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There's been no shortage of potential love interests for Nancy on Nancy Drew, but for some reason, none of them seemed to click. There was always something missing that made it hard to get on board with any of her romances, and we may have discovered the reason. 

Nancy's relationship with Ace has been there from the beginning. While viewers were distracted by Nick and Owen, what Ace and Nancy have slowly built up in the background. And what they have finally feels right. 

It just goes to show that the best kind of 'ships are the ones you never see coming. Check out 11 times we shipped Nancy and Ace!

When He Drank Poison For Her

No one believes in Nancy as much as Ace, and that's a proven fact.

You'd think the police would know better by now, but they just kept doubting Nancy and her abilities. To prove that Nancy was right, Ace drank a vial of poison that Nancy claimed was water.

It gave everyone quite a scare, but Ace had no doubts.

When his dad scolded him for his actions, Ace said, "I know Nancy. I knew she was right." Trust will never be a problem in this relationship, that's for sure. 

When They Went To La Bibliotheque

It's all about the little moments.

Nancy and Ace are their true selves when they're with each other, and their trip to the library was proof of that.

They have the same way of thinking, and the clues they discovered helped them uncover the truth about Lucy's death.  

When Ace Told Carson Nancy Was Tough

Ace knows that Nancy is having a rough time with everything that's going on. They all have.

But Ace never belittles her or ignores whatever problems she's having.

When Carson asked how Nancy was doing, Ace acknowledged that life's been tough, but so is Nancy.  

When Ace amuses nancy

It's hard to tell whether it's scripted or something the actors do all on their own, but Nancy can never stop smiling when she's looking at Ace.

Ace is like a ball of light, so we can't really blame her.

Nancy thinks she's sly, but her grins don't go unnoticed. 

When Ace Shows Up For Nancy

Nancy has struggled with opening up to people from day one. Because of it, she often ends up in dangerous situations alone.

She tries to leave them out of her schemes as much as possible so they don't end up getting hurt. 

Ace reached a point where he was no longer having it, and he and the Drew Crew showed up for her when she needed it most.

He proved to her that real friends look out for you, even if you don't want them to. 

When They Sent Adorable Text Messages

It was interesting how the camera lingered on Ace and Nancy's text messages for an unnecessarily long amount of time.

The kind of things they say to each other is way too cute.

Worried that Nancy was mad at him, he sent a text despite already apologizing to her in person. Clearly, she was on his mind. 

When Ace Convinced Nancy To Go To Carson's

Nancy was so mad at Carson for lying to her about Lucy that he moved into his own apartment to give her space.

It seemed like nothing could convince her to speak to him, but then Ace changed her mind.

Ace reminded her that, with the Aglaeca's curse hovering over their heads, they have to be careful with the time they have left.

This inspired Nancy to go to Carson's apartment and drop off a box of supplies for him. 

When Ace Didn't Want To Lose Nancy

When Nancy tried to sacrifice herself for the rest of the Drew Crew, Ace wasn't happy about it.

Despite being mad at her for getting them into the situation, he made it clear that he didn't want to lose her either.

This was hands down the most prominent scene they've had so far, and it helped viewers realize the potential their romance could have. 

When Ace Road Trips With Nancy's Dads

If Ace is ever going to date Nancy, he will have to get to know her parents. Thankfully, he already has that covered.

Ace and Carson have been close ever since Ace broke him out of jail, so there's no doubt that Carson would approve of their relationship.

At Nancy's request, Ace took Carson and Ryan on a road trip where they spent the whole ride bickering like a married couple.

Someone else probably could've been tasked with this, but Ace was best equipped to handle their shenanigans. 

When They Had No Sense Of Personal Space

Nancy and Ace don't seem to know what personal space is on Nancy Drew Season 2.

No one stands that close to each other on accident.

The two seem to be drawn to each other more than ever before.

When Ace Saw That Nancy Was Okay

When Nancy walked into the room unscathed, Ace's whole face lit up.

There wasn't a lot to celebrate while they were all being terrorized by the Aglaeca, but sometimes it's enough for them to see each other safe and sound.

The bond that Nancy and Ace have developed is perhaps the deepest one out of the whole Drew Crew, despite how subtle it can be. 

Over to you, TV Fanatics! 

Do you ship Nancy and Ace? What are your favorite moments between the two?

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