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New Amsterdam is losing one of its most popular doctors.

Anupam Kher has exited the medical drama after three seasons.

On New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 7, Iggy learned that Dr. Kapoor had resigned from the hospital following a battle with COVID-19.

If you watch New Amsterdam online, you know Dr. Kapoor had to go through open-heart surgery and a difficult rehab process, leaving his future at the hospital in question.

While Kher was not seen on-screen during the episode, the actor's final scenes actually aired at the beginning of New Amsterdam Season 3.

The actor has been with the show since it kicked off in 2018.

His exit from the show comes just days after he told The Hindustan Times that his wife, actress Kirron Kher, has been diagnosed with a type of blood cancer.

"Just so that rumours don't get the better of a situation Sikandar and I would like to inform everyone that Kirron has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer," he said in a statement.

"She is currently undergoing treatment and we are sure she will come out of this stronger than before. We are very blessed that she is being looked after by a phenomenal set of doctors."

Kher went on to say that his wife has always been "a fighter" who "takes things head on."

He continued, "She's all heart and that's why she has so many people that love her. so keep sending your love to her in your prayers and in your heart. She is well on her way to recovery and we thank everyone for their support and love."

It's unclear whether Kher could return to New Amsterdam as a guest or recurring star down the line, but the series has been renewed for an additional two seasons.

Kher is also attached to upcoming projects Snapshot Wedding, The Kashmir files, among others.

What are your thoughts on the news?

Do you think the character could return down the line?

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