Will Squad 3 make it out alive?

That's the question on everyone's mind as Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 16 came to a close.

Severide, Cruz, Capp, and Tony are out of air, submerged underwater, and there's nothing Truck 81 or Ambo 61 could do but watch the events unfold, fingers crossed that everything works out all right.

Realistically speaking, it's unclear if the entire squad company would die if put in a situation like this. 

However, this is television, and there's no way the series would kill off four characters in one fell swoop like this, right?

Kidd: I love this house. When I get my lieutenant’s placement how am I ever going to find a house as good as this one?
Severide: I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna be a tough search finding you the right house, but wherever you go, you’ll take a piece of 51 with you. You’ll plant it, and it’ll grow.
Kidd: You’re wonderful, you know that?
Severide: I love you, Stella Kidd.

Before Otis died on Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 1, I'd have argued that this would have been a giant fakeout, similar to the aftermath on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 1 where multiple firefighters were in danger on Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 22, but everyone managed to survive.

However, the series made a bold move when they killed off Otis, reminding us that no one is safe.

So the truth is someone could end up dying, but it's likely only to be one character that's killed off rather than all four of them.

Capp and Tony are expendable, so there's a chance it could be one of them.

The death of either character would rock the firehouse, but it wouldn't disrupt the day-to-day lives of our favorite firefighters in a big way.

It would be similar to how Andy Darden died on Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 1 and the ripple effects of his death, which were more of Casey and Severide butting heads than mourning the loss of their fallen friend.

There's also the possibility it ends up being Severide or Cruz, which would weigh more heavily on 51.

It would be especially tragic if it were either character, as Cruz is about to become a father and Severide just got engaged.

Casey: I think Uncle Jake was sending me a message: Don’t wait around like I did. Get out there and live. I told Brett how I feel, just laid it all out there
Severide: Yeah, and…
Casey: And nothing yet. I think I gave her a lot to think about.
Severide: So you wait.
Casey: Yeah, all I can do. Anyway, speaking of get out there and live, I saw the way you and Kidd were looking at each other.
Severide: I might have done something.
Casey: I knew it. I’m proud of you, brother.

If it has to be one of the two, Cruz may be more likely to die unless there's behind-the-scenes drama and Taylor Kinney, who plays Severide, either wants to leave or is written out of the show.

Kinney is second billing and has been a series regular since the start, whereas Joe Minoso, who plays Cruz, recurred during the first season before being upped to a series regular.

Severide always has been and will always be a more prominent character, but that's what could make his death all the more shocking.

We could be anticipating it be Cruz, and the writers, having lulled us into a false sense of security, take advantage of the misdirect and kill off Severide.

It would fit the trope of TV characters being killed once they've finally achieved happiness, and Severide's engagement to Kidd is the epitome of the lieutenant's happiness.

So, to sum up: We have no idea who, or if anyone, dies, and it's completely useless to try to figure this out, so we're just going to have to wait until the fall to find out. Classic dick TV show move.

It's a shame the cliffhanger overtook some of the episode because other than that, there was a lot to celebrate.

Stellaride's engagement is Firehouse 51 official, and if when Severide survives, he and Kidd will be walking down the aisle next season.

OK, I have spring cleaning assignments. Apparatus floor, Capp, Tony. Gallo, Ritter, you guys clean the kitchen, and I want it spotless. And cleaning out the storage closet is my fiancée.


Severide has already asked Casey to be his best man, and Kidd will ask Brett.

Their eventual wedding -- I'm staying hopeful -- will be a joyous occasion and could be the excuse we need to see some of our favorite departed characters -- return to Chicago for the big day.

So should Dawson swing by to watch her friends get married, she might be in for quite the shock because Casey and Brett are officially a couple.

This is not a drill. Brettsey is finally happening, and it's about damn time.

The writers toyed with us for far too long for them not to reward us, and boy did they ever.

Everything about Casey and Brett getting together was perfect: From the way that Brett realized Casey was the one for her to the late-night kiss as the camera pans around them and the slow but ultimately satisfying scene of their first time together.

It was all my 'shipper heart could ask for and more.

Brett's 'aha moment' may have seemed quick from the outside, but it's been nearly two years in the making.

She reciprocated Casey's feelings in an epic declaration of love sooner than expected in the hour, but it was still magical.

Brett: We belong together.
Casey: We do.
Brett: We’re right for each other.
Casey: We are.
Brett: When you know, you know.
Casey: You do.
Brett: I’m in love with you.

For so long, Brett has been trying to talk herself out of feeling the way she does, convinced that it'd never work out with her and Casey.

And even his declaration of love on Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 15 wasn't enough to sway her at first.

But after some wise words from Violet and a doll collector, Brett realized Casey was the one for her, and it was time for her to stop fighting what she's known in her heart for episodes upon episodes.

Had Brett not said something soon, Casey would have thrown in the towel, believing his shot with Brett had passed.

His uncle was right in that he shouldn't wait his life on something or someone that's not going to happen, and Casey didn't want to end up watching the best years of his life go by while he pined after some girl.

