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Well, that was relatively uneventful.

It feels weird to refer to an hour of a show this crazy as dull, but that’s the best way to describe Big Sky Season 1 Episode 14. Things happened, sure, but it was much more a set-up hour for the end of the season than anything else.

And considering there are no rules in the land of Big Sky, the ending of the season should be a lot more exciting than this hour was.

Blake’s death has done very little to shake the Kleinsasser family, in the sense that they’re still all evil and still looking out for their best interests.

Cheyenne is continuing her crusade to piss everyone off and then hope they will confide in her. For as much as she knows about her family’s shenanigans, the one missing piece of the puzzle is what’s happening on the outskirts of the ranch. She knows something is happening but can’t figure out what.

A novel idea would be for her to venture out there sometime and see for herself. If Jenny and Cassie could find a way, you’d think Cheyenne could figure it out, but I guess that would be too simple.

It’s tough to figure out what Cheyenne is doing at any given moment, and each passing hour turns her from intriguing to almost hard to take seriously, which probably isn’t what the show is going for.

Her desire to be seen as more than just a woman who should know her place is admirable, but when you have no idea what she’s doing, it’s hard to get as invested as you could be in her storyline. And it’s disappointing because there’s so much potential there!

But this is like the third episode in a row that she’s gone around taunting people but not getting any sold information in return nor making any moves.

She did tell Margaret about John Wayne killing Blake, which felt like it should have garnered a much bigger reaction than it did.

Maybe she’s waiting for the right time to tell Horst, though is the man really going to care? No one else does.

Horst is a miserable man, and your heart has to hurt for Margaret enduring all the years of abuse she had to take living with him. Learning she tried to poison him was hardly shocking, but maybe she’s right, and he is too mean to die.

Maybe he won’t die, but it does feel like his time as the biggest bad dude in all of Montana may be coming to an end. Too many people are on to him, and when Sheriff Wagy, another miserable and despicable man, says he’s washing his hands clean of you, then you messed up.

Of course, that awful sheriff found himself in the right place at the right time and ratted out Jenny, Cassie, and Gil, who finally learned what the Kleinsasser’s were hiding.

Though murder doesn’t seem to be Horst’s go-to move, you have to imagine he would make an exception in this case. His whole life is wrapped up in ensuring the survival of the ranch. He cares about that more than he cares about his kids or himself.

If it all goes down in flames, then essentially, his whole existence will have been for naught. If Horst is the way he is, can you imagine what his father was like?

We’re running out of time to dive more into Rand’s psyche, but John Wayne, while messed up in his own right, has got to see that his constant protection of Rand is doing the guy zero favors.

Of all the siblings and their toxic relationships, you can tell that John Wayne cares for Rand, but he’s unwilling to help him in any way. He shouldn’t be sending Rand out on missions to hurt people.

He’s got a couple of murders under his belt yet, and he literally dreams of harming people. But John Wayne turns his head and soldiers on because, like all Kleinsasser’s, if it’s not in your best interest to do something, then you can’t be bothered.

Here’s hoping Jenny, Cassie, and Gil make it off that ranch alive, but that’s probably wishful thinking. As soon as Gil said he wasn’t trying to die on that godforsaken ranch, it was pretty much guaranteed that’s exactly what was going to happen.

The other running storyline continues to be Ronald’s crazy self and Mark and Cassie being just a minute too late to capture him.

Ronald’s luck has got to run out at some point. It just has to because how long are we supposed to watch him get away with murder?

Tracking him to Scarlet’s house feels like it won’t amount to much because there’s no way he goes back there, right? He could talk Scarlet into just about anything, so it’s hardly a stretch to think he comes up with a story to convince her that they should start over in a new town.

And the cliffhanger with Phoebe is barely that when again you consider how Ronald will probably tell her he’s burying a deer or something, and she will eat it up and go back to sleep without a second thought.

Mark: We'll get him.
Cassie: Yeah. Is this another one of your manifestations?
Mark: No. He'll slip up.
Cassie: Please stop saying that. Slipping up means somebody else dies.

Mark’s addition has been very welcome, but the story of Ronald is starting to drag. All this talk of him slipping up, and he has slipped up. He’s still in Montana, hiding in plain sight and taunting Jerrie and Cassie.

It’s time he’s caught, and that case is put to bed already for everyone’s sake, including the audience.

Odds and End

  • The man in Mary’s freezer was Steve! But who killed him? My money is still on Scarlet.
  • RIP Angela. There are very few people in that town willing to do anything, and she took a chance, and it got her killed. She’s just one in a line of many who lost their lives due to the greed of the Kleinsasser’s.
  • Serious question, has there been an episode of the series where someone hasn’t died?

We are limping our way to the finish line, but I still have high hopes that things will end with a bang and not a whimper!

Were you underwhelmed by this hour?

What do you want to see over the final installments?

With a Big Sky Season 2 on the horizon, it’ll be fascinating to see where things end this season! Please let me know what you hope to see moving forward, and remember to watch Big Sky online right here via TV Fanatic anytime! 

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