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We’ve been looking forward to happier times for the Conners all season, and with The Conners Season 3 Episode 20, we finally saw that happen for everyone in the family.

Except for Darlene. Darlene got her heart crushed.

Maybe it’s sad to say it, but I’m not disappointed. Ever since Darlene found out she couldn’t have more kids, things between Darlene and Ben have felt off.

I’m not sure if that’s the underlying reason why this relationship hit the skids, but it certainly feels as though things took a downward spiral from there.

Then there was Darlene finally agreeing to sell the tickets to Hawaii, and it was clear that Ben was upset that it took her so long to come around to his way of thinking.

Believe me, I saw how underwhelmed he was by my declaration of love and devotion in front of the whole family.


Ben feels like he always comes in second with Darlene, and that argument isn't without merit, but I didn't like when he brought up David. 

Yes, Darlene had cheated on Ben with David early in their relationship, but if he can't forgive her for that, then he really should break up with her.

Ben's most significant sticking point was Darlene not moving in with him because she wanted to save her family home. 

It's her Dad's home, where her sister and niece live, and the same home that took Darlene and the kids back when Darlene lost her job in Chicago.

And it was her mother's home. The memories there can't be replaced.

It's one thing if Dan and the family decided to sell it and move on, but it's quite another to have it taken from the family because they can't pay the bills. That's what Darlene was working to avoid. 

Darlene's actions can be seen as either selfish or selfless, depending on your point of view, and Ben made his perspective clear.

Darlene: You are an amazing man and I am incredibly grateful for what we have. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Now, I know that finding a way to be together hasn’t always been easy but being apart has been impossible. I love you. Ben Olinsky, will you marry me?
Ben: I’m sorry but no.

Ben seems hellbent on playing the martyr, and in his defense, he has been living in Darlene's childhood home for a year. On the flip side, there appeared to be months that he didn't contribute to the rent because he was trying to launch a magazine or planning a new podcast. 

When he decided to ditch all of that to save his late father's hardware store, Darlene never questioned his decision. 

And it's not as though Darlene has been sitting around baking cookies and watching TV. She took a factory job she never wanted, worked hard, and even got promoted. 

Darlene has been under so much stress that she's suffered panic attacks because of it. When an old friend saw how she was struggling, she offered Darlene a lifeline in a much-needed getaway. 

When Molly died, that trip took on even more significance for Darlene. It was about living life to the fullest and finding happiness now instead of always hoping for later. 

But Ben only saw this as Darlene choosing something or someone else over him. He never gave her perspective any credit, and that doesn't bode well for their future. 

So, if Ben and Darlene are done, I'll miss him, but not enough to cry over it. As much as I want someone who will stand up to Darlene in a way that David never could, she also deserves someone who can see when she's struggling and compromise.

But just as Darlene's love life was crumbling, the rest of the Conners were finally getting back to solid ground. 

As much as I hated Jackie making a fool of herself on Jeopardy, it may have been the crazy event that helps turn her life around. 

I hadn't even thought about what Aaron Rodgers being a Green Bay Packer would mean in the Chicago Bears crazy town of Lanford. So it was fun to see Mark and Neville help Jackie promote her spat with the guest host to rile up Bears fans.

Jackie: Neville, why are you doing this?
Neville: Because I believe in you. I mean, look what you did here. You got your ass handed to you and you came back strong.
Jackie: No one’s ever wanted to invest in me.
Neville: Well, you deserve it. And besides, I’ve come to hate your mother so much that I really want to stick it to her.
Jackie: No one’s ever hated my mom with me before.

Jackie has finally found someone who loves her for who she is, is willing to support her dreams, and even hates her mother almost as much as she does. 

It's about damn time, and I couldn't be happier for her. 

And turning the Lunch Box into a Sports bar and restaurant also turned things around for Becky. She could quit the factory, spend more time with her daughter, and maybe even go back to school.

You know, at rehab they said, “Let go and let God,” and all I had to do was let you make a fool of yourself on Jeopardy!


In other fantastic news, Gina is home for good! It makes sense that she'd feel as though she's been missing out on her daughter's life, especially as Mary gets older.

I hope this means we'll get to see more of DJ and his family next season. 

Then we have Dan and Louise.

One of my favorite moments was when Dan told Becky and Darlene that he was considering asking Louise to marry him and his daughters were both thrilled for him. 

They know how hard it's been on Dan to lose Roseanne, and they want their father to be happy. That says a lot about their relationship. 

I also like that if Louise did say yes, Dan wasn't willing to share his big day with anyone. If he and Louise get married, that should be all about them. 

Harris didn't think Louise was the marrying type, and she hasn't been up to this point, but having Covid this year changed Louise's outlook on life.

Louise: That was before I had Covid. Turns out that whole independence thing doesn’t seem quite as important when you’re alone and scared you’re going to die. Now I just want to be with you as much as I can.
Dan: Wow. So compared to death I’m looking pretty good.
Louise: You’re looking very good.

So when Dan walked in the door with the forlorn expression, I knew it was a joke, but at least it got Darlene to admit what was going on between her and Ben. She doesn't need to be keeping all of those emotions bottled up. She'll explode in the worst possible way. 

So what do you think, TV Fanatics?

Are you happy that Dan and Louise are getting married?

Will Jackie and Neville's business plan for the new and improved Lunch Box come together?

Where in the world is Emilio, and why haven't we heard about him recently?

And are you rooting for Ben and Darlene to reconcile, or do you think it's time they move on?

Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button down below to let us know what you think. Then check back in next fall as we all get to enjoy The Conners Season 4! (Yes, ABC has renewed it for next season.)

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