That was a terrific hour of TV.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14 was another Alicia-centric outing, but it finally shed light on what became of the people at the stadium.

Fans have been clamoring for more from the stadium ever since Madison traded her life for the lives of others on Fear the Walking Dead Season 4, and it was about time we got some more insight.

Cole was a snake in the grass, but the apocalypse hardened him somewhat. You can trust someone one day and not the other in this world, and it makes sense.

The horrors of the apocalypse play with people both emotionally and mentally, and we’ve witnessed many characters break down throughout this franchise.

The notion that everyone will be able to remain the same person they were pre-apocalypse is laughable. Still, in terms of circling back to a pivotal point in the series, Cole’s dramatic heel turn was handled fairly well.

Alicia has struggled with all of the loss in her life, but witnessing the people her mother died for turning a gun on her was as tragic as you would expect.

Alicia was hardly on the top of her game. We’ve witnessed what she does to secure the survival of herself and the people she cares about, but I was surprised she didn’t try to evade Teddy sooner.

Then again, she wanted to learn more about this new and very present threat. The End is the Beginning group is intriguing, and without knowing their true cause, it was difficult for Alicia to make an assessment that could lead to meaningful results.

At least she got a message out before being locked up, so that’s something. I was fully prepared for Alicia fighting back, being her last stand.

Something about this particular episode felt like it was bringing Alicia’s arc full circle, mostly by revealing that people she thought were her friends were quite the opposite.

It was, once again, another acting showcase from Alycia Debnam Carey, who is quite eating up all of the scenes she is a part of this season.

Whether Alicia lives or dies following whatever Teddy is planning, I don’t know. If Teddy does get his wish, we should prepare for a drastically different world on Fear the Walking Dead Season 7.

One of the best aspects of this series is the way it continually reinvents itself, and while some of the time the series flounders, Fear the Walking Dead has been up there as one of the best seasons in the franchise.

It’s amazing what paying homage to the past while crafting convincing storylines can help keep the show on the right track.

If the world is successfully restarted, and someone like Alicia lacks hope at the wheel, it could lead to quite the new world order.

It will be exciting to see how the others react to the distress call, and more importantly, how they navigate these turbulent times.

Dakota is a brat, and I let out the biggest sigh when she showed up to go along for the ride, and my heart skipped a beat when she was messing around with things behind Alicia before she aimed the rifle at her.

Dakota is wicked and will follow the power wherever it leads her. It’s pretty tragic, especially when you consider how she and Alicia struck up a bond earlier in the season.

I’m fine with Dakota remaining on the show, so long as she embraces her villainous side. We don’t need another Charlie. That’s not a dig at Charlie, but when Dakota killed John, it seemed like she was another iteration of the Nick-killer.

Teddy is a piece of work, but what hit me the most was how he lured both girls into a false sense of security by implying they were taking his mother’s body.

That was cold, but it also solidified that Teddy will bring hellfire to this world the characters inhabit.

Every aspect of this character works, but the trick will be how the writers land the season. With two episodes left, we need the tension to continue.

These characters will not allow the world to implode and will seek answers to what is going on.

One of the biggest concerns is how the CRM fits into this storyline. We know The End is the Beginning has been hitting any groups and have intel on the helicopter people. 

Are we to assume Isabelle and some more people from the shadowy corporation will come to the defense of our heroes in the end?

As a whole, “Mother” was a phenomenally written, acted, and directed episode, leaving this viewer wanting a lot more of this fantastic world.

What did you think of Alicia learning the truth about Cole?

What did you think of Teddy’s plan to restart the world?

Are you fine with Dakota being on the show as long as she embraces that she’s wicked?

Hit the comments below.

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