best for himself. He's spent his entire life trying to appease other people.

For future reference, there is a guest house outside. That's usually where I hide.


NYU is a great choice for him. He can come into his own.

And staying in the States and looking after Kamiyah is the right choice for Stef and Lena. Parenthood suits them, and there is no way their nest would stay empty for long.

They're amazing parents, and it's their calling.

It's sweet that Corey still keeps in touch and spends time with them even though he lives with his mom now. Taking in Corey's little sister means he can still spend time with her, and she'll be in a loving home with two adoring moms.

Lena: Should we worry about our kids being quitters? 
Stef: Quitters. What are you talking about?
Lena: Callie has quit two jobs in the last six months and a relationship. Mariana has quit her job, Brandon quit his internship tp go with Eliza. Is it just a Millennial thing?
Stef: Millennials or Gen Z's?
Lena: I have no idea.

Corey didn't want them to feel pressured, so he refused to tell them about Kamiyah, but it was always going to end like this. Lena didn't want Stef to leave. Stef didn't seem excited about going, and they both love taking care of kids too much.

It was killing them that so much was going on with their kids that they didn't know.

It wasn't even up for debate or discussion. Stef already knew they were saying yes. And she made a good point about their lost Frankie being around the same age.

Moms are going to mom.

Over to you, Good Trouble Fanatics. What are your thoughts on Callie and Jamie? Did you love the Jonnor reunion? HIt the comments below!

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