TITLE : Army of the Dead
RACE : Hollywood
GENRE : Horror
LANGUAGE : English
DURATION : 148 minutes
DIRECTOR : Zack Snyder
THEME : Zombie, Heist, War

PLOT : Casino owner Bly Tanaka and his associate Martin (Garret Dillahunt) approach former mercenary Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) about a job to steal $200 million from his casino vault before the military destroys the city with a tactical nuclear strike. Ward agrees and recruits his former teammates Maria Cruz and Vanderohe, along with helicopter pilot Marianne Peters, German safecracker Ludwig Dieter, and Chicano sharpshooter Mikey Guzman, who brings along his associate Chambers. Martin joins the team to observe them. Ward's estranged daughter Kate, who works at a quarantine camp, directs them to Lily, a smuggler familiar with the city. Lily recruits Burt Cummings, a camp security guard. When Kate learns Lily escorted her friend Geeta into Vegas, Kate insists on joining the team over Ward's objections.

USER REVIEW : Zack Snyder’s zombies-in-Vegas extravaganza is an exhausting pivot from brilliant to boring, accomplished to shambolic.

IMDB : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0993840/

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