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Being a parent is tough, but extending the rope and showing your kids you have faith in them goes a long way.

A trip to the past on Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 5 showed Clark a path forward in his attempt to help Jonathan through his funk.

Despite both kids having issues with the move to Smallville, Jonathan struck me as the teen who would settle into the swing of things the easiest.

Jonathan has felt out of place ever since he learned Jordan had superhero abilities. Then, Jordan becoming the star football player made him feel even more alienated.

Eliza dumping him was yet another setback and in this case it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

While Clark could have played the strict parent and grounded Jonathan for days on end, it was nice how he thought about the way Martha treated him when he was a teenager.

It was even more surprising that Clark admitted he was willing to work with Jonathan to find a resolution that would benefit everyone. Does this mean Clark is not ruling out his son leaving home?

Martha helped Clark when he needed it the most, and sometimes people need to move out to grow up, but I suspect Jonathan has another few years in the Kent household yet.

The bench devoted to Martha was the icing on the cake because it has given Clark somewhere he can feel at home with his mother. Deep down, changing the farm's aesthetics will be like forgetting her, but he knows she would want the family to be happy.

It's unfortunate then that Smallville may not be the safest place for the family.

There are too many unexplained things going on, and while I'm thankful we got some movement in the X-Kryptonite storyline, Derek killing himself, came out of the left field.

The tension was present when Sharon called off the search for her son, but now she's going to be more confused than ever.

Morgan is up to some sketchy things, but it's hard to believe he left a facility that he and Leslie are taking their homemade metahumans to without any sort of security.

Maybe they thought nobody would suspect anything going on, but with people like Lois and Chrissy on the case, well, they set themselves up for disaster.

The ensuing chase between Clark and Derek revealed that the latter had a wealth of information about Kal-El, suggesting the crystals hold information about Kryptonians, and possibly, the surrounding planets.

If that is indeed the case, Morgan and Leslie have a major leg-up in going to war with the Man of Steel.

Morgan swooping in to save the day by donating money to cover all of the perished items was just par for the course. He's so desperate to make Smallville his bitch that he's throwing money, jobs, and everything in between at the citizens.

Heck, even Lana is starting to warm up to him. She quickly pointed out that it was a nice gesture, despite knowing he's not the best person around.

Having someone like Morgan in power in Smallville is going to cause more problems. Even if Lois and Clark expose him for who he is, people will be more thankful for the jobs he created.

It's the way the world works, but it's hard to decipher Morgan's endgame here. His reasons for being in Smallville have been revealed, but is he purposefully making an army of people with abilities to get more power?

Then there's the Captain Luthor of it all. He's been adamant about Kal-El being a world killer for long, but he didn't stop to reveal another of the reasons why he hated the superhero in his former world.

Captain Luthor and Lois Lane is not the pairing I would have expected, but Luthor seems intent on causing a rift in the marriage.

There's much we don't know about Captain Luthor, and it's hard to rule him a villain thus far. Someone who looks a lot like Clark destroyed his planet, killing his lover in the process, and now Captain Luthor has to watch the person happy.

Sucks to be him, right?

As far as cliffhangers, we're left with Jordan in a lousy way thanks to the return of Tag. You would think wherever the kid was sent would've been a secure place.

Keeping people away from the facility he was sent to safe should have been the top priority, but something's fishy about this.

Samuel Lane knows how strong Clark is, and he would have acted accordingly when dealing with Tag. Without knowing what really happened, it's hard to judge, but it felt more like a convoluted way of leaving us on a cliffhanger as the show disappears for eight weeks.

Yes, you read that right—the perks of living in a COVID-19 world.

What did you think of all the twists and turns? Are you buying the way Chrissy managed to get into the facility?

What are your thoughts on Derek's death? And what will go down with Tag and Jordan?

Hit the comments below.

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