After all the twists and turns, torture, gun battles, and high-speed chases during Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 8, I was left yelling one question at my screen.

How the hell is Boaz still alive?!?

The man killed King George, turned on Teresa, and abducted Kelly Anne. That he hasn't been slowly, painfully tortured, or at least ended up with a quick bullet to his head astounds me. 

With only three episodes left in the series, Boaz lives, and he's not even Teresa's biggest problem anymore. 

That honor belongs to Kostya. 

But let's take a breath and go back to Kelly Anne's odious odyssey as Boaz's prize hostage. 

Boaz: This Isn’t personal. I’ve always liked you. I don’t want to hurt you or your baby. When this is all over, I promise you’re going to walk away.
Kelly Anne: Pote’s going to kill you for this.
Boaz: If Pote were half the man you say he is, you wouldn’t be here now.

Although Boaz does seem to have a soft spot for Kelly Anne, I don't think anyone, least of all Kelly Anne, was banking on him just letting her walk away.

Boaz killed his own brother. We've watched him murder and behead people for fun. It was surprising he hadn't killed Kelly Anne already, but he wanted Teresa more.

You know people equate crazy with stupid and I’m neither. Everyone’s going to find out soon enough.


Boaz is a hothead. He's got anger issues and impulse control problems. Violence is generally his first option, not his last. Whether that makes him crazy is debatable, but he's generally not stupid. 

Boaz played second fiddle to Teresa when that was his best option and then tried to usurp control when he believed he had the opportunity to take over her cartel. 

There's always been a part of Boaz that's looked down on Teresa for showing mercy. He bet on her turning herself over to save Kelly Anne, but he still underestimated her.

Boaz: I don’t think you ever understood the darker side of this business, Teresa.
Teresa: You're wrong. I understand perfectly.

If Teresa had gotten close enough, she likely would have taken herself and Boaz out with that grenade. That Boaz thought she'd brought a dud and was trying to bluff him seemed silly to me. Teresa doesn't play. 

But when Boaz and Angel got away with Kelly Anne, my heart sank for her and Pote.

Pote's sanity was barely hanging on by a thread. He nearly got himself and James killed while driving on the highway. He threatened to torture and kill Osvaldo's entire family and then snapped and bludgeoned Osvaldo to death when he said he hoped Boaz would take it slow and make Kelly Anne suffer. 

Having to turn Teresa over to save Kelly Anne and his unborn child was almost more than he could bear.

Pote: I will not go down without a fight. I will either bring Kelly Anne home or I will die trying but I will not hand you over.
Teresa: We chose this life. Your baby didn’t. I’m going in with you.

When the firefight broke out, I feared that Kelly Anne might get caught in the crossfire. But then Boaz called Pote to tell him he was selling her on the black market into the sex trade. 

If that was Boaz's version of having a soft spot for Kelly Anne, I'm not sure a bullet wouldn't have been kinder. 

But in the ultimate twist, Kelly Anne saved herself, causing the man to whom she was just sold to crash his car. He was dead, and Kelly Anne walked away injured and shaken up but alive. 

It's one of the many reasons why I love Kelly Anne. She and Teresa may have different personalities, but they will both do whatever it takes to survive. 

I couldn't even be disappointed when Kelly Anne had a meltdown afterward and wanted out for the sake of their baby. She was right. She and Pote don't have the power to keep their child safe if they work within the cartel, and Teresa agreed.

Still, watching Teresa send Pote away and him reluctantly agreeing to leave hurt. Pote and Teresa are family, but they both know the odds of raising his child safely in this world.

They tried it with Tony, and they failed. 

The one thing that surprised me was that Teresa wasn't more upset that James hadn't previously told her about Castel being a CIA asset. She just seemed to take this in stride, but perhaps that's because she had bigger issues to deal with, and there was no time to be angry with James.

And here's where I have to admit I was wrong. Several times this season, I'd floated the theory that Oksana and Kostya were one and the same. We never saw Kostya or even heard his voice, and although Oksana acted terrified of her cousin, that could have been an act. 

Well, it was no act. 

When Oksana looked unwell in Teresa's foyer, I knew Kostya had poisoned her, which is a shame. If Teresa couldn't have the business, I would have been happy to see Oksana take over. 

But now, Teresa is in a bind. 

We allow people like you to exist so that when we call on you for the greater good, you answer without hesitation.


Devon Finch and the CIA have set this drug war in motion. Teresa has Boaz looking to take over her operation, and Kostya threatens to murder not only Teresa but also everyone she cares about. 

Does that mean that Pote and Kelly Anne still have targets on their backs? 

What are the odds that Pote won't double back to help Teresa in what will be the biggest battle of her life? 

Has the CIA miscalculated? If Teresa can't kill Kostya, then he'll take over her operation as well, making him all the more powerful and untouchable.

Is Teresa really willing to walk away from everything she's built and live some sort of a normal life? Is that even possible, and if so, would James go with her?

And at what point do I finally get to see Boaz dead, and who will do the honors?

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