The volcanoes and earthquakes were both physical and emotional on Manifest Season 3 Episode 10 as everyone stood on shaky ground. 

As Vance said, we're getting closer to figuring out what happened to 828, but the answers won't be coming from a lab. 

And it doesn't seem like we should be trusting the science either. 

The mystery is so much bigger than science, which is what Saanvi figured out when she realized that both events -- the tremor and the earthquake -- all happened as they were running their experiments. 

When Vance ignored her pleas to stop the testing, she took matters into her own hands. 

Saanvi went against the science and the need for answers to follow a gut feeling. 

The girl doesn't even get Callings and yet, she still somehow knew what to do. 

But why did the piece of Noah's Ark close the fissure? Is it just honing in on the fact that it's all connected?

I can't imagine the NSA or the Vatican are going to be too happy with her, but at least she's doing what needs to be done instead of becoming some corporate machine. 

This is the start of her path to redemption.

Unfortunately, this also means we won't be getting any answers about how the piece of the Ark was able to disappear and reappear. 

It was also interesting that the epicenter of the fissure was smack dab in the middle of three miracles -- Zeke's cave, the methhead's lake, and Griffith's river. 

Is there more to this than just a warning to stop trying to play God?

Does the epicenter somehow explain how all three events are connected?

And does this mean Flight 828 may have been flying over some kind of miracle X-marks the spot when it disappeared? 

Ben's been doing everything in his power to keep the Lifeboat afloat, but trying so hard might eventually cause it to sink.

At the kickstart of the episode, he had a feeling that it was going to be a bad day. . . and it was when he became too personally involved in Astrid's Calling.

There's nothing wrong with Ben wanting to help Astrid, but considering the fact that the men had a past and Cody had a restraining order against him, he probably should've called Mick to handle it instead. 

Saanvi: Vance, you know better than anyone that the Callings do not follow our rules. 
Vance: Saanvi, the people I answer to have already been told we are on the brink of something huge. If we stop now, they'll just replace me, find someone to do my job. But to me, this is more than just a job. We are closer than we've ever been to figuring out what happened to 828. Can you really stop now because of two possibly related events? Because I can't. 

Ben's determination may be their undoing unless he shapes up. 

He was being tested just as much as Astrid was, but now, he'll also have to stand trial in real life as Jared had no choice but to arrest him for battery, assault, and trespassing. 

Oh, Ben. He just can't help himself.

Is there a reason why we're back to the anti-828ers? Is Cody just obsessed or is there more to this "hellfire" warning?

Jared has a tough job. He's involved in the Callings, but he also has a duty as a police officer. There are only so many times he can turn a blind eye until he can't anymore, even if it means arresting someone who is like family. 

Despite her anxiety, Astrid passed the Calling with flying colors. 

She overcame her fears to help another person out; that's the kind of person the Lifeboat needs. 

I champion a show that manages to realistically portray anxiety and mental health amidst all the chaos. 

Mick is finally realizing that her path to redemption means she has to put herself first and do the right thing.

Much like Jared, she cannot turn a blind eye when the people she loves slip up. And that includes Ben and Saanvi. 

While it seems like Saanvi tried to weasel her way out turning herself in for the Major's death, I don't think she would betray Mick like that or break a promise.

Zeke: It was an Earthquake. 
Grace: In New York?
Zeke: Apparently no one saw it coming.

She knows that she has to pay the price for what she did, though, I think ultimately, she'd be much more useful if she wasn't behind bars. 

Her knowledge and expertise are necessary to figure out the mystery of 828. 

Both Ben and Saanvi have friends in high places, so why can't they just use their connections as a get-out-of-jail-free card?

The storyline I'm most excited about, however, is the development with Eden. 

I've mentioned in previous reviews that there has to be a bigger deal when it comes to Eden as she's the child of a returned passenger. 

But is she a guardian angel? I'm not sure. 

Angelina seemed convinced, but she had a pretty deranged and delusional way of proving it to Grace. 

Some of you have mentioned that you don't think Angelina is as bad as she's being made out to be, but I'm not seeing any of her redeeming qualities. 

She put everyone at risk by starting a fire to see if an infant would save her.

Fire means many things in religion, but I couldn't shake the imagery of Angelina with the fire burning behind. She looked evil. 

Is your hate for us really stronger than your love for your own son?


I know Cal had a Calling that convinced him that she's one of the good guys, but I don't trust her one bit.

She kept playing the victim around Olive, but then when Grace was kicking her out, she felt comfortable enough to call herself family. 

I think Grace did the right thing by kicking her out of the house. Her job is to protect her family and her kids, and that's what she's doing. 

Also, Angelina should not get to live carefree in the Stone's house while Olive hides out at Levi's.

After everything went down with Angelina, Zeke began second-guessing his "feelings," but he had no reason to.

I don't doubt that Angelina loves Eden, but there is such a thing as an unhealthy, obsessive love. 

The desire to fit in somewhere has the power to make you do crazy things.

My biggest fear now is that Angelina is going to go off the rails and do something like kidnap Cal and Eden. 

Now, if you thought that the only bad news is that the next episode won't air for two weeks, think again.
After everything that transpired on this episode, we're still no closer to figuring out what's going on. 
We've got natural disasters and miracles, but what's the common thread between all of them?
As usual, I'm intrigued to hear your theories, so leave them in the comment section below! 
And be sure to watch Manifest online and catch up on episodes before the series returns. 



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