we Give A Full Account Of Adah's Trip To London ~ Naija Poets

Adah began nursing the dream of traveling to England after she witnessed the celebration of Nwaeze who returned from UK as a graduate of law.

Against many odds that befell Adah, such childish dream began to come to fruition when she started earning huge as a librarian for American Console (a foreign firm in Nigeria).She consulted Frances on both moving to Europe but the masculine oriented African culture seemed to be a clog in the wheel when Frances' father disagreed Adah traveling with her husband.

After Frances travelled, Adah convinced her in-law that if both reside in England, they would be able to send them more money; so they agreed she join her husband.Joyfully, Adah got everything for the trip ready but felt unhappy that Boy, her only younger brother, might not be able to handle his loneliness well. She departed through sea with her two wards (a boy and a girl); but the ship she boarded was a crowded one and the cold was very chilling.At the end of the trip, she survived her sea sick feeling and finally rushed to joyfully embrace her husband at the seaport but Frances wasn't glad to welcome her.

It must not be forgotten that Second Class Citizen by Buchie Emecheta is a prose about inequality; mainly racial equality that existed between Europeans and the non-Europeans. The prose also pointted at the subject of gender inequality that is rooted in the African culture.


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