Nothing says how crazy the latest TV season was as a result of Covid than looking at the schedule for The CW finales.

Finales traditionally air in May, leading into a depressing absence of original scripted programming for the summer months.

In 2021, The CW has managed the impossible -- finales for their biggest shows clear through summer.

The CW is making all kinds of progress in 2021. They've added several new shows, and they recently added Saturday night programming to their upcoming schedule.

Mind you, we have no idea what might air on Saturdays, but I expect some of their reality fare to launch the night, such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us or Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Joanna Watches Kodie - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 8

They're fun programs that you might want to watch in a crowd to keep the good times rolling.

There are several shows returning to The CW this summer.

The Outpost, Burden of Truth, Coroner, In the Dark, Riverdale, Supergirl, and Roswell, New Mexico will either continue or return during the summer months.

The Outpost will follow Walker beginning on July 15 before Coroner returns on August 19 to lead into The Outpost.

Burden of Truth premieres on July 30, followed by an original episode of Dynasty.

The Republic of Sarah premieres after an all-new episode of All American on June 14.

In the Dark premieres on June 23 after a new Kung Fu epsiode.

The new series, Wellington Paranormal premieres on July 11 with two new episodes after an original DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the following week, Dead Pixels will premiere after Wellington Paranormal.

Roswell, New Mexico returns on July 26 followed by The Republic of Sarah.

DC's Stargirl returns on August 10 leading into a new episode of Superman & Lois.

Riverdale returns with new episodes on August 11 followed by In the Dark.

And Supergirl's final season resumes on August 24 after Stargirl.

But how about those finales?

Here's the latest list of finale dates for The CW.

Monday, May 24

9/8c Black Lightning

Wednesday, June 2

9/8c Nancy Drew

Thursday, June 24

9/8c Legacies

Sunday, June 27

9/8c Batwoman

Sunday, July 16

8/7c Charmed

Monday, July 19

8/7c All American

Tuesday, July 20

8/7c The Flash

Wednesday, July 21

8/7c Kung Fu

Thursday, August 12

8/7c Walker

Tuesday, August 17

9/8c Superman & Lois

Are you looking forward to this full-blast original programming schedule peppered with premieres and finales on The CW?

Don't forget that you can watch TV online right here via TV Fanatic to catch up on all of your favorites.



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