Bryan Beneventi's backstory wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be.

But, after Debris Season 1 Episode 11, I'm of the opinion that part of that story might be fabricated with less to do with the story itself than about Bryan and his experience with the debris.

So much of what we're seeing seems to be misdirects, and the only thing offering genuine clues are the communications that run over the end credits.

Poor Mariel (I'm not sure how it's spelled...Murielle?).

We've seen so many bizarre scenarios that spelled doom for people who ran across it, but this one really stung for some reason.

Her life ended the minute she wandered across debris that was seeking Bryan. But why was it seeking Bryan?

Debris often has specific purposes relating to someone's desires, but this might have been related to the debris' desires. That's different.

Before the case, Bryan and Finola were getting on great. That made it even harder for Finola to handle what happened to Bryan when Mariel touched him, sucking him into her world, a world in which she relived Bryan's most personal experiences from Afghanistan.

(Nitpick: Bryan initially fell to the ground in front of Mariel, having what was later described as an idiopathic neurological event. Editing went a little astray, though. Bryan was being wheeled out of the containment cube, but seconds later, Finola was trying to reach him on the ground again. Whoops.)

Other instances of the show that led me to believe what we saw wasn't real weren't necessarily as easy to spot and far more theoretical.

Overall, Bryan's story with Asalah was predictable. It was a tale of the tape kind of stuff, the sort that makes up many Afghanistan stories on lesser shows. It was too pat, in my opinion. Too easy to poke holes into.

How Bryan reacts to the story seems more important than the story itself, and part of that goes back to the clone clutching Asalah's photo.

I don't carry this so that I remember her. I carry it so that I don't forget what it's like to invest in something that I can lose.


The ease with which parts of the outside world bled into his idiopathic event made it seem like the debris was trying to break through and show him what really happened during that time as if his memories were suspect.

Maddox looks more suspect than ever since the first thing he suggested was that Bryan's medicine dosage should be doubled.

We don't know why he's being treated, but now we know that Bryan doesn't feel comfortable with his knowledge of the past. Why?

Maddox: We decided to start with doubling your does, alright?
Bryan: What happened to me had nothing to do with the injections not working.
Maddox: We have to cover all of our bases. Make sure.

What did he wish he had remembered more of during his walk down memory lane?

Bryan: I wish you hadn't stopped it. Could have learned more.
Maddox: You might not have survived. It was too much for her system. You happened to a little strong, that's all. But you were almost there. I don't know why this happened to you. I just don't want it to happen again. As far as I know, you're the only person debris has ever sought out.

Maddox was getting another piece of the debris when the hour opened. He's looking less like one of the good guys all the time. Should we trust him or not?

Was he actually in Bryan's past in Afghanistan, or did Bryan insert him? Maddox was shocked that Bryan knew his name. Was that an actual memory, or was it something that the debris created and that the medicine is masking?

Again, the clone clutching that photo doesn't seem right. Bryan uses it as a reminder, but I wonder if he just doesn't know what he's trying to remember.

When Finola and Maddox talked things out, and Finola suggested that Bryan's memories have been bouncing around the debris as the debris communicates in its network, Maddox seemed enthralled with what she was saying.

But Maddox also acts that way when he's digging for information. As if he's allowing Finola to say what he will not to determine how much she knows.

Right after she walked away, he considered that the meds might be losing their reflectiveness (or something similar to that -- I didn't have the benefit of closed captioning). He's hiding something, and that something is also hidden from Bryan.

But all of that is so darn obtuse! And I know there are clues, but I am not the best at puzzles that require me to remember so many seemingly unrelated events over a large period of time.

Hopefully, we can establish some kind of throughline between all of us that's leading to the finale.

Part of that line, for sure, comes from the comms transmissions during the end credits, which are easier to see thanks to some very helpful Redditors.

Early on, the transmissions talked about the debris falling and how it wasn't burning up. It was followed up with specific mentions of Garcia (who is still around, albeit with some permanent changes) and another agent whose name was inaudible. Two of them mention Debris Field 56.

The transmission from Debris Season 1 Episode 10 has this exchange: Woman: Tell us what you’re seeing. (beep) Can you tell us what you’re seeing? (beep) Woman 2: I’m seeing sparkles in the air. Still no sign of Ming. (beep) It’s beautiful. Man: Have you found Beneventi? Have you found Beneventi? Over. (beep)

Were Garcia and Beneventi directly affected by the debris in some way? And did Maddox try to cover up what happened to them?

What does Maddox know about the debris? What is he doing with all of the debris pieces he's gotten his hands on? Is he actively trying to keep the debris from getting too close to Bryan?

The end transmission has Bryan found, wounded on his chin and chest, and a man asking, "what the heck happened to these men?" Someone knows, and Maddox might be privy to the realities of what Bryan and the others experienced.

Can you tell that I really stink at playing detective? I'm great at analyzing relationships between people, but this stuff stymies me.

And what the heck was the bit with the Blackwater Grandfather at the end?

When you watch with skepticism and look at it like one giant puzzle, it's a lot more fun than experiencing it as a quasi-procedural.

Hit me with your thoughts on everything that's happening. Have you scoured Reddit for clues?

Make sure you watch Debris online and report back.



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