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Jordan is not cut out to be a superhero.

On Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 6, the youngster struggled with the power in his body, leading to questionable decisions and a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

It’s great that the series tackles the fact that Jordan is a teenager with superpowers because it feels like a bit of a cautionary tale.

I can’t be the only one that would have loved the prospect of having powers in my younger years to help navigate the hurdles of being a teenager.

But would I have thought about the consequences and the added stress they would bring? Not a chance.

It’s good then that Jordan has a great support network in his father and mother, but he needs to start listening to the chain of command.

Clark has been through many of the same hurdles, but he was more disciplined due to what happened in his formative years.

Jordan seems far too easily manipulated to be trusted with powers for now, but at least he managed not to spill the beans to Sarah.

It was a tender moment, coming off the back of a stressful day, so I figured this would be the moment he would come clean to her.

I’m thankful he kept his mouth shut because it would only serve to make the lives of the Kent family in town suck even worse, but I’m not sure Sarah will leave it be.

She was visibly shaken by what happened to Tag, but she also seemed somewhat intrigued by his claims about Jordan.

Now that she has some food for thought, she will likely go on a fact-finding mission of her own, one that could cause a lot of problems.

Should Sophie take her concerns to her mother, it might be a catalyst for Lana to question her teenage years and all the times Clark bailed on things to save lives.

It would be an interesting direction to take things, but let’s hope they don’t mention anything to Kyle. Then again, he’s too far up Morgan’s ass to process anything else.

If looks could kill, there would have been many dead bodies when Morgan announced he wanted Lana to work with him.

The grin on Kyle’s face turned to a frown, clearly setting up some more animosity in one of the town’s most turbulent marriages.

Kyle is jealous. It’s plain and simple, but I was floored when he actually took his wife out to celebrate and voiced his support for her.

Did he get a personality transplant off-screen? He seemed oddly supportive. Maybe there’s some body-swapping going on in Smallville, or maybe Kyle is putting it all aside if it benefits the town.

What he won’t like is Lana and Lois conspiring with one another to find out more about the use of the X-Kryptonite.

Lana is in a precarious position because Kyle will take it as her betraying the town if she pursued answers with Lois, but Lana does want to learn more about Tag.

Lois accompanying Marcus to the site after him crafting fake press passes gave them both a front-row seat into the inner workings of Morgan’s mine.

We already know his plan, but what did Marcus want to achieve by bringing Lois along for the ride?

Is he still trying to get her on his side to say that Superman is a world killer, or does he have another trick up his sleeve?

Lois was never going to fall for his schtick, so it was obvious she had done some digging herself ahead of the meet-up.

Now that she knows he has all of those weapons and that he’s against Morgan, she might continue to work with him, but it would all come down to whether he was willing to be more open about his plans.

Lois, bless her heart, wanted to dive headfirst into this case, and Elizabeth Tulloch is playing every single beat of this wonderful character to perfection.

Clark’s mission to save Tag was never going to go the way he hoped, not with Samuel Lane following his every move.

Tag is a threat to not only himself but the rest of the world. He can’t control his powers and is struggling to keep his anger in check.

It makes sense when you consider his abilities were given to him overnight. How else would you expect him to react?

My hope for this storyline is that Clark and everyone else manages to save Tag and whoever else has been affected.

We can’t have Tag showing back up as a villain because that would be a bit too repetitive, and when you consider the way Clark tried to get him out of the building, Tag will probably be more civil next time.

As a father, Clark will have his work cut out to make everyone believe things are normal behind closed doors.

He’s been far too lenient with Jordan, and with the kid’s brain-melting down, he needs to save him and then keep him away from others.

Hopefully, Jor-El actually helps this time because he wasn’t that into helping Jordan earlier on Superman & Lois Season 1.

There has to be a bigger reason for that, one that we should delve into fairly soon.

This brings me to Jonathan. He’s been sidelined for his brother every step of the way, and I thought we were in for a reveal that he had powers of his own.

When Jordan threw the punch, the crafty editing made me think as much, but this teenager is destined for heartbreak for now.

He’s lost his girlfriend, his extracurricular activities and now has a broken arm. Does it get any worse than that?

The brotherly bond is one of the highlights of the series, but they face an uphill battle here.

This was a solid midseason return for the latest superhero hit, and I can’t wait to see where the remaining nine episodes take us.

What did you think of Tag’s return?

Do you think Sarah knows Jordan is lying?

What do you think happened to Jordan at the end?

Hit the comments.

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