FOX's thrilling gameshow Game of Talents continues tonight at 9/8c, and we have an exclusive look at the new episode.

Combining the awe, wonder, and spectacle of a large-scale variety show with a clue-centered, high-intensity investigative game, Game of Talents is a new hybrid series hosted by Wayne Brady.

In a sea of game shows, Game of Talents really does a good job of putting the others to shame, and it's all down to the execution of it all.

In the clip, we see Wayne introducing the first clue to Deanna and Erin in the form of a man named Craig.

The two women get the option of playing or passing after they've tried to put the clue together, and we're left on a cliffhanger when they declare they came to play.

Far too often, people on game shows play it safe, but Deanna and Erin are ready to take some big risks if it helps them out in the end.

That's the aim of the game, right?

Game of Talents is produced by Fremantle.

Executive producers include Jeff Apploff and Wayne Brady.

The series pits two teams of contestants against each other as they attempt to figure out the surprising -- and sometimes bizarre -- hidden talents of the mystery performers.

With more than $200,000 on the line, it's up to the contestants to identify unique skills, including fire dancing, spider wrangling, chainsaw juggling, and contortion.

Have a look at the clip below, and be sure to watch the new episode tonight, after The Masked Singer.

We promise it's a fun clip!

What did you think of the clip?

Are you a fan of the show?

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