If there's one thing we know about the Charmed ones, it's that there's always doom and gloom around the corner when they achieve happiness.

Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 11 kicked off with the sisters relishing in the fact that that the allergy was over, allowing them to navigate their lives the way they wanted.

By the end, however, they were back at square one.

The poor girls had a happier life dangled in front of them like a carrot, only for it all to be whisked away from them.

In hindsight, getting rid of the curse was too easy, and now they're going to have to adapt to their lives all over again.

It made for a nice change seeing Macy and Harry's love life flourishing, but the allergy will cause them to have to rethink what their relationship means to them.

Harry offering to find a way to make them both mortal might seem ripped from some other CW shows, but it would allow them to be together.

The hug at the top of the hour was telling. They would risk everything for their love, but they've already sacrificed enough.

Giving up their abilities for good is a big swing and will probably cause a ruckus in the household.

Otherworldly creatures consistently target the Charmed ones, but who's to say these creatures would stop targeting Macy if she didn't have her powers?

There's a lot we don't know about this, and I would like to think there would be constructive conversations before deciding on this one.

The positive is that the sisters have the Book of Shadows back in their possession, thanks to Josefina. The new member of the family has been a strong addition to the series.

Putting a new character into an already established show and having them gel with the established players is tough, but Josefina has blossomed into one of the best characters on the show.

Her small arc as she sought answers about her family worked well, and it successfully threw the sisters for a loop as they wondered who this person claiming to be their family was.

Now that Josefina has found her place in the magical community, all eyes will be on her to see if the sinks or swims, and if the events of "Witchful Thinking" are any indication, it will be the latter.

Knowing that Josefina is possibly gone from the series for good is a bitter pill to swallow because of how well she played with the other characters.

There's bound to be a time when the sisters need to call on her for assistance or vice versa, but if there is an option to bring Mareya Salazar back in a more prominent role, the series would be wise to let it happen.

Yes, the series is centered around the Charmed ones and the bond between the sisters, but it doesn't hurt to have some new blood in there.

If the show wanted to go with a fourth lead witch, it could work.

As for Maggie, she's been working through some tough things, but it was about time she reached out to Jordan.

They were such a pivotal part of Charmed Season 2 together that it's been jarring how far apart they've been throughout Charmed Season 3.

Yes, there were things they needed to speak about, and they needed some time, but there's a chance Maggie has left it too late to reconnect with her love interest.

Getting the internship was a big moment for her but learning that she probably only got it because Antonio's grisly crash took the wind out of her.

She wants to be seen and heard for who she is and wants to get by on her own merits, not because she was second best.

The writers did a good job of showing Maggie learned a lesson, but now that Jordan is in trouble, she's going to find herself questioning her decisions more than ever.

Another strong part of "Witchful Thinking" was the way the mythology continued to expand.

The series shows that there are much bigger stories to be told in the Charmed universe, but that's not to say I'm a fan of how quickly the show is burning through the villains.

We've witnessed how taxing emotionally and physically it is for the sisters to keep the world safe, but these villains need to last more than a handful of episodes.

It's nice to see what the show can achieve with the variety of villains, but it's time to go back to having a big bad for the whole season and not some faceless force.

OK, Charmed fans.

What did you think of Josefina getting her powers? Do you think there's more to them than meets the eye?

Do you think Harry is selfish by offering Macy to become mortal to live out their days together?

What do you think of the way Maggie tried to contact Jordan? Has it been too long for you to care?

Hit the comments.

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