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A classic, good ole hotel haunting is just what the doctor ordered on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 7. Except, things were not as they might have seemed.

If you're a fan of the Nancy Drew books, then "The Legend of the Murder Hotel" was right up your alley. From the team-up of the Drew Crew girls to spooks that will keep you on your toes, it felt like a mystery pulled straight from the books.

The show has dealt with multiple supernatural problems on recent episodes, so it was time to switch things up a bit.

The haunting of the Breaker Hotel was all just a big hoax. Who knew?

What was thought to be a ghost kidnapping was actually just a runaway. It just so happened that it occurred while the college girl was staying in the infamous Room 413.

The owner of the hotel, Mr. Holmes, stages the bizarre occurrences that go on to bring in more tourists. No one may have actually been murdered in the so-called murder room after all.

It's actually quite surprising that more hotels and other establishments in Horseshoe Bay don't take advantage of the town's obvious ghost problem as Mr. Holmes does.

After all, people will pay a lot of money to be scared.

The outcome of this particular mystery was a refreshing break from the terrifying ghosts and curses the Drew Crew has dealt with on Nancy Drew Season 2.

Ghosts can't be the only thing that plagues this town in Maine.

Outside of the Aglaeca and being haunted by the ghost of her dead mother, Nancy is still just a young adult who is finding herself. And the "kidnapping" of Jennifer was a nice way to incorporate the real-world problems Nancy faces.

Nancy: What college is gonna want to take me right now? I tanked my senior year grades. I got arrested for breaking into the morgue. And I didn't sign up to retake my senior year SATs because I was too busy summoning bones from an evil sea spirit that tried to kill me. Which was stupid, anyway.
Carson: You...Wait, what?
Nancy: Figuratively.

It's easy to forget that Nancy has taken a gap year between high school and college. It feels as if solving hauntings has always been her daytime job.

Back at the beginning of the show, she had all the time she needed to figure herself out and didn't have to worry about the supernatural. But now, it's hard to find a balance between the two worlds.

After all that she has gone through, Nancy deserves to have all the things she wants. And that very well might mean going to college.

Thankfully, she can get her degree online. The Drew Crew and the rest of the town are going to need her to defeat all the ghosts and other beings she accidentally released on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 5.

Let's just say, Horseshoe Bay will likely not be without its girl detective any time soon.

But she needs to put herself first sometimes. From her interactions with Jennifer and the various mentions of college on the hour, it's clear that getting an education is something on her mind.

And maybe if she does attend college, she can study something along the lines of criminal justice and become a real detective one day. We're not sure if Columbia has a degree regarding ghosts, though.

Even though the main haunting of the hour turned out to be a dud, the mystery of Odette possessing George's body still had to be addressed.

True to George's character, she was determined to deal with Odette herself. Only when she was caught red-handed did she tell the truth to Nancy and Bess.

George: Odette has been with me for weeks. I've tried a bunch of different exorcisms, and nothing has worked.
Bess: Wait, wait, wait. You did an exorcism without me?

But she still refuses to mention her Odette problem to Nick.

It makes sense that George wouldn't want to burden her boyfriend with a ghostly possession after he watched her die, but he deserves to know. And we all know where this is headed.

George keeping this secret from Nick will undoubtedly cause tension between the two of them, and they will fight. Let's just hope that they can get through this hurdle without breaking up. They are too good together.

Odette has always been a character whose morals fall somewhere in the gray area.

When she was the Aglaeca, it was easy to paint her as the villain of the story. But now that we know the human behind the sea spirit, it's harder to pinpoint just who she is.

Odette goes from helping Jennifer find the bus station to telling Bess that the only way to get rid of her for good is to kill George.

There are evil components to her character, but there is also a softer side that peeks out from time to time.

There is no doubt that she will continue to be a thorn in the side for the Drew Crew moving forward, but the question of her redemption remains unanswered.

A few other developments happened elsewhere on the hour. One was a brewing romance between Ace and Amanda Bobbsey. Another was the official partnership between Nick and Ryan.

Ace was cute as he stumbled over his words and transparently flirted with Amanda. She definitely flirted with him back, but I'm more curious about Nancy intervening in their first meeting.

As many fans and critics have noticed, there have been subtle seeds planted for a potential romance between Nancy and Ace. And if a relationship between Ace and Amanda leads to some jealously from Nancy, we are not complaining.

Ace: So, what was the case? The case, what-
Nancy: Um, alleged ghost abduction.
Ace: Ghost abduction. See, that would've been, like, my third guess.

As far as strictly professional relationships go, Nick and Ryan are an unlikely pairing who will be interesting to watch once Ryan starts his new job.

They want the same thing, which is to take Everett Hudson down. Given Ryan's track record, it's hard to bet on him succeeding in this endeavor. But he has one motive for accomplishing this goal that he never had before, and that's Nancy.

Bess Marvin is a woman of many secrets. We thought we knew them all by now, but she was hiding one up her sleeve.

During the last moments of the hour, it was revealed that Bess has a husband that she failed to mention to anyone.

And just like that, her issues with her family just got a lot more complicated.

Odette: The only way to get rid of me is to kill your friend.
Bess: Is that actually true? Or are you just saying that cause you don't want to leave?

It's a shocking development that none of us saw coming, but it also makes a lot of sense given her need to run away to Horseshoe Bay.

The motive behind her husband's appearance in town is up in the air for now. Honestly, we're just happy that this means an actual storyline for Bess this season. It's about time!

What did you think, Nancy Drew Fanatics?

Were you happy with the turnout of the murder hotel case? How do you feel about the sparks between Ace and Amanda?

And what are your thoughts regarding Bess' secret husband?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic!

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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