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Finally, some football trickled back into this series.

Don't worry, though. There was still plenty of drama on All American Season 3 Episode 10.

Spencer revealed he can still play when his mind sticks to what's happening on the field. Thank Coach Billy for that.

Just in the nick of time, South Crenshaw put in everything in time to save its season.

Billy started that revamping process when he found his kicker in Nhani on All American Season 3 Episode 9, although her ability was in doubt based on that first kickoff in the Homecoming game.

Spencer's tutoring sessions with the players that knocked off the squad by Superintendent Carter's overly harsh GPA requirement finally bore fruit, as most of the team suited up for the crucial game.

Billy also ratcheted up the pressure on Spencer, as if he needed it, by bringing in eight college coaches to see him play in that game.

It wasn't like Spencer didn't know that he and his team had been a colossal disappointment so far this season. A big part of that was Carter doing everything he could to sabotage the season.

But it hadn't helped that Spencer, South Crenshaw's star player, had his head everywhere but on the field.

With Spencer and Olivia on pause because of her relapse, Spencer managed to refocus his energies on what would get him out of Crenshaw: football.

Billy summoned the ghost of Corey to help Spencer get his groove back.

It was hard to say how much of that halftime ceremony Billy staged was to honor the memory of Corey and how much was to inspire Spencer.

Whatever the breakdown, it worked in a big way.

Spencer led South Crenshaw to the win, tying Corey's record. And he made sure it stayed a tie after Billy refused to pull him out by kneeling on Corey's number, which was a touching moment.

South Crenshaw has momentum again, and Spencer's college career is back on track.

Jordan's college career, though, not so much.

Once again, Jordan made the wrong choice, and it came back to bite him in the ass.

Rather than allowing himself time to heal, he lied about passing the concussion protocols so he could get in the game. Now his season and potential college career are in doubt as a result.

Would Jordan have made that bad move if Billy hadn't told him about the coach coming to watch him play? Knowing Jordan, the answer is yes, regardless.

Another person making the wrong choice was Coop. 

The wrong choice wasn't telling Layla about her father's slimy moves involving Patience. Layla deserved the truth a whole lot sooner.

And Layla did the right thing confronting J.P. about using his power to hit on artists with whom he's working. Good for Layla for forcing the truth out of Coop.

No, Coop's bad move was letting her guard down when it came to Mo.

It turned out that Mo had played an extremely long game when it came to seeking vengeance against Coop for Tyrone's death.

Exactly what form it will take is hard to say. But the fact that Mo has been so involved in freeing Patience from J.P.'s hold promises to be trouble.

It happened just when Coop finally, finally seemed to be getting her act together, planning to get her G.E.D. and then devote herself to music.

Coop should have listened to her gut, regardless of what those around her said.

Others made the right choices, starting with Olivia, surprisingly.

Olivia has been making one bad choice after another this season while relapsing, starting with her belief that sneaking drinks regularly didn't constitute a relapse.

But after being found out by her family and offered an at-home recovery program, she appeared to be selecting better.

To start with, she opted to attend an NA meeting in a less bougie area. Next, she ducked the sponsor offer from the well-meaning vampire Nina.

Recalling how tight she had been with her now-jailed sponsor, Leslie, Olivia decided to go in the opposite direction and asked the tough-talking Nurse Joy to be her sponsor. Olivia needs someone who will tell her what she needs to hear, not what she wants to hear.

Also, being required to take a recovery-dictated break from Spencer will likely be beneficial for Olivia, as well.

Maybe when they both get back on track, they can try again. With both not having made college plans yet, maybe staying separate isn't a bad idea.

Lastly, Asher deserves credit for trying to be a good friend to J.J., even if J.J. didn't appreciate Asher's efforts in the end.

Let's put it out there: J.J. is a boy in a man's body. Only J.J. would wear his Homecoming King crown around town.

His friends, such as Asher and Jordan, recognize that and make excuses for him. Vanessa wasn't willing to go that far.

So when Asher did the middle-school thing and went to talk up J.J. to Vanessa, what ended up happening wasn't surprising. Asher stayed loyal to J.J. despite his yearnings, and J.J. was an ingrate, even taking his pouting onto the football field.

To follow Spencer's journey, watch All American online.

Is Spencer back on track?

Is Coop in trouble again?

Was Jordan's career already over, and he just didn't know it?

Comment below.

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