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Team Flash should know by now that they can't accomplish anything when they are divided.

The matter of right and wrong came into play on The Flash Season 7 Episode 9 when Barry's proposed way to get rid of the Forces was met with scrutiny.

It's a storyline we have seen before, but it still held some weight. It allowed us to see the Forces as people who deserved the right to change, not as people who need to be stopped.

Barry has always been stubborn, but his heart has rarely failed him when he needed it the most. It led him to do the right thing by the time the hour came to an end.

At the beginning of the episode, it was easy to take Barry's side when he argued with Iris. We had just witnessed the Speed Force kill Alexa, so the danger was clear in our eyes. She needed to be stopped.

I'm supposed to protect lives, not destroy them!


But Iris always has a way of seeing things through a hopeful lens and is miles ahead in thinking clearly.

Barry believed he was doing the right thing by saving the lives of the people who the Forces were inhabiting. But, in doing so, he wasn't helping them at all. Whether they liked it or not, the Forces were a part of them.

Once Iris' and Joe's words sank in, Barry was finally able to think clearly and stopped his destruction of the Forces.

The Flash has always been a show about hope and saving as many lives as they can. They constantly struggle to figure out how to rescue everyone, though.

Many of the show's villains have been redeemed by the time their stories come to a close, but there's always debate within Team Flash about whether or not their souls can be saved.

Barry: Why can't you see? I'm trying to save him.
Cisco: He doesn't want to be saved by you! He just wants to be given the chance to be himself. And Iris understood that.

Iris sees the good in people, so she's always trying to find a way to save everyone. On the other hand, Barry sometimes lets betrayals and heartbreaks cloud his judgment and leads his heart astray.

Unfortunately, both Barry's and Iris' hearts cause them to be on opposite sides of issues now and then. Barry truly does have a savior complex, but he knows when to take a step back and listen to his wife.

And if "Timeless" proved anything, it's that Barry and Iris are at their best when they are on the same page.

It's going to be hard to break through to Psych, Deon, and Nora. They are all power-hungry and determined to stay exactly how they are as gods.

But if Barry and Iris were able to get through to Eva McCulloch, then we do not doubt that they'll persuade their "children" to the good side. All they need to do is keep on trying and not give up hope.

Plus, they get to try their hand with Alexa first. And she has already proven to be a good person.

In a surprise turn of events, Barry and Iris are so strong together that they brought Alexa back to life. And with the Strength Force on their side, their odds for stopping Nora just increased tenfold.

Hopefully, Alexa can control her powers to help them.

The topic of parenting was central to this hour with Joe's speech to Barry and with the reveal that the Forces were connected to Barry and Iris.

Since they created them, they feel a responsibility to do right by them.

You never judge your kids for who they are now. You help them become who they know they can be when they grow up. So lead with love. After that, it is up to them.


It's an interesting analogy given the fact that it's been announced that Bart Allen will join the show soon and Nora West-Allen will return as well.

If this is a bit of foreshadowing for the episodes to come, we can't wait to see how Barry and Iris go about parenting the Forces in preparation for the arrival of their own kids.

Timeless Wells returned to help Barry destroy the Forces because it appears as if he is as strong as them.

He literally has the power to time travel wherever and whenever he wants, and he can bring anyone along for the ride. This version of Wells is someone that Team Flash could definitely use.

But we all know that that's not going to happen.

Do you have any idea what it's like to be told that you shouldn't be here? I never asked to be born.


It's devastating knowing that Tom Cavanagh will be leaving the show soon because his chemistry with almost all of the characters is electric.

We just hope that this isn't the last we have seen of him. But you never know because most of the episodes he has been in have felt like goodbyes to Wells.

It has also been announced that Carlos Valdes is leaving The Flash, and this episode was the start to his goodbye.

When Kamilla mentioned that her photos were chosen to be shown in a gallery in San Francisco, we knew that that was where the two of them were going to end up.

Both Kamilla and Cisco declared their desire to leave Central City near the end of the hour. It makes sense, but that doesn't mean that it's any less heartbreaking.

Man, I wish Nash Wells was here. He came up with most of these equations for the ASF machine. I feel like he could crack this easy peasy.


With Cisco and Wells leaving Team Flash, there will be lots of crying and heartfelt moments between all of the characters.

Thankfully, we have some time before that happens.

What did you think, The Flash Fanatics?

Were you on Team Barry or Team Iris? Do you think the Forces can be saved? Will you miss Wells, Cisco, and presumably Kamilla?

And how great is it to see Team Citizen working together?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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