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Teresa knows how to run her business, and she was in command throughout Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 2.

Unfortunately, there were things that even Teresa Mendoza could not control or predict. 

Teresa longs to start a legitimate business, and the waterfront property is the lynchpin. She wants to come out of the darkness and into the light. She wants to be recognized as a power player in business and not just a cartel leader. 

I still worry about that property. Who doubled the price and why? Did they bid that high hoping to avoid a bidding war, or does someone know Teresa's plan and want to force her to shell out the extra $100 million?

And is it a coincidence that James returned just as Teresa was told she needed to hand over more cash?

I don't want to distrust James, but he's been gone a long time. Is there any possibility he'd make a deal with the Feds to take down Teresa's empire? 

Pote: You risked your life to be here, and you’re going to leave, just like that?
James: She doesn’t want me to stay.
Pote: She might not want you to stay, Cabron, but she needs you.

Pote seems to trust James, as does Teresa, and their instincts are usually sound. But not knowing anything about James' lengthy absence other than his brief description makes me nervous. 

It was satisfying to hear Pote thank James for not killing Kelly Anne. But when Pote began talking about how Tony was like a son to him and this life isn't safe for kids, that was a clear foreshadowing of what was to come. 

And the moment Kelly Anne threw up in the trash can, it was obvious what was happening. 

Kelly Anne is no lightweight. She may not have started in the narco world, but she did shoot her abusive husband in the head, and she's witnessed plenty of violence since without having it turn her stomach. 

Both Pote and Kelly Anne looked to be in a state of shock. Would they consider ending this pregnancy? Despite their best efforts, they couldn't protect Tony. Can they do any better with their own child?

I've always worried that Pote would end up having to watch Kelly Anne die. That fear has grown tenfold now that she's carrying his child.  

But Kelly Anne is smart. Her forward-thinking allowed them to trace the $30 million Teresa paid Lafayette and figure out his private prison scheme. 

It's time for the judge to be taken down or taken out.

You bring me Dumas, or you’ll be the next Mexican I set on fire.

Lafayette [to Teresa]

Does Lafayette really believe he can bully the heads of cartels without any worry of retribution? Does he think his standing as a New Orleans judge makes him that bulletproof?

Both Pote and Kelly Anne felt that Lafayette had outlived his usefulness.

Pote: It’s time for him to go, Teresita.
Kelly Anne: Pote’s right. He’s reckless. He’s going to try to hurt us however he can.
Pote: I have a nice plastic sheet waiting for him.

As much as I'd love to see Cecil on that sheet, I understand why Teresa wants to make him suffer first. He killed Tony; this is personal. And it's sad to say it, but losing his public reputation might be even more hurtful to him than losing his son. 

It was a little surprising to see Cecil cave so quickly, but with Wheeler dead, he has no way to confirm what Teresa has proof of and what she doesn't. 

If only Boaz had remained on his leash just a little longer. If Lafayette turns up dead, either Teresa or Marcel will likely be blamed. And does Boaz even have a plan, or was this just a drunken reaction to his cousin's taunts?

Having the judge in her pocket could have been helpful, even if it were only for a limited time because I have no doubt Cecil's days were numbered no matter how useful he could be.

But Teresa had even bigger issues than dealing with Lafayette. She was juggling the Russians and the Dominicans.

Once again, I had to wonder if Oksana is Kostya, and no one knows it. 

All of the secrecy surrounding Kostya has gotten ridiculous. That we never even heard his voice on that phone call solidified my suspicion that he doesn't exist. 

But if that's the case, Oksana certainly plays her part well. She looked very unhappy with Teresa's plan to split up the city and set the price for both organizations. And then she looked at her phone, said Kostya agreed, and walked out. 

Oksana: Why didn’t you ask for my advice, Teresa? We could have prevented this mess.
Teresa: Because I don’t need your advice and I know how to run my business.

Teresa made it clear; they play by her rules, and they all make money, or they go to war, and no one wins. 

Phoenix, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, and now New York; Teresa has built an empire, and it's still growing. It would be amazing to see her take on legitimate business interests and end up pulling the strings in both business and politics. 

But can she continue her ascent, or has the target on her back become too great?

James: Pote warned me that you’d changed.
Teresa: It’s the only way to survive in this life.
James: Amen.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics!

Do you think there's really a Kostya hiding behind those phone calls?

Will the Russians and Dominicans play by Teresa's rules or take each other out?

Can Teresa trust James?

If James sticks around, will they break Teresa's rule about their personal relationship?

Should Kelly Anne and Pote keep their baby?

Which of your favorites will meet a tragic end by the Queen of the South Season 5 series finale?

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