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There's a lot going on in Hope Valley, with Florence and Ned's wedding on the horizon and a mystery to solve.

There's a new pastor in town and a new rift in a friendship, too.

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 9 also started unraveling the brief happiness that Lucas shared with Elizabeth.

If one couple is quickly moving toward a future that has been a long time coming, others are not so solidified in their pursuits.

Carson and Faith realized on When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 8 that they're not on the same page about their future.

Nonetheless, it was shocking that Carson would accept the fellowship without consulting with Faith, even if she was urging him to accept all along.

The only thing they seem to agree on at the moment is that they love each other very much.

That's a lot more than other people have, but with the possibility of two years separation looming, it's not the time to suggest that if they hope for a marriage in the future, they might be able to suffer the long-distance and lost time.

Faith was right when she shared with her friends the very real possibility that Carson might not want to return after two years no matter what he says now.

I don't envy their position, but if I had to guess, I'd take the bet that Faith will leave with Carson. They can practice medicine anywhere. The love they share might be once in a lifetime.

Ned and Florence prove that you can find love again, and Henry even admitted to Christopher that once, long after his mother, he thought he'd found it again, too.

Henry was clearly talking about Abigail, and I wonder if I was the only one who found that surprising. It wasn't surprising that he had feelings for her, but that the way he stated it seemed like he was very close to sharing them with her before she left.

It also makes me wonder if the continued long pauses on the Abigail's Cafe sign and repeated allusion to her might mean Lori Loughlin is considering a return to the series.

Bill was making tracking down the car thief his mission in life when Christopher decided to leave town to visit Rachel. Is Rachel gone for good? She only just arrived.

I thought she was gone for a visit, but if Christopher was running after her because she makes him want to be a better man in the same way Abigail made Henry feel, then I guess they've both off-canvas for the time being.

Bill solved the mystery of the stolen car, of course, but Henry burned the evidence. His guilt over doing that came by way of an appeal to Bill's curious side about the mining disaster, yet another allusion to Abigail given all that she went through when When Calls the Heart first started.

After Elizabeth discovered Nathan's truth, she was left in a state of turmoil. She wasn't even sure why she was left in that state, only that it was so.

Other than what it's done to her and Lucas, it's frayed the edges of her bond with Rosemary, too.

Rosemary: Maybe he didn't think it was important enough to warrant upsetting you.
Elizabeth: Not important enough?
Rosemary: Elizabeth, Jack's death wasn't Nathan's fault. You know that, don't you?
Elizabeth: Rosemary, I just told you that nothing made sense to me, so why would you think that a comment like that would help?
Rosemary: Because it's the truth.
Elizabeth: Excuse me.

I disagreed with the way Rosemary presented Nathan's innocence in Jack's death. Not only wasn't that a genuine thought for Elizabeth, but Rosemary's attitude seemed to disregard entirely what she knows of Elizabeth and her high regard for honesty.

Rosemary tried making up for it by comparing herself and her flame for Jack to Nathan carrying a torch for Elizabeth, but Nathan pushed back at the thought.

Elizabeth: I want to know what too you so long to tell me what happened.
Nathan: I felt guilty.
Elizabeth: I don't understand.
Nathan: After the accident, I requested transfer here to Hope Valley. I never met Jack, but I knew that he left behind a wife and child. I felt that it was my responsibility to look after you, to protect you.
Elizabeth: Why would you assume that?
Nathan: I felt it was my duty. When I found myself, when I found myself falling in love with you, I felt like I was betraying Jack and his memory, that's why I didn't tell you. I fell in love with you, and I think that love is always worth fighting for.

He's not going down without a fight, and thanks to a party game, he doesn't even have to put up much of a fight to win Elizabeth's heart.

Allie misrepresented her conversation with Lucas to Elizabeth, and that was the first inkling that Lucas was the ultimate longshot in the game for Elizabeth's heart.

Ever valiant, he wanted to ask Nathan himself why he kept the truth from Elizabeth, but she would do that herself. When he said he was always there for her, Elizabeth fiddled with her wedding ring, considering Lucas worthy of its release.

But if she's considering that, it will only happen if she fights for Lucas because subsequent events suggested that Lucas realizes Elizabeth's feelings for Nathan will not be overcome. I have a feeling that before she decides anything for herself, Lucas will bow out of their courtship.

If Lucas was mortified about the party game disaster, I could have told him before it started to run for the hills. It was ridiculously obvious what was about to happen, and a party trick should determine nothing about love.

Lucas was giving her the benefit of the doubt, though. But when she said she had no response to Nathan's latest declaration of love, Lucas did an about-face and left Elizabeth wondering why their conversation ended so abruptly.

There's nothing Lucas would have wanted to hear less than learning that Elizabeth didn't tell Nathan his advances were unwelcome. It had to hurt.

Making sure that we don't feel too sorry for Lucas has already begun, too, by revealing that he hired Christopher to keep an eye on Henry since his trustworthiness was in question. No wonder Christopher was acting like a righteous punk, requesting a larger room.

Now it all makes sense. And it's a perfect out for Elizabeth should Lucas not bow out before that.

Elizabeth could find Lucas in poor character for doing such a thing, even when Nathan's desire to protect Elizabeth since his reprimand put her husband onto his ill-fated training mission gets a free pass from her best friend.

It's time for Nathan fans to do a victory lap while Lucas fans wallow a bit in light of these events. Allie, too, will be thrilled. Maybe she'll finally open that gift.

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 10 is titled "Old Love, New Love, Is This True Love." With a title like that and so many couples in states of flux, what do you think will happen with each?

I have ideas on who I think will fall into each phrase, but I'd rather hear from you first.

After you watch When Calls the Heart online, drop below and share your thoughts on the love lives of our favorite Hope Valley residents.

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