There was all kinds of fun stuff to be had on Good Witch Season 7 Episode 2.

Martha threw a kickass impromptu festival with a '50s theme, which should come as no surprise to anyone given her multiple talents, and Stephanie turned the tables on Adam.

We even got a little recon going on with the reveal that George and Laurel were the best of friends!

If it was shocking that we met Adam's Eileen so quickly, then imagine his surprise when she showed up in town. It was one awkward conversation after another for the poor girl.

Any stranger coming into Middleton is greeted with open arms, but Eileen couldn't have known that the open arms she walked into belonged to Adam's ex.

Adam made it very clear while he was in Peru that Stephanie was an ex, from how Eileen tells it. It's kind of like the Friends storyline with Ross and Rachel. They were on a break, but only Stephanie was treating it as such.

Returning to Middleton reminded Adam of what a great thing he had with Stephanie, but it was too little too late. Stephanie has greater things on her mind than resuming a relationship with Adam.

Still, she's not ruling it out, but she suggested to him that he doesn't make the same mistake she did. Adam said he'd wait for her, but he probably shouldn't hold out hope. These breaks are usually permanent.

Stephanie's unhappiness mirrors what we experienced with Lee and Rosemary on When Calls the Heart Season 8.

From the outside looking in, Stephanie seems happy. She's a successful restauranteur with a food truck on the side. She runs the meeting place for Middelton's best.

But inside, Stephanie is unfulfilled. She saw Adam's heart bursting with pride at what he accomplished in Peru, and she wants to feel the same way.

On When Calls the Heart, Rosemary was working in a dress shop. Sure, she loves fashion, but it's not her passion. She found her passion by keeping her nose to the ground and sniffing out what seems like gossip but is really the news.

That inspired her husband, Lee, to look for fulfillment, as well. Just like Stephanie, he seemed successful and happy, but while he loves what he's doing, he's not doing what he loves.

Stephanie loves food. She loves people. The cafe seems like a perfect fit. But now we know there is something more out there for her. Comparing it to When Calls the Heart again, I'd bet that the seeds have been sown for what she'll find that makes her heart soar, but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

Another interesting change, of course, comes from Vincent, who didn't find the birth mother he was seeking. Instead, he realized that he has a heart large enough to help others like he was once helped.

There are so many children in foster care, and exploring that experience that both Vincent and Cassie shared is a great direction for Good Witch and Vincent.

From what I know, fostering isn't the easiest thing to be approved to do, and with Vincent's passion for the high seas, he could be facing an uphill battle.

Then again, this is Middleton, and magic happens here. Where there is a child in need of a home, someone will step up. That someone will be Vincent.

Maybe his next outing will allow him to clear his head and come to terms with the changes he needs to make to welcome another into his life.

Cassie and Sam have made unlikely friends with another couple. When Grant first arrived in Middleton, he and Sam didn't hit it off. Their reaction to a barbecue invitation suggested things didn't progress from there, even if they had learned to tolerate one another at the hospital.

Adding Monica to the picture not only paints Grant in a different light, but it also allows Cassie to play hostess, something she does very well. When she gets that opportunity, lasting friendships are always in the cards.

Monica was a winner from her first frame on screen, and if she trusts and loves Grant, then it's easy for us to do that, too. She and Grant have already benefited from their friendship with Cassie and Sam, too.

When the right moment hits, you jump at the chance. Grant had been carrying a ring in his pocket, waiting to propose to Monica. They were so comfortable with Cassie and Sam at dinner that he popped the question. She turned him down cold. That stung.

Monica's intentions were good, though, as she sought to protect Grant from losing her since she feels she's living on borrowed time after a heart transplant.

It seems like her new heart found love whether she was looking for it or not, and what better to keep a new heart ticking than giving it a workout being in love?

Abigail and Donovan also corrected their misstep from Good Witch Season 7 Episode 1. Donovan wasted no time apologizing for dropping the ball with his mother, and Abigail accepted immediately. Whew.

Finally, speaking out to his mother gave Donovan the confidence he needed to call out his brother at their family dinner for lying. It wasn't the brightest family moment they'd ever had, but after years of forced competition between the brothers, the truth exploded in front of them, and they called a cease-fire.

Parenting isn't easy, and everyone goes about it differently. Dotty thought that her game of "who had the best day" would light a fire under her sons, urging them always to do their best. It was a noble thought, but instead, it caused lifelong friction between them.

Dotty headed straight to Martha to get her opinion on her choices, but instead of getting the backup she sought, she discovered Martha knew how divisive sibling competition would be to her family.

Imagine if they had overcome their differences back in college and had each other to lean on while raising their families. Oh well. At least they have each other now, and that's a gift worth the price they paid to find each other.

Dotty's dreams of Abigail and Donovan's wedding will probably be fulfilled sooner than either of them realize. As weight after weight is lifted from them, they're more eagerly discussing their future.

They talked about their family, and they both lit up when talking about children. Once those dreams begin to build, they'll set a date, so they don't waste any more time.

Before we get to the big George reveal and retcon, we need to discuss the outdoor scenes that proliferate Good Witch Season 7.

TV production in Canada resumed relatively early into the pandemic, but they made some changes, which are easy to spot on their signature shows. Filming outside more often is one of them, and it's working really well for Good Witch!

There is such beautiful scenery in Vancouver, and we're getting beach scenes, parks, water shots. It's all working very well. It's one of the best things to come from a very dire situation.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Martha can pull together a picnic like she did for Grease movie night. We haven't had that kind of fun since the chili cookoff on Good Witch Season 6.

Even though it was a smaller gathering, it felt huge and festive. Elton John loving Martha, and Tom even led the gang to the dance floor. The games, the clothes, the music -- it was a home run!

The biggest surprise was George's reveal that the dirt sacks have been in his possession for decades. When he was a teenager, he struck up a friendship with Laurel Merriwick, who instructed him to deliver the pouches to the three Merriwick witches on the next red-haloed moon.

First of all, that's a very long time to be holding onto those pouches. And since his son married a Merriwick witch, we have a lot of questions!

Did George know Cassie and his son were destined for one another? Had he been waiting for Cassie's arrival? How did he keep that secret all those years? When they searched for their history and made wishing candles and all that stuff, how did he not spill the beans?

Of course, that's the peril of retconning stories. There is so much that you want to know about what came before. Now that the cat's out of the bag, hopefully, we'll get many more stories from George that will tie those pieces together.

Allowing someone to experience their personal journey without interference isn't easy. Even Cassie interferes in her special way, and she loves allowing those to unfold as naturally as possible.

How much does George know about Joy's father? It seems to me that all of this is leading to his return. Her musings about her father are getting more frequent, and at the end of the episode, she said she knows what the symbol is for.

What do you think is coming up next? Will we wait all season for answers about her dad, or will he be introduced sooner with an even greater arc as a result?

Be sure to watch Good Witch online and then dip below to share your comments about the show. I'd love to hear from you!



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