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This season of The Conners has been a mixed bag. It's given us some fantastic dramatic episodes and some wonderful character development. 

But the humor has been a bit lacking. 

Unfortunately, The Conners Season 3 Episode 19 felt like a combination of two disappointing elements: lack of humor and characters falling back into old habits.

Darlene's story arc was the most discouraging. 

Harris: Wow, you’re not giving this up. It must really bug you that Ben doesn’t want to go.
Darlene: It more than bugs me. It’s made me question the whole relationship.
Harris: Damn. Don’t get between you and a luau.

But this was more than just a fun trip for Darlene.

The stress of losing the magazine and then working at the factory while trying to save the Conner family home and keep her relationship with Ben afloat led to a string of anxiety attacks.

When Molly offered to take Darlene to Hawaii, it sounded like just the mental health break she needed. When Molly died, the trip became a lifeline to Darlene.

But Ben saw it differently, and he wasn't completely wrong.

Turning in those tickets for cash to pay off bills was the practical move, and it meant the couple could move into their own place sooner. 

Darlene was willing to compromise. She offered to turn in the tickets and book a long weekend closer to home. She made it clear that she needed the time away. 

But Ben wouldn't listen. He wasn't willing to compromise. When he got angry with Darlene, he moved out. When his mother told Dan that he was holding his family back by trying to keep his home, Ben didn't have a problem with his mother's rude and hurtful behavior because it served his purpose. 

Now Barb was making Ben sound like the martyr in their relationship because he was living in the hardware store, but that was Ben's choice.

I keep flashing back to Ben wanting to start a crazy podcast, something that likely wouldn't have made a dime, and Darlene knew that, but she supported Ben because it was important to him.

When the tables were turned, Ben couldn't even be convinced to go away for the weekend for Darlene.

If I'm supposed to feel happy about Darlene and Ben's reconciliation, I'm not. And Ben's reaction seems like a sure sign of trouble ahead. 

They keep circling the same ground in their relationship, and I know Darlene has made mistakes, but I don't like that Ben held that over her this time. 

Yes, she didn't sell those tickets, but when she told Ben what she wanted, what she needed, he basically told her no and that she needed to do what he wanted or she was risking their relationship. 

What gives him that right?

I didn't want Darlene to run off to Hawaii with Jeff, but I didn't want this either.

I don't know where they're headed from here, but Darlene's relationship with Ben has become depressing, and that's not fun to watch.

Then there was Jackie's appearance on Jeopardy. 

Honestly, I had hoped for better. This was more sad than funny. 

Couldn't Jackie have at least done well and then blown it on an easy question she should have known? Making her look like a complete fool was sad.

And then she had to listen to her mother berate her. 

If at first you don’t succeed, get the message. You’re a failure.


I've never been a huge fan of Bev. Maybe she was funnier when Jackie had Roseanne around as a buffer, but now that it's just Jackie, Bev's comments don't feel so much like biting wit as simply mean-spirited abuse. 

Or maybe they always were, and I've become less able to find any humor in it. 

And as much as I appreciate Neville being there for Jackie, having her send the text with no plan for follow-up was lame. I had hoped for better.

And Becky came home from rehab only to get an intervention from her family. 

Becky: So you want me to start drinking.
Dan: No, no, of course not. We’re all very proud of what you accomplished, we just want you to shut up about it.

Becky's not wrong. Her family relies heavily on alcohol, which must be a giant, neon warning sign to someone who just went through rehab. 

The only upside of this episode was Louise's run-in with Barb.

Barb: You’re riding that rock n’ roll horse until it drops, aren’t you?
Louise: Well aren’t you a sassy, old bitch.
Barb: Thank you. I think it’s a crime that people aren’t more honest with each other.
Louise, Yeah, and I think it’s a crime that we’re not allowed to hit our customers, but here we are.

I understand why Darlene invited Barb to play in their poker games, but I can't say I'm happy about it. Barb's actions have made it clear she only cares about herself and sometimes Ben.

Barb has no boundaries, which in small doses can be funny. But I dread seeing much more of Barb. She's only going to be another source of stress for Darlene. 

Darlene spent years married to David, who wasn't there for her or their kids. Ben was supposed to be the solid relationship she deserved, but more and more it seems like Ben might bring her life stability, but only if she's willing to follow his lead consistently. 

I don't see Darlene being satisfied with that. 

So what do you think, TV Fanatics?

Did Darlene do the right thing when she turned in those tickets to Hawaii to pay the bills?

Should the family have been more supportive of Becky, or were they being the Conners we know and love?

Were you happy to see Louise back with the family?

Was Jackie's turn at Jeopardy worth it?

How do you feel about seeing more of Barb?

And do you think Ben and Darlene are meant to be?

Most of all, should The Conners be funnier?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us what you think, then check back in for the season finale review! Until then, you can watch The Conners online here at TV Fanatic. 

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