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Will any of these characters find happiness?

Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 9 was another explosive outing that changed the trajectory of the series forever, but it also reiterated that this is a tale of imperfect people desperately trying to find meaning in the world.

E.Z. has desperately been trying to leave the sins of the past behind, but after being arrested and witnessing the injuries Gaby sustained thanks to his rage, he realized there had to be a significant change in his life.

All he’s known of late is the Mayans and pledging his allegiance to them. It’s almost like he’s forgotten that, at one point, he was in college and poised to break free of the shackles of the Santo Padre Charter.

It all came crashing down for him, but he wants to make his life have a significant meaning, and he knows the only way to do that is to skip town with Gaby.

They’re both very much in love, but their relationship has been marred by all of the darkness that comes with him being a Mayan.

Gaby escaped the darkness, and she knows first-hand that you need to keep the darkness out of your life to succeed, so her emotional statement about leaving town hit me right in the feels.

Her comment about E.Z. having a choice about being in a biker gang clearly resonated with him, especially since we ended this episode with him choosing Gaby and saying he would leave town with her.

It was a beautiful moment, and we don’t get many of these on this show, but it’s hard to be happy for them when we know that Miguel has marked E.Z. for death.

Even if E.Z. manages to escape, Miguel will have his people grab Felipe, Angel, and anyone else they care about to draw him back to town.

There’s no happiness on a show like Mayans, and it will ultimately come down to who are the last people standing when this war inevitably subsides.

E.Z. can strive for change all he wants, but if death comes knocking, he’s not going to be able to run away. He’s going to have to embrace the darkness, beat his demons, and then he might have a shot at moving on.

His comments about being messed up were right on the money. They were consistent with his character arc throughout the run of the series, but his issue is that he’s never believed he deserved love.

He’s said and done some wicked things in his time, and there’s a good chance it will continue to hold him back.

Gaby clearly loves E.Z., but it’s hard to imagine them having a smooth relationship. Even if E.Z. can put the Mayans behind him, he’s going to be haunted by everything he’s done, and that’s only going to drive a wedge between the couple.

But, you need to choose what makes you the happiest at some point in life, and E.Z. wouldn’t forgive himself if he let Gaby slip away. He’d always be wondering how the relationship would have panned out.

Miguel almost killing Emily had me on the edge of my seat. It was obvious what he was doing the moment he filled the bathtub with roses and said he’d rather watch his wife relax.

His body language was also a dead giveaway. He was ready to kill his wife, and he wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t take the shot when he needed to.

The issue here is that they hate each other at the best of times, but they truly are only there for one another when it gets down to it.

The relationship is multi-layered, but it’s also been tainted by the intense power struggle they have been embroiled in.

Knowing that Emily could have had a part in his mother’s murder is driving Miguel insane, and he’s now tried to kill her twice to get his own back, but he’s not strong enough.

The issue Emily faces here is that the signs are all there that her husband wants to harm her, and it will be whether she can put the pieces together to escape this abusive situation.

She knows everyone in town wants to harm her, so leaving the house alone is not something she’ll be able to do without garnering a lot of attention.

The breakdown of her relationship with Erin was expected. Erin has been fiercely protective of her older sister since arriving on Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 1. Still, she realized that Emily didn’t want to help herself out of the situation, and their relationship imploded.

Erin may pop up here and there to get money, but she was clearly worried about her sister, and the harsh comments may have ended their relationship forever.

At least with Erin in the house, Emily was a little bit safer, but then again, Miguel would probably find a way to explain Emily’s death if need be.

There’s a lot on the line for this arc, and I hope the payoff is worth the slow build-up to the action.

Steve’s suicide came out of left field, but it solidified the fact that he was not cut out for the life of a Mayan.

All of the signs were there that he was struggling, but everyone else thought that promoting him to a full-fledged club member would alleviate his concerns.

This should be a lesson to Bishop and the other clubs they need to support their people.

Steve’s death could have been avoided had everyone not wanted to brush his feelings under the rug.

The only positive is that death will be a catalyst for change for all the characters as we approach the season finale, and I have no clue all of this is going to pan out in the end.

Coco's return to Meth Mountain showed that he's no longer thinking about his safety. In short, it was stupid.

He thought rushing up the mountain as the Knight in Shining Armor to save Hope was for the best, but he put himself in even more danger than before.

Isaac clearly wants something more with Coco, and telling him he’s keeping him locked up until every bit of hope is taken away from his body is pure torture.

Coco has officially been kicked out of the group, but something tells me he will be set up as a villain for Mayans M.C. Season 4 when this storyline becomes more prominent.

The series has always had a way of planting seeds with storylines before blossoming into something huge.

Just look at the way Adelita has been going about her business. She's not had a lot of screen time, but she's wheeling and dealing to get her point across about the cause.

Adelita and Mini's farewell was heartbreaking, but my takeaway is that Adelita believes her mission will culminate in her death.

Going it alone is a good way to preserve the lives of those she cares about.

Alright, Mayans M.C. fanatics, that's all I got!

What did you think of Steve's death?

Do you think we should prepare for the end of E.Z. Reyes?

Is Coco making too many mistakes?

Will Emily recall what her husband did to her?

Hit the comments.

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