Allie Fox is in hot water on The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 6.

He and his family have been on the run for the entire season, and we still don't know exactly why.

Allie is eccentric, for sure, and as a former NSA agent (is he, really?), he knows his way around espionage.

But what he doesn't know could fill a 100-story high rise. Of course, what we don't know could fill a whole block of them.

At the end of The Mosquito Coast Season 1 Episode 5, Charlie was high as a kite and brandishing a weapon at a bunch of clueless traveling kids, among other things.

When they'd disengaged from that group, Dina did a little sleuthing into what, exactly, has her family on the run.

It's not good news, as she discovers two people who look an awful lot like her parents have been charged with kidnapping.

Are they on the run from kidnapping charges, or is it a much larger, more nefarious plot involving a cartel who wants Allie for implications due to one of his inventions?

Either way, their Mexican vacation is a nonchalant and strange existence for a family on the run. They're out and about getting coffee and seeing the sights while a cartel is actively hunting them.

Margot is always amused by her husband, even when Allie is being ridiculously obtuse about their situation.

He hoped that Margot would do something illegal to score them some cash while waiting for word from his friend, Isela.

As always, Isela is an outlier in the family. Nobody but Allie knows who she is, but he has placed an enormous amount of faith in this unknown friend.

But before he gets word from Isela, he's contacted by someone named Calaca, and they set off to meet.

They had a meeting alright, with men in orange hats who stuffed them into the back of a van.

There's good news -- Allie, at least, is alive, and we've got an exclusive clip of the opening scene of "Calaca."

Who is Calaca? Can he usher them to their next destination? And will another destination keep the family together or tear them apart?

The official logline for "Calaca" is: Held captive by a shadowy organization, Allie and Margot must find a way to escape and get back to their kids.

That makes it seem so simple, and we know that it will be anything but simple.

Take a look:



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