Brady has finally had enough.

He got into that accident, rushing to find Kristen and talk her into going back to prison before she got in worse trouble, but now even her being the mother of his child doesn't seem to be enough to keep him from walking away.

It's about time... but what changes his mind on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-24-21?

According to the spoiler video, Brady tells Kristen in no uncertain terms that they're done.

Of course, they have a child together, so he can't make a clean break, And considering that Kristen embarked on this whole crazy scheme in the first place because she was desperate to hold onto him, there's no way she will accept this easily now.

There are two questions here: why Brady has suddenly come to his senses and what Kristen will do to win him back.

Brady was attracted to her softer side. Every time he's fallen for her, it's because she's convinced him she's a truly good person now who can be his partner as they move forward in life.

So the smart thing for Kristen to do would be to show extreme remorse for her unhinged behavior and give him space to think things over. But that's not in Kristen's nature, so she will probably double down on the crazy schemes.

Kristen is already trying to use Chloe's disappearance to get herself out of jail when she should tell the cops where Chloe is as part of her attempt to redeem herself.

Meanwhile, there's another surprise in store, as Kate wakes up claiming to be blind! Will her condition be real or fake, and will Jake feel obligated to stay with her because of it?

There's a ton of other stories moving forward as May sweeps comes to a close. Check out the full collection of spoiler photos below.

Jan reveals to Claire what happened the night Charlie was murdered.

This is probably while holding her at gunpoint.

Unfortunately, the story went in this stupid direction when the obvious play was for Shawn and Belle to ask Claire to pretend to be Jan's friend again so she could get the truth out of her.

This kidnapping is meant to be exciting, but since we just survived Sami and Lucas being locked in the secret room together and Kate escaping from Kristen's clutches, it feels like a rerun.

Steve and Kayla's romantic evening gets interrupted.

Stayla scenes are always something to look forward to! 30+ years later, these two have still got the chemistry and love that made them one of Days of Our Lives' most popular couples in the late 1980s and early 90s.

But who's interrupting them and why?

My guess is that John comes over to inform Steve about Claire's disappearance or Kristen's shenanigans.

Ben frantically searches for Claire.

It wasn't that long ago that Ben was frantically searching for Ciara.

At least this time, it probably won't end with the rescued person having no memory of their relationship!

I'd love it if this scare led Ben to reevaluate his insistence that he and Claire are just friends, but the writers intend for Ben/Ciara to be endgame, so I doubt it will go down that way.

Xander threatens Sami.

Of course, he does.

Will Sami please find the backbone she seems to reserve for bothering Allie these days?

The Sami of yesteryear would squash Xander under her heel without a second thought. She got the better of EJ on more than one occasion, and he's a much more sophisticated criminal than Xander, so this should be easy for her.

Kristen and Brady find themselves at a crossroads.

What crossroads? At least from the spoiler video, it appears that Brady has made up his mind to leave Kristen.

Kristen could decide to work on being a better person to get him back or keep doing crazy things, so I guess she's at a crossroads herself.

But as a couple, they're done, at least for now.

Jan ends up with two hostages instead of one.

According to spoilers, Jan will hotwire a car... and be unaware that Chloe is in the trunk.

Talk about a coincidence!

This story gets sillier and sillier. Let's hope the hostages get returned safely soon.

Rafe grills Sami and Lucas.

This is an odd thing to do to the victims of a crime.

I guess Rafe wants to find out what they know about Kristen and why they didn't tell him earlier, but this hardly seems the time for grilling these two.

But if we get some more great Sami/Lucas interactions out of this, it might be worth it anyway.

Jake is thrown by a new development in Kate's medical condition.

I have to give Days of Our Lives credit: I didn't expect this.

I figured Kate would have amnesia and forget that she witnessed Jake and Gabi sleeping together since Days of Our Lives loves to repeat last month's story over and over with different characters.

But Kate is going to be blind instead -- if she's telling the truth and not pretending to be unable to see to hold onto Jake.

Nicole struggles to keep her secret from Rafe.

Stop struggling, Nicole. Just tell him.

There's no reason for her to keep this secret. Rafe is the least judgmental of all her friends, but Nicole acts like she cheated on him instead of Eric.

She needs to come clean and admit that things are over with Eric and then get a divorce, but that would be too easy.

Sami questions Allie, hoping to get the goods on Nicole.

This is why Nicole should stop caring what anyone thinks and tell the truth.

Keeping unnecessary secrets leaves her vulnerable to blackmail, and now Sami will put Allie in the middle.

I hope Allie finds out that Sami cheated on EJ... with her dad. Maybe then Sami will stop being a hypocrite.

Rafe and Ava take their relationship to the next level.

Well, that didn't take long.

It was only a week or two ago that they decided to take things slowly and didn't do more than kiss.

I guess two weeks is slow in Salem, but sheesh.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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