EZ Reyes may not be long for this world.

At the top of Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 8, his life was great. He was in a loving relationship, but it all changed by the end.

He was understandably questioning the trajectory of his relationship with Gaby throughout the hour, but it was hard to believe how it imploded by the end.

Gaby’s acceptance into nursing school is a great thing. Why would she want to spend the rest of her days in Santo Padre when she could get a great job after finishing school?

EZ loves her. There’s no question about that, but he should have been more vocal about the potential of her leaving.

They would have probably drifted apart, so hitting pause might have been the best way to keep them on good terms.

It’s possible they could have reunited down the line when he was not as associated with the Mayans, and she could have had a great job.

The last thing you want to do is hold someone back from their dreams, and I’m surprised Angel was the only person that talked sense during the dinner.

Angel, Felipe, and everyone else wanted EZ to succeed at college and become the best version of himself, but they know first-hand how Santo Padre can make that difficult.

We probably don’t have to worry much about it now, given that EZ could not control his anger at the men in the ice cream store.

Gaby knew EZ was hot-headed and didn’t want to put him in a situation in which he would talk with his fists, mainly because the cops were just outside, but man, it was a genuinely crazy turn of events.

Now that EZ has hit Gaby, even if it was an accident or in a fit of rage while fighting the goons in the store, their relationship has changed forever.

You could tell Gaby was struggling with how to react, so I hope this is the nudge she needed to make a decision about her future that does not include EZ.

It’s simply not safe for her to be with him when all of these different sides are fighting, and it’s also possible that EZ could be headed back to prison.

From attacking the men in the shop, he also attacked the police officers. Given that he’s a repeat offender, we shouldn’t expect any leniency to be leveled at him, so he’s probably toast unless he goes on the run.

The other issue is that Miguel wants to have it out with him over what happened to his mother.

Miguel has slowly been getting to the root of how his mother died, and when he gets the confirmation that EZ was the killer, well, it’s going to get crazier than ever before.

Did anyone else think the bizarre sex scene between Miguel and Emily was going to conclude with Miguel killing his wife?

He grabbed her throat shortly after revealing to the audience how his mother probably died.

He was also in the know about Emily possibly being involved, which will cause even more problems in their marriage.

Miguel clearly wanted to murder his wife, but his tears reiterated that he could not be the one to pull the trigger.

Then again, maybe Emily will be able to prove to him that she’s not this big villain she’s been portrayed to be.

Any way I look at it, Miguel’s reign will be up soon. Too many people are coming out of the woodwork, determined to expose him and make sure he never gets a chance to work again.

Maybe it would be karma after everything he’s done.

As for Coco, his survival was always going to be a toss-up, but I’m surprised Leticia managed to get through to her father when he really needed to hear it.

Hope is a bit of a loose cannon, so it was probably for the best that she left, but her departure probably means that Isaac will not be far behind.

Hope wasn’t strong enough to go cold turkey, and Isaac will still want to get his dose of drugs he wanted from the Mayans.

Bishop is not going to be impressed when he finds out the truth. He’s already starting to question Coco’s whereabouts, and that’s only going to save him for so long.

The Mayans will see his actions as an act of betrayal, and even if he survives his vices, they might still kill him.

This brings me to Angel. It's no surprise that he's been struggling following everything that happened with Adelita, but the revelation that Nails is pregnant took me by surprise.

Nails was dropped like a sack of potatoes when Adelita returned, with Angel failing to consider her feelings. It's been tough on her, but now that she's told him about her pregnancy, will he be able to love her?

His heart seemed with Adelita and his son, but now that he's got another child on the way, will he be able to write the wrongs of the past?

"A Mixed-Up And Splendid Rescue" was a much slower episode, but it helped set up the conflicts for the final two episodes of Mayans M.C. Season 3.

What did you think of Miguel possibly trying to kill Emily?

Do you believe EZ and Gaby are dunzo?

What will happen to Coco?

Hit the comments below.

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