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The body count is officially out of control.

Is it possible we could get to the end of this season with only Jenny, Cassie, and Denise alive? Because that's a genuine possibility with how things were left at the end of Big Sky Season 1 Episode 15.

The Kleinsasser's are dropping like flies, and this may finally be the time Ronald gets what's long been coming to him.

Let's start with Ronald, who's a little bit out of his element with his relationship with Scarlet.

Because here's the thing about Ronald, he doesn't actually believe he's a bad guy. He doesn't see himself as a monster, but now that he knows that Scarlet knows who he is, it creates a bit of a conundrum for him.

Scarlet: It was the biggest mistake of my life. But I fixed it.
Ronald: How did you fix it?
Scarlet: I stuck a screwdriver into his skull. I'm sorry. That's what I did.

Even though she's seemingly right on his same wavelength of crazy, that's not how Ronald wants to be perceived. He's taken time to craft this whole new persona as Arthur, but it's just his luck he found the one woman in Montana just as off the rails as he is.

Killing Steve wasn't something she felt remorse over, nor did she care for a millisecond that her sister could have been in danger. It's pretty telling that even after all her admissions to Ronald, he still didn't tell her that Mary was dead by his hand.

So he doesn't trust her nearly as much as she seems to trust him, and they are presumably about to be put into a situation where she could be entirely expendable to him.

Mark and Jerrie are inside the house and essentially have the twosome trapped, but to assume that means Ronald is a goner would be foolish. The man has twenty-seven lives, apparently.

Speaking of Jerrie, she is lovely and deserves all the good things, but in what world would she be allowed to go into that house with Mark brandishing a gun? And where is the backup?

Mark is a one-person show, but does he not have a boss? Ronald is a known killer who has rigged explosives in the past, and Mark was headed in with no backup until one of Ronald's victims came along to lend a hand.

Jerrie feeling this need to be there and help bring Ronald down makes sense on the surface, but Mark was right when he told her it wasn't going to make her pain disappear because she had a hand in his apprehension.

Having pinged Scarlet's phone, they could have continued to keep tabs until they brought in some local law enforcement to help. It's a lot less likely Ronald bests them when he's caught off-guard AND outnumbered.

It would have been great if Cassie and Jenny were there, but they were fighting for their lives yet again, as the Kleinsasser's decided to abandon conversation and go straight to the killing.

When Jenny and Cassie were running away, it did feel like it was either going to be them or the Kleinsasser's. There was no pretense with Rand trying to run Cassie over. And she had no choice but to strike back.

Even so, it was a little shocking to see Rand go out like that. He made it back to his cabin, only to die in Margaret's arms.

They're beating us over the head with the fact that the ranch is a soul-sucking place that has robbed the Kleinsasser's of their humanity. The blood mixing in with the toxic waste was an excellent visual and further proof that Kleinsasser's blood has become tainted.

It started with Horst, and it's traveled all the way down to Cheyenne, who's now following in her sibling's footsteps and killing one of her own.

Jenny: Your father will kill you, Cheyenne.
Cheyenne: No, he won't. I'm all he has left.

Even Blake, who got out and tried to outsmart the family name, ended up right back where he started and died on that cursed land.

Now we've got Blake, John Wayne, and Rand all dead on that land, and what does Horst have to show for it? All this talk about he can do whatever he wants on his property -- and look what it cost him -- not that he seems particularly worried about any of it.

His children are dying all around him, their blood literally seeping into his pores, and he can't even be bothered to look anything other than annoyed.

But there's not much Sheriff Wagy or anyone else can do for him now. He's made his bed, and now he's stuck with the two people he respects least in the world to try and salvage his name and the only thing he's ever cared about.

Speaking of the sheriff, he continues to be a despicable excuse for a human being. Cassie getting to speak her mind to him was a thing of beauty, only ruined by that cowardly Deputy trying to pipe in and act like he was some kind of savior because he kidnapped her but decided against committing murder.

Oh, however, shall she thank you, Deputy?

Wagy has used his privilege and his badge to do whatever he wants to whomever he wants, but with the Kleinsasser's on the decline (literally) and Jenny and Cassie the actual queens of not letting anything go, hopefully, his days as a man in power are numbered.

There are murderers and psychopaths all over this show, and yet somehow, Wagy managed to be the worst of them all in many ways.

Even though this felt like a wrap-up of storylines for the worst family in Montana, I'd personally like to see what Cheyenne and Margaret do now that they will have the keys to the castle. And there is no way that Horst, of all people, makes it through this season alive.

That is not how Big Sky rolls.

As far as Ronald, this should be the end of the line for him, but it's impossible to say whether or not we get closure with Ronald in handcuffs, or he continues to haunt us as we head into Season 2.

Place your bets now!

Odds and Ends

  • Ronald is so darn creepy that it barely phased Phoebe that he would be out burying a dead animal in the middle of the night.
  • Did I mention I hate Sheriff Wagy?
  • John Wayne and Rand don't get any rest in peace platitudes because they just don't.

We did it, guys! We made it to the Big Sky Season 1 finale! How we did it, I have no idea, but we are almost there!

I can't wait to hear what you guys are predicting for the final hour, which should be a doozy. Remember that no one is ever safe in Montana.

Leave your predictions down below, and make sure to watch Big Sky online right now ahead of the explosive finale! 

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