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Nancy Drew keeps on getting better and better with every new episode.

The show takes the time to let each main character have their moment, and Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 8 was Bess's time to shine.

We have been sorely lacking some good Bess content on Nancy Drew Season 2, but the writers more than made up for it on "The Quest for the Spider Sapphire."

The episode was full of shocking reveals and the classic humor that has come to define Nancy Drew. But the emotional moments spent with Bess's character were the highlight of the hour.

It shocked all of us when her secret husband appeared at the Breaker Hotel on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 7, given her love for the ladies and all.

But it was made clear early on in the episode that this was a forced relationship of necessity and not one of romance.

Stephen: You made a mistake, and now you fixed it.
Bess: My only mistake was being a child and believing I had no option when I met you.

And we can get what we are all thinking out of the way -- Stephen is a piece of crap. He was emotionally abusing and manipulating Bess ever since her mother kicked her out of the house when she was thirteen. Her past is way more complicated than we first thought.

Bess could have been written off as the girl who likes to steal nice things. But the Powers That Be have made sure to give her a rich backstory that makes her character a lot more complex than that.

Bess has been searching for a home and a family all her life. That is the core of who she is. She thought she could have had it with Stephen, but all he did was teach her how to steal and manipulate.

That is why she has been so adamant about being a part of the Marvin family. She thought she had finally found her home. But, heartbreakingly, they don't want her in their lives.

I have a history of ignoring warnings. Calling to the Aglaeca. Stealing the shroud. Using it without knowing what the consequences would be. What kind of person does all that? Maybe I was just born this way.


In my eyes, Aunt Diana and the rest of the Marvins are almost as horrible as Stephen. They have always expected Bess to put their family first, but they have never once prioritized her.

Aunt Diana barely let Bess explain the situation to her before she kicked her out of the Marvin family. And to kick her while she was down, she called Bess by her mother's last name.

This is the absolute worst-case scenario for Bess. We wonder how she will pick herself up after this devastating loss.

Of course, she is going to have her friends there to help her through it. Ace will undoubtedly be there for Bess as they are the cutest besties.

It might be obvious to us, but what Bess doesn't realize is that she already has a family in the Drew Crew.

They would never reject her or love her any less for the mistakes she made in the past. They have all messed up in some way or another, but they recognize the fact that they are human, and it's bound to happen.

The Drew Crew consists of a bunch of misfits who are so different from one another, but, somehow, they fit.

They are a huge part of why Nancy Drew is such a good show. Every single dynamic between the core group has depth, and we love watching all of them work together.

One of the most interesting relationships is the one between Nancy and George.

It's no secret that they have a love-hate relationship, but they are willing to do anything for the other person. Nancy was prepared to risk all consequences to save George's life with the supernatural shroud.

Nancy: I'll tell Nick that we need the morning off.
George: Wait, no. Don't tell Nick, please. I haven't quite looped him in yet.
Nancy: About the murderous French ghost that's time-sharing your body ever since we defeated the Aglaeca?
George: It hasn't come up in conversation.
Nancy: Okay.
George: Look, it's for his own good. Okay? He just got over his nightmares of me dying in his arms. I'm not gonna send him on an anxiety spiral.

It was a good idea to have the two of them partner up to track down the shroud's previous owner. We have missed their top-tier banter.

Who didn't laugh at Nancy dreaming up scenarios about flatlining George?

While there was no apparent supernatural threat on the episode, there was still a mystery to be solved.

Even though Leah Lewis is absolutely fantastic at playing the Frenchwoman, Odette's possession of George's body needs to come to an end. And given the new information, Nancy and George just gathered, it has to happen fast.

The previous owner of the shroud, R. Jenkins, was also possessed and went insane as a result. The same cannot happen to George, but I highly doubt Nancy or Nick would let that happen.

Plus, Odette now knows about Nancy's true bloodline. And given that one of Nancy's ancestors played a part in Odette's murder, it's safe to say that she will not be showing any mercy towards Nancy.

She already has enough on her plate since the reporter who interviewed Ryan is catching on to the big Hudson secret.

We know a lot more than we previously did about the mystery of Odette, thanks to Nancy and George's sleuthing.

Of course, it's not all good news. Jenkins died as a result of Nancy reviving George with the shroud. So, if anyone uses the shroud again, George will most likely die.

What's up is we're about to crush this hunt. Not a lot of people know this about me, but the woods, they speak to me.


It's a good thing that Nick and the rest of the crew all know about what is happening with George. This is definitely an all-hands-on-deck situation.

But there are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to Odette's timesharing of George's body.

The problem is that the key to keeping George safe is now gone. Who could have taken the shroud? Could it perhaps be Gil Bobbsey? He is supposed to reappear on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 9.

What did you think, Nancy Drew Fanatics?

How much do you sympathize with Bess? Are you happy that Nick finally knows about Odette? Any fans of the Nancy Drew books catch the Spider Sapphire reference?

And who else caught the fact that Ace was the first person Nancy thought of at the mention of pretty eyes?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic!

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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