Well, Stabler finally got his answer.

He's been searching for Kathy's killer since her death, and now the woman's in custody... and it's someone he thought he might be falling for.

On Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 6, Stabler got his answers about why Kathy was targeted, but they didn't make him feel any better.

Unsurprisingly, the answer didn't offer Stabler anything in terms of closure.

Kathy's death still makes as little sense as it did before. Angela's rambling story indicated that she verbalized a passing wish to make a cop suffer, and Wheatley decided to take her at her word by targeting Kathy for execution.

I'm not sure I buy most of that. Angela's not stupid, and she knows Wheatley very well. The "I didn't think he'd take me seriously" defense doesn't fly here.

And it still begs the question: why did Wheatley choose Stabler? He could have chosen any cop in New York City to make his point with, and the Stablers only decided to come to the Big Apple at the last minute.

Angela's explanation didn't explain much of anything, not with all those unanswered questions!

And the biggest question of all is whether or not she's telling Stabler anything resembling the truth.

Angela: Do you have children, Sergeant?
Bell: Not yet.
Angela: If you ever have a son, you'll learn that you will do whatever you have to to keep him safe, especially from the police.

Angela told Bell that she would do anything to protect her son from the cops, and the obvious meaning of that cryptic message is that she targeted Stabler because she believed he killed Rafiq.

But is that really what she meant? She has another son with Richard, after all. I don't know how protecting Richie could fit into all this, but it's still a possibility.

Izak seemed surprised when Richie went through with killing Gina, but could he have been involved in the car bombing? If so, Angela could be making up stories about what happened to Kathy to protect her younger son.

Stabler: I had coffee with your ex-husband.
Angela: That's strange. What'd he want?
Stabler: I'm not sure.
Angela: Did he know I was here?
Stabler: No. But he did tell me not to trust you because you're still in love with him.
Angela: You know he's lying.
Stabler: Yeah, I do. But I don't know whether you are.

Stabler knows he can't trust either of the Wheatleys, and I wonder if he'll find out more info about Kathy's death now that the supposed truth is out.

And what is Angela's game, anyway? She seems allied with Wheatley half the time yet also continually gives Stabler the info he needs to nail him.

Incidentally, I loved Steve Harris playing Angela's lawyer.

He also played a defense attorney on The Practice, working alongside Dylan McDermott (Richard Wheatley), so I was disappointed there were no in-jokes and that Ellsworth and Wheatley didn't share scenes.

But maybe that will happen later on.

After all, Angela can't hide her arrest from Wheatley forever, and he's sure to disapprove of her choice of lawyer.

There are still some unanswered questions from earlier in the season, too. Most importantly: who is the mole in the Organized Crime division that is working for Wheatley?

Way back on Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 2, someone tipped Wheatley off about a raid of his black-market COVID supplies, and Stabler thought Washburn might have been dirty, but it was never mentioned again.

This will undoubtedly come into play now that there are only two episodes to go in the first season!

Another unanswered question from this hour: what the heck was that coffee meetup all about?

Wheatley never does anything without reason, even if the reason is only that he wants to mess with Stabler.

He kept emphasizing the angle of wanting Stabler to stay away from Angela. Was he trying to find out where she was and whether she and Stabler had hooked up?

Or does he know she's in jail even though the cops think he doesn't?

Wheatley could have had a totally different agenda, of course.

He isn't above saying one thing while fishing for something else. He might have wanted to check out Stabler's general mood to try to get an idea of whether the new buyer came from the cops or how much Stabler knows about his activities.

Wheatley: We both know what's going on here. You're using Angie to get to me. I don't want her to become a casualty of a dispute between two men.
Stabler: You don't want any casualties? Like my wife?
Wheatley: That was insensitive. I'm just saying, stay away from my wife.
Stabler: Why didn't you kill me?
Wheatley: Why would I do that? Then we wouldn't be enjoying this delicious coffee together.
Stabler: I'm a nuisance. Got in your way. You don't like people who get in your business. You get revenge, get rid of them.
Wheatley: Not in the way you think.
Stabler [takes out a photo of Kathy]: She wasn't a vengeful person. But she will be the end of you.

If so, Stabler might have tipped his hand by threatening to end Wheatley over Kathy's death. But Wheatley doesn't necessarily know that Stabler knows about Angela's alleged involvement in this, so maybe not.

Finally, Gina came very close to saving herself. Was anyone else shocked that Richie actually killed her?

It's a shame Izak showed up when he did. Gina forcing Richie to work for the cops would have been a fascinating twist.

Of course, Izak is also working for the cops, though he isn't exactly trustworthy. So there still may be more surprises to come in this.

Gina undoubtedly knew that Wheatley was onto her. That powwow in the yard was far from subtle, and as Richie said, Gina had to have known that there would be video surveillance.

And Izak sent Richie away while he "cleaned up the mess."

So is it possible that Gina faked her own death, maybe with the help of the cops, and Izak is going to take her to where she is supposed to stay while she's laying low?

It wouldn't be without precedent; Law and Order: SVU's Alex Cabot did the same thing early on, going into Witness Protection to ensure her safety while turning against the mob.

But in this case, it could be wishful thinking. It's just too hard to tell what's what, so we'll have to wait for Law and Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 7 to find out.

In the meantime, hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know what you think the truth is about Kathy's death and whether you think Gina is truly dead.

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