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Teresa Mendoza's world is far from black and white, but her fashion choice was just that during Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 4.

Teresa skipped her signature white suit to go with a half black, half white outfit, which seemed to symbolize the line she walked between what was necessary and expedient.

Teresa had previously felt she had no choice but to turn Marcel Dumas over to the authorities to save Boaz and her operation, but killing Captain Gamble was more of a grey area.

As much as Teresa tried to make amends with Dumas and get him out of jail, her efforts got her nowhere on both fronts.

You can keep your coke and your bullshit apologies. I'd rather my people starve than be in business with you.


It was hard to blame Dumas for being furious. He had cut old alliances and gone against the advice of his mentor, Lucien, to partner with Teresa.

To put it bluntly, Marcel got screwed, but he soon learned that it wasn't just by Teresa.

Lucien had to be the person to drop the dime on James and Marcel as they tried to leave the state. No one else had any idea what route James was taking. 

But it wasn't until Lucien lied and tried to usurp Marcel's authority that the truth hit Dumas.

Marcel: I appreciate you, Lucien. You know I do.
Lucien: Oh, do you? I found you. Saved you from your hell of a life. Gave you an empire, and you have the gall to question my decisions.
Marcel: I sweat, bled, I even killed for you to make sure you got out clean just like you wanted. I have earned my place. I remember everything you did for me, Lucien. I do. Right now, I need you to remember this is still my business, and you do things my way.

I believe that as long as Marcel survives his prison stint, Teresa will figure out a way to get him out and make things right. The bigger question is whether Marcel will remain loyal to her when she does. 

Captain Gamble wasn't so lucky, and I almost felt sorry for him. 


Gamble: I knew the judge was into some dirty things, but this…
Pote: Not everyone was as lucky as you, Cabron. While he was sending you to night school, he was sending these kids to hell.

Gamble didn't know that Lafayette was sentencing black and brown kids to maximum sentences to line his own pockets, and it was obvious the news affected him.

Still, it's hard to paint the man as innocent. He knew how corrupt the judge was. Gamble took payoffs and played the judge's game for years, and he was quick to agree to bribes from Teresa when the judge's luck ran out. 

A little too quick, it seems, because that's why Teresa didn't trust him to keep his mouth shut with the Feds. 

I find it difficult to condemn Teresa for getting ahead of Gamble's potential treachery. She had no reason to trust the Captain, and if he turned her into the FBI, the consequences could have been severe.

But James wasn't happy with her decision of a pre-emptive strike.

Pote: I used to tell Teresa that she used to do things the hard way. Trying to make peace without firing the first shot.
James: Cause she had a code. A line she wouldn't cross.
Pote: Codes are meant to be cracked.

James is a hired killer. He's killed for the CIA, so why did killing Gamble on Teresa's orders seem to bother him so much? 

Teresa has always had a code, but she's also willing to do what's necessary. The level of violence she needs to respond with changes with every situation, and in the case of Gamble and the FBI, taking out Gamble was the smart move, even if it stepped over that line. 

I don't worry about James turning on Teresa, but I can see him leaving once again if he becomes too disheartened with her tactics. 

But it was Kelly Anne who was really freaking out, and it was tough to criticize her for it. She seemed to take the constant bodyguard and the decaf coffee in stride, but they've never gone toe to toe with the Feds like this.

And she had a point. In the past, when the Feds started closing in, Teresa and her crew would hop on a private plane and take off. But not this time. Teresa is so close to going legit that she isn't willing to turn back now.

If it all goes wrong, Kelly Anne could end up having her baby in prison and then have it taken away. That would terrify any mom to be. 

Kelly Anne: This is the FBI we're talking about, not some local yahoos with a Sheriff's badge. We should be on the first flight out of here. How does Teresa not understand that?
Pote: Because she came from nothing. And once you've been hungry, you'll do anything not to feel like that again.

Thankfully, Pote was able to talk Kelly Anne down. As much as I like the rest of Teresa's crew, Pote is the only one I completely trust to be loyal to her. I also suspect that Teresa would lay down her life to save Pote and the family he's creating with Kelly Anne.

But Kelly Anne pulled it together and proved her worth when she and Teresa marched into the FBI offices so Teresa could "confess."

My boyfriend, Guero Davilas, worked for the cartel. When Guero was killed, he left everything to me to build a better life, so that's what I did. All I'm trying to do is be a legitimate business owner, but between corrupt law enforcement and everyone assuming I'm a criminal, I can't make that happen. So that's why I've come to the FBI.


I really didn't know what to expect when the FBI was about to raid the distillery, and Teresa decided to confront the FBI head-on, but as usual, she played it brilliantly. 

Although the timing could have easily not worked out in her favor. 

That Teresa sent Tequila instead of cocaine on that shipment wasn't a shock. She's not naive, and Lucien's phone call smelled of a double-cross. 

But if the SWAT team had jumped the gun and entered that distillery, Teresa and Kelly Anne could have been in cuffs instead of walking out the door. 

Lucien's disloyalty to both Teresa and Dumas earned him a visit from Pote, who had his plastic tarps at the ready. 

Honestly, I'm still ticked off that we didn't get to see Judge Lafayette die. It may sound morbid, but that man deserved a painful, onscreen death, or at least to be locked up in one of his own prisons before he was taken out. 

I'm oddly disappointed to have only seen his head in a box. 

I'm also relieved that Teresa finally knows that Pote and Kelly Anne are having a baby. I doubt she thinks it's a good idea, but she realizes it's happening and, as I said previously, it could change how she makes decisions in the future.

And when the FBI showed the picture of Epifanio, was anyone else hoping we'd get an update on Camila and Isabela?

Your turn, Queen of the South fans.

Will Teresa be able to spring Dumas from jail?

Is this the last we'll hear from the FBI's Corruption Task Force?

Will there be any blowback from Capt. Gamble's death?

Is James having second thoughts about working for Teresa?

And am I the only one missing King George?

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