Fortunately, Casey doesn't have to, as he and Brett are on the road to starting something new and beautiful.

They may work out; they may not. They could be endgame for all we know or just two ships passing in the night. At this moment in time, they're together, and that's enough for now.

Elsewhere, Boden made a decision surrounding becoming a deputy district chief, and though we didn't hear what it was, it's apparent he agreed.

Since being offered the opportunity, Boden had been on the fence about whether or not to accept the position, but his conversation with his new Black neighbors pushed Boden over the edge.

Boden: She has asked if I want to be considered for a deputy district chief role.
Herrmann: That’s great.
Mouch: Doesn’t seem like you’re excited.
Boden: No, it’s more chief work, less firefighter work.
Herrmann: Don’t lift your leg on this opportunity so quick, chief. I would hate to personally not see you as much on shift, but let’s be honest, we need as high ranking as possible.
Boden: I had my fill of bureaucracy when I lobbied for commissioner.
Mouch: Herrmann’s right, you know. You look at a lot of these white shirts and you think, ‘Not a firefighter. Not a firefighter.’ Why you’re so good as a battalion chief is because you stood where we stand. When do you need to get back to her?
Boden: She says she needs an answer by the end of the week. She has to present the mayor with an org chart in July.
Herrmann: Well either way you lean, you got our support.
Mouch: Definitely.

Hearing how much of a role model Boden was to the young Black boy made it nearly impossible for Boden to reject the offer, which would allow him to make the CFD better for everyone as a higher-ranking officer.

Boden is an incredible battalion chief and will make an incredible deputy district chief even if it is more bureaucracy and less firefighting.

From his conversation with Herrmann and Mouch, it sounds like he'll still be around 51, and his promotion paves the way for Kidd to stay at 51 as a lieutenant.

To recap, Kidd would replace Casey as leader on truck when the captain becomes the officer in charge of 51.

Besides, Boden would do almost anything to ensure Kidd's success. If he realizes that his promotion means that she can become a lieutenant and stay at 51, that would be more than enough reason for him to consider Hill's offer seriously.

Boden accepting the promotion makes the most sense and ensures that our family can stay together.

And if someone has to die, the least the writers can do is find a way to keep 51 together.

Lastly, Gallo and Violet almost got back together but didn't.

Gallo: The other night when you kissed me…
Violet: Oh yeah.
Gallo: Well, I was thinking maybe we should go on a date again soon. See where it goes.
Violet: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too until I found out you dated the last paramedic who was here. So that’s your type, whatever paramedic you are working with.
Gallo: We weren’t dating. It was super casual.
Violet: Well, I want to be even more super casual with you, like the most casual, like so casual we aren’t even hanging out.

The pair still have feelings for each other, and Gallo was more than willing to give it another try.

The problem is Violet, who's still playing games but isn't entirely off base.

Her reasoning for not wanting to rekindle a relationship with Gallo after learning that he hooked up with Mackey makes some sense.

Gallo has a type, and, understandably, Violet's not interested in being just another paramedic on his belt.

Yet it's confusing why Violet assumed Gallo was a player after he hooked up with two paramedics.

Doesn't she know that everyone at 51 dates each other, and that's just part of the culture?

Plus, Gallo is about as far from a player as you can get. 

Does she not remember the time he lowkey proposed to her? Players don't typically do that.

Violet: You have been gathering supplies for 30 minutes. Kinda figured you were stalling, but I can only stall for so long before I start to get restless.
Brett: I’m just being thorough.
Violet: And you missed briefing and you locked up next to Casey. I kinda figured out why you don’t want to go back to the house.
Brett: I’m afraid I’ve been spinning out about Casey for so long I don’t know how to stop.
Violet: I’ll tell you what I think, but only if you want to hear it. I don’t want to overstep since we’re fairly new partners.
Brett: No please.
Violet: My mom, the aforementioned birthday, she uses the word ‘good’ to describe people, and it’s an underrated word if you ask me because it gets used so often, but to my mom, good is the highest compliment. He’s a good man, she’d say about my father. And in that one word, she meant he had honor. She meant he was loyal. She meant he was brave. Now I haven’t spent a ton of time at 51 yet, but I can tell you this: You and Casey, you are both good.

So we left Gallo and Violet in this weird holding pattern where they're not dating now, but the possibility is still out there in the future.

It's just another reason why we'll have to tune in next season.

Some stray thoughts:

  • Ritter coming up with a side hustle for him, Gallo, and Violet will undoubtedly provide plenty of hijinks for next season. I wonder what it'll be.

  • Capp having a drop-dead gorgeous and smart girlfriend was hilarious as none of the other guys believed him. Capp is usually the butt of the joke, so it's nice to see that he has someone, though it's anyone's guess on how he landed a smokeshow like Maisie.

So what did you think, Chicago Fire Fanatics?

Does Squad 3 make it out alive?

Is Brettsey endgame?

Did Boden accept Hill's offer?

Don't forget to hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. If you missed the finale, remember you can watch Chicago Fire online at TV Fanatic.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/05/chicago-fire-season-9-episode-16-review-no-survivors/


